Acceptable and Approved Quotes of Prem Rawat's

In December 2002 some "important documents" resolving serious concerns were downloaded from the First Class system by followers of Prem Rawat's on the Gold Coast. Now there would be no more debate about whether quotes from the wisdom of Prem Rawat would be used in situations where they shouldn't be.

Now if you need a quote to enhance a Special event with M (Amaroo, Birthday, Anniversary, etc.) or an Introductory Event or an Aspirant Event or even a Resources/Fundraising/Participation Event (PWK, ASP) then they were available and approved.

"To receive the gift of Self-Knowledge in our lives is the greatest honor. It is the greatest reward, the greatest medal. To accept Self-Knowledge and to practice it in our lives is the greatest achievement that a human being can ever have. Nottingham 17 June 01"

"Approved Quotes of Prem Rawat's"

1) Special events with M (Amaroo, Birthday, Anniversary, etc.)

  • To me, the greatest gift you can have is truly to be alive, and a greater gift still is to recognize that. Then, it's beautiful - then, you understand. That's when gratitude begins. Enjoy this time, because you can. There is a reason to celebrate - and let it be a real celebration. It's not just that we come to celebrate, we need to celebrate. Amaroo 25 April 01
  • There is a very joyful, happy story, a story about a life in which fulfillment happens, in which joy is embraced. This is the ultimate story in which consciousness and the truest love are embraced. And there is a storyteller who not only tells the story, but makes the story come true. Miami Beach 12 May 01
  • Don't wander in the desert. Come home to the oasis. Home has always been inside. Trust in yourself that you will always have the ability for unparalleled joy. Yes, there is sorrow. But then, after that sorrow, let there be joy again. Don't let your heart sit in a corner, or in a shack somewhere - it belongs within, dancing and shining. Come home and rejoice. Versailles 27 May 01
  • I am not talking about wandering, but about coming home. Not about questions, but answers. The day this life is truly accepted, something changes - it becomes home. Accept the gift, and make it your home. Versailles 27 May 01
  • My prayer is: please gather me. Gather me and keep me in this miracle, in this magic. Gather me and keep me in that world where there is joy, where my heart can be content. Where I can be who I am. There is a reality so perfect that I don't have to dream it - I can feel it. Gather me and take me close to that heart, where I belong. Barcelona 2 June 01
  • Our center in this world is within us. This is from where we come, and this is where we will go. From here is the welcoming of each breath. This is our portal, our door. This is our home. This is the place where we have that wonderful swing to lie down on and be swung in the beautiful, gentle motion of each breath. This is the place where the lamp burns. There is no electricity, no fuel, no coal, no wood, no wick, but the lamp burns. And there is light. Barcelona 2 June 01
  • Any day that you have been given is a day you can visit the wonderful city of the heart. Open your eyes. See the beautiful avenues of the heart and see peace coming towards you. Stand still. Stand very, very still, so the peace can find you. Don't budge. Let it come; let it touch you; let it envelop you. Be obvious, not hiding in the corner of some idea or dream. Let that beautiful love from within come and hold you. Pasadena 15 June 02
  • We have been given this life, which is the most incredibly tuned, beautiful instrument there is. And when we hear a beautiful melody coming out of this instrument, it is not an accident - that is how it is supposed to be. When the instrument is in tune, and is being played with rhythm and passion, then the sound is beautiful. Lisbon 10 June 01
  • There is a universe within each of us. This gift is the telescope - look at the stars within. An ocean is within us. Dive. This gift is the scuba tank. Our skies are within - Self-Knowledge, the wings. Put them on and fly. Laval, Canada 14 June 99
  • In our book, we don't get to turn the pages prematurely. Every page auto-turns for us each day. It's turned again and we get the next day - and then the next day. A page turns, and what do we find? After each one of our days, do we find that the page is empty? We could write something. We could write from the sincerest part of our being a "thank you" because we feel gratitude. Nottingham 15 June 01
  • Don't try to figure out tomorrow. Tomorrow is so far away. Yesterday has already left us. It wants to sail on - let it go. In this moment called now, the sun is shining and everything has turned bright and vibrant. In every breath, we can find our sunshine. Be in that breath, be in that existence, be in that beauty, be in that reality. Nottingham 16 June 01

