PMT 019: Guru Maharaj Ji (aka Prem Rawat) Chicago, 18th February 1974

This is a speech that sounds like it was delivered before a large crowd in a large auditorium so he does a lot of shouting and quick volume increases. He doesn't seem to understand that a P.A. system amplifies normal speech as well as shouting. He stresses the human propensity for misery. He travelled with his mother who was not aware he was having an affair with an older Californian blonde devotee and much arranging was required to keep his mother in ignorance.


PMT 019: Guru Maharaj Ji (aka Prem Rawat) Chicago, 18th February 1974


Dear premies I think you'll excuse my clothes today (laughter) because uh my suitcase did not arrive at the proper time. As a matter of fact it's not even here yet and uh I just ?? Like this from Kansas so I took 'em like this to the program but rather what premies should be concerned with this uh satsang itself nothing what clothes it's given and uh the most important factor is that we are taking it this tour for the benefit of all premies because we understand that at this time that it's just so much going on you know through a man's mind than it has ever gone before. It's like before they never had cars about, they never had aeroplanes and things like that and that car saved botheration about thinking in which car to go and which car to buy and thinkin' about which airlines to take and what aeroplane, what kind of aeroplane to take it kinda saves, saved all those botheration's at the time but they had enough of, of other kinds when now it is like we have so much in this, in this materialistic world to be bothered about we do not even know and this is one of the reasons that man is very unsatisfied, completely unsatisfied because he does not understand that what it is, what is his goal, what is his aim in this, in this life that he has got because you see eventually whatever goal you want to make, what ever way you want to adopt you can adopt it because you are free to adopt it but then that's not the question.

The question is which is the best path for you to adopt, which is the best thing that can, that can be there for you to take from which, from to choose from and to proceed on that path, which is the best path and this is what we have to understand which is the best path and it's like to understand, to realize this best path, to take in our lifetimes we have to go to somebody who has already realized it.

Because look if somebody reads advertisement in, in United airlines magazine if you've ever read it. I mean liner magazine the recent issue, the recent issue has advertisement of a VTR and this VTR is like um a colour, portable Akai VTR you know and I think the advertisement goes something like that I shouldn't tell you this but uh still I'm tellin' you because it's so fantastic at all at and it describes about a VTR I don't know what it is, VTS, I don't know what it is VTC probably and he, she reads the whole article and I've also read the whole article so supposedly Greg is the other guy who read the article and I am the person who also read the article. If I go to Greg and ask him about that VTC or VTR that what it is like his information about that VTR will be precisely the same as mine because he get that his information exactly from magazine from where I got my information so it's like there will not be any difference but if I am a dealer or manufacturer or a owner or a designer of Akai factory who makes that VTR, VTC supposedly I'm the designer of it if Greg comes to me by reading that article and asks me a question that is what does it, what is it you know anyway I can give him a really wonderful explanation that what it is and my knowledge would be much more than his because he only read one page article, one-page advertisement of that, of that machine while I'm the person who actually manufactured it, actually invented it and it's like this is the only reason that we are so many people who, who talk about this Knowledge but probably their knowledge about this supreme truth is just about the same as yours is, is when you take it you get liberated, you have it you feel blissful, you do this, you do that, you have that and you have that.

This is basically the same but what you have to understand is something beyond that point and the person who is the source of that supreme truth. When you go to him you see he always comes and he is called the Perfect Master, he always comes to this planet, Earth, and he gives us, he reveals us this truth, he reveals us this secret and his knowledge when he gives satsang about it, when he talks about it, his knowledge of that supreme truth is much more, it's a trillion times more than what we have the knowledge of that, of that supreme truth. That is why we must go to a person who has and who is the source of this infinite bliss of the, the infinite Knowledge, of this perfection we go to him, ask him and he reveals us that truth then that is the perfect bliss that we are searching for, that we are looking for and this is why it's like there are so many people going around in this world.

It's like see there can be as a matter of fact there are you know thousands and thousands of aeroplanes flying around this world right is only one aeroplane from one place to your destination. It's like I do not know how many 340s were flying today in this whole world, I do not know, I guess hundreds but there was only one 340, 4 Golf Mike, that was able to take me from Kansas to my destination Chicago. The same way, if somebody came from Los Angeles to Chicago there were so many jets, there are so many, there are jets in England, there are jets in America, there's jets in Russia, there's jets in India, there's jets all over the place but there was only one jet that was able to provide you, to benefit you the ride from Los Angeles to Chicago.

In the same way it's like there might be thousands and thousands of people talking about this Knowledge, just unlimited amount of 'em but there is only one person who can actually benefit you, actually benefit you of this Knowledge and this is the person that we exactly are looking for and it's like this Knowledge, when I use the term 'Knowledge', this Knowledge many people don't even understand what I'm talking about it because maybe it's just like a who knows what. There are so many things that we do not know though we are maybe one of the best living human beings or things like that or a living person but there is so many things that we even don't know. It's like even if you go to a dealer of electronics he won't know the name of all the units that are made so it's like in this world that we have come, you know, and we have to understand this truth, have to understand this secret and what I'm talking about many people might not just even understand that's what I'm talking about, that what do I mean when I say 'Knowledge' but that is something and people who have received it, people who have understood it know the meaning of it. Perfectly understand the meaning of it and they know what I'm talking about.

For other people it's the biggest quiz they've ever heard of, the biggest problem, the biggest puzzle in trying to solve it yes maybe it's like this, maybe it's like this, maybe it's like this, maybe it's like this and what is it? Cause until unless we understand it, this stuff no use to us. You see and this is the reason why we all want to look for somebody who can reveal us that Knowledge. When Jesus came, what did he do? Exactly the same thing.

He didn't come here to do carpentry, he did not though he did it for a little while but that was not his goal, he did not come on this planet earth to take a saw and a chisel and it and either it did he come to get crucified here because that was not his, just not his aim you know he didn't want to do that otherwise if he want to do that all he could do was to make a cross for himself and get crucified. He had nails, he had hammers, he had a, (laughter) he had wood he had saw and chisel but that was not his aim. His aim was something else

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and that aim that he was trying to teach to people, that aim that he was trying to accomplish amongst people was the thing was why John understood him, why all those people bowed down to him, why all those people were ready to dedicate their lives to him and that was that truth that we have to know because Christ was crucified you know after he had met John you know that long, long time after that but he met John and he gave him something and that's the mystery what he did give him but he gave him something and he gave him such a beautiful thing that John completely had to surrender before him. 0:52 John he did no healing either but still it was something that Jesus gave him which he gave to all the people see because the biggest healing today I think is the healing of our mind because that's what's driving us completely bananas. (Laughter) We are completely out of our heads. I'm not talking about some individuals, maybe they're not but again there are some people who are completely out of their heads.

Because the idea of brotherhood of humanity has been completely lost, has been completely forgotten and that is what we have to bring about now again today and until and unless we understand the common factor between each human being because people have distinguished, have put names to the people of different color, caste and creed and from different nationalities but we have to understand something that is common amongst all the human beings, something that's completely common and understand and make that identification of human, identify each human being by that common factor and only then and then only will the crew human beings and identify for the true thing and that is that Knowledge that is common within all human beings but no matter from where they come, from India, from Africa, from Russia, from Europe, from America, from Canada, from Japan, you name it, wherever they come from. We still have one thing in common, not the eyes, not the nose, Chinese have different nose from the Americans. Not color, hairs, not the bodily features but something else.