2) Introductory Events

  • These days, when we look at the newspaper, the news is not nice. But there is some very good news. And the news is, we are alive. And within us shines a sun of joy and peace and tranquility so bright that it can make any darkness go away. Lisbon 10 Jun 01
  • Regardless of what is happening in our lives and what circumstances we are surrounded by, existence is. We have an incredible miracle taking place within us every single second. Barcelona 2 June 01
  • Worried about the end? What about right now? What about this breath? What about this time? This is the magic. We are alive this is the most incredible magic. Miami Beach 12 May 01
  • There is another e-mail, and it's not on our computer. It's not just electronic mail; this e-mail is about our existence. This e-mail is about being content, being happy. It's a wonderful e-mail. As long as there have been human beings, there has been the passion to be fulfilled, and as long as there has been that passion to be fulfilled, this e-mail has been around. Open this one. Nottingham 16 June 01
  • Of all the things I can do, there is one that is the most precious I can appreciate the gift of this existence. When I begin to see that this life is a gift, then that is the day I have prepared myself for peace. And the day I start accepting this existence, that is the day I will find myself in peace. Bangkok, Thailand 12 September 02

3) Aspirant Events

  • Self-Knowledge, like love, is the subtlest of gifts. Someone can come and say, "Give me love; I want it." But somehow, it is when the "I want, I want, I want" is gone that what we have always wanted comes rolling through and is poured upon us. Nottingham 16 June 01
  • The possibility is that every day, with every breath, we can appreciate a joy unparalleled. This is about as personal as it gets this is not about somebody else's breath. To witness this breath come in, and have a means to be able to appreciate that. A gratitude that is a hundred percent real because it comes from the deepest place within. This is the human possibility. Portland 19 March 01
  • Everyone may have two eyes, a nose, and ears, but in the most incredible way, we are unique. We exist. There is consciousness. There is the power that has been bestowed upon us to gather joy in our lives, to gather this wonderful beauty in our existence to fall in love, to have that passion. To be alive. Amaroo 25 April 01
  • To receive the gift of Self-Knowledge in our lives is the greatest honor. It is the greatest reward, the greatest medal. To accept Self-Knowledge and to practice it in our lives is the greatest achievement that a human being can ever have. Nottingham 17 June 01
  • In my life, I have seen so many people. I have seen people in incredible pain, and I have seen people who have been so lost they don't even know they're lost. But wherever I go, I see that in each human being, always, there is a potential to be able to connect to joy. This is something that we have been given, and it is the most profound gift there is. Nottingham 17 June 01
  • Self-Knowledge is something you will find within your heart, not with your intellect. It is not an issue for debate. It is something that you will be able to understand only by feeling-just like drinking a glass of water. You don't drink a glass of water and then ask someone if your thirst has been quenched. You know. Nottingham 17 June 01
  • We see the world, but cannot see ourselves; we recognize another person's existence but forget our own. To know oneself is to be a friend with the friend within. It is to understand that one simple reality that was there when we were born, is there as we are alive today, and will continue to be there until our very last breath. There can be no greater friend than that. When we become friends with ourselves, we are at peace with the very thing that wants peace in this life. Lisbon 10 June 01
  • It is possible to be fulfilled to be at peace within. Yes, it is possible to understand the value of each breath, to acknowledge the yearning of this life. It is possible to turn pain into gratitude, confusion and doubt into knowing, and the questions into one answer. What kind of an answer would that be? It is the one answer that doesn't have a question the answer that comes not from our heads, but from our hearts. Lisbon 10 June 01

4) Resources/Fundraising/Participation Events (PWK, ASP)

  • When Self-Knowledge is given to a person who is ready, it is a gift that is given with no expectation of anything in return because nothing can be given in return. But when a person who has experienced that beauty, that joy, in their life realizes that love is the greatest gift they can give, and then gives that they will receive that love tenfold more than they ever imagined. Nottingham 17 June 01
  • This breath is simple, and even simpler is to sit down, be still, and let it come and dance. And it is not so much the dance, but what it does, what it leaves behind. Let this breath weave its magic, and with every one that comes and every one that goes, it leaves a little bit behind like filling a bucket with joy. Pasadena 15 June 01
  • When I turn within and start to understand the preciousness of this existence, then I can dance. And the dance is so simple. It is the most private of dances. Nobody watches. This dance is real. This dance is for me. It is my expression my expression and my gratitude, feeling thankful for this life. Nottingham 16 June 01
  • We can be like that little tiny flower that is able to touch the air and perfume it. For the few hours, for the few days that it has, it glows. It opens and fills the air with fragrance. It cannot live forever, and yet in that moment it is not insignificant. To perfume the vastness of the air with its scent that has to be an incredible miracle. Little flower, bloom with your might. Do your thing. Do your thing. Nottingham 16 June 01
  • We are each an instrument, and uniquely made. Our tone is just ours. It doesn't matter what we look like. We may look like somebody else, but our tone is uniquely ours. So, don't hide in this orchestra of life and say, "Nobody will hear me." We need to play because it is our tone and that expression of gratitude that makes this symphony complete. Amaroo 26 April 01