Something else they have in common which is the greatest mystery and because man has not been able to know it that is why he is suffering the greatest suffering today of not understanding, not having the idea of brotherhood and just really carrying on with all the things in this world and that's why there is fight, there is-that's why there is war and everybody can understand it and as a matter of fact people are talking about energies today and they call themselves experts and so and so but really first it shows that if they really know energy then they would not have said energy crisis because energy can never have a crisis. (scattered clapping) Scientists have said that, scientists have said that energy's never created and never destroyed. How can something that is never created, never destroyed, completely infinite have a crisis in it? How can it break down? How can it get shut off? Well okay you got a little short of fuel, that's quite understandable and that's why everybody's getting troubled for it and that's perfectly okay to call it 'fuel' but why energy? Because that energy is still inside of us but you see it's like I am doing this mistake of calling Mahavir, Greg and calling Greg, Mahavir that what is that artificial energy we are trying to call it the real energy and what is the real energy we are trying to even call it artificial energy because we do not even know about. Sometimes we even question ourselves that does that kind of energy exist or not you know it's like where are we actually getting to?

It's like there was this time when Hitler was doing all the crime, so-called crime for him it was not, but what is happening in this world today? What has been prevented? People were getting killed before, right? I mean all that led, all that concentration camp was famous for was for killing people, finally they reached to the point of death. Same thing is happening in the wars, people have not stopped wars of death. It's like, we are trying to do all these things, we are trying to take a horse to the water. Now we can do that and we're trying to make him drink and it's, the problem is, you can take a horse to water but you cannot make him drink.

You see and that is, that is the main reason that why this world is not reaching a point of satisfaction and that is why always a Perfect Master comes from time to time to time to time to time to time. Comes into this earth and reveals people, shows people that perpetual, that perfect movement which is inside of us, that beautiful, beautiful vibration and he shows us, he reveals us that and when he reveals the bliss that he has experienced with that is completely, completely unbelievable because it's perfect. It's like a man has never experienced perfectness before and instantly, in a split of a second, the next thing he knows that he is merged with infinite and the bliss of there is I can't even describe it to you because it's completely fantastic because today whatever we are experiencing see the first, when a child is born on this planet earth, he cries.

That's when he's, that's how he was born and when he dies, he cries. This world is full of misery the day you come into it and it's like man is always in his little s- you know which he calls jumbo, big but it's a really a little, little field of suffering, of misery and his completely, completely, completely present, completely bounded into it, into the miseries of this world, 24 hours. He has even forgotten what God is more what that, that perfectness can be, what that truth can be, what that bliss can be or anything like that. He's completely like jammed himself in that, that little circle but when a Perfect Master comes it's just like imagine that you are, are standing on this deck of a ship. It's not a very big ship but standing on the deck and it's drowning okay and I it's like just about 1 cm left before the water will hit the deck and that'll be about it, 1 cm you know and it's like everybody's mental, everybody's attention is so much drawn, they're just constantly thinking "Oh no, that's it, this nobody can rescue us, nobody can do this to us now and nobody can yet, yet suddenly they feel they're moving upwards. You know suddenly they feel that they're going and they look up and there's the biggest chopper they ever saw just pulling the whole ship up. What will be a joy there? Can you imagine?

It's like you have seen that uh series Gilligan's Island (laughter) and when they see a aeroplane nearby (Guru can hardly stop from laughing) how, how, it means how blissful they feel about it and this just again from one kind of misery, from a kind of misery you are going to the b kind of misery but it's still the same you know it's like it's still, still the same, it's completely still the same and so how blissful it is going to be for actually a human being merges into a complete infinite and the complete bliss because you see when there is a drop of water in the dropper it can be identified as a drop when it is put into a glass it is no more a drop it is the whole glass of water and when there is water in the glass it can be identified as a glass of water, glass in the water or in measurements but once it's poured into the ocean then that identity, that little drop of a glass of water is no more a glass of water, it's the whole ocean because that identity is now merged with the whole ocean. So if you want to say where it is, you cannot because now it has been completely turned into the whole ocean and there is therefore no identity to it and therefore it's, it's like the whole ocean is right there.

If you want to be infinite, there is that little way. If you can merge yourself into that infinite which is very possible, I'm not just saying that look this is like if your car breaks down, okay and I'm the sheriff and uh I come with these headlights and blind you and I pull up and I say "Yes Mister, what's the trouble?" And he said "Well my car broke down." I said "God, fix it and get outa here." (laughter) Means how much am I helping him? How ridiculous will it sound? And I'm supposed to help him and I'm just saying "Okay just fix it and get it outa here" you know and it's like "We don't like cars standing on the side of the highway" and I'm supposed to help him. I'm not doing that I'm not just saying "Look, if you realize Knowledge you'll be perfect so go and find yourself somebody and get Knowledge and then you'll be okay." I'm not saying that.

I'm saying "If you want Knowledge, I've got it. Come and receive it" and people have already received Knowledge and I'm telling 'em "Meditate on it" because you see I can bring you the best food you ever, ever eaten and I can put it before you but if you don't eat it your not gonna enjoy it though it might be one of the best. Like no matter how beautiful this Knowledge is, how perfect this Knowledge is but until you meditate on it you are not gonna enjoy it. You're not gonna understand, you're not gonna realize it and this is the reason why you know some, sometimes people just cannot understand because they're not meditating on it is like you might have a car with the most beautiful electronic ignition but if you do not switch on the ignition the car is not gonna start. It's as simple as that.

You know it's like in a jet the whole starting system is completely automatic all you have to do is just push a button (snaps fingers) and wait for the temperatures to go up and it goes (snaps fingers) blast and you're on you know your jet engines are on but if you don't press that button no matter how automatic that is you know it's, it's not gonna be too good. It's like the most automatic they can make it is when, is when the captain sits on it the seat there should be a button on it and the, the thing starts. So the captain comes and sit on his seat an hour ago and the passengers are boarding and the plane starts rolling on the runway it's like half the passengers are in the terminal and half the passengers on the airplane, the plane is rolling. Is that what even won't be too good, would it? Like it would be completely ridiculous.

So now it's like there is something else that you have to realize, there is something else it's like man has to realize and people have realized this knowledge. This is that answer for them but they have to meditate on it and it's like what more can I say to you? What more can I tell it to you?

It's like I said look it's beautiful food and the only way you can find out is to try it. You know so you actually have experienced it and I, I take a little bit of the food and I eat it with ??? in it and it's not poison. It's what else can I do to you? What, what else can I tell you about it? You wanted to know whether it was poison or not, I proved to you that it was not a poison. You wanted to know if it was fantastic or not, I gave you the whole explanation that was beautiful. You wanted to know whether it was in front of you or not, I put it in front of you. You wanted to know how to eat it, I told you how to eat it. Now what else can I do. I won't take your mouth and open it and take you no like things (laughter) and punch it into your mouth, no. I won't do that, that's none of my business. That's why I won't do it, that's how far I go and that's how far I stay, the rest is all up to you.

So if you want to help, if you need Grace, it's like God helps them who help themselves and this is where you have to reach and that's the point you want to know. And Mata Ji is gonna give you satsang now and you better listen to it (laughter) because you know it's like uh you're gonna understand a little bit more in a different way probably. It's gonna be basically the same thing what I just told you, probably in a way something that you couldn't understand, probably she'll make you understand and so premies tomorrow again is a satsang program and uh we'll try to make it earlier because we were just waiting for us Mahatma Gurucharanand U.S. looks like he's uh we were thinking he's going to come now and then and now and then we just waited for him and uh I don't think he reached there (laughter) and it's like uh well we are here and Mahatma Gurucharanand Ji is gonna be here so now it's like I've told you and I'm gonna tell you something more and it maybe you'll get two or three stories tomorrow but look it's gonna be like you have to do it, still you have to do it and then once you do it, once you get into it is completely beautiful, it's completely fantastic.

It's like uh then you are gonna turn around to me and say "Guru Maharaj Ji why didn't you tell us before about this Knowledge?" Man, I was screaming right from when I came to America and even before I came to America I was screaming out how beautiful this Knowledge was so you can't blame me for that, can you? Look then after that, it was up to you, it was completely up to you. Thank you very much.

(Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai! Bolie Shri Jagat Jnani Shri Mata Ki Jai!)

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