PMT 016: Guru Maharaj Ji (aka Prem Rawat) Los Angeles Meditation Retreat, 1st June 1974

A short speech lasting about 13 minutes in which he

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Yeah, that's the really beautiful place you got you know, about a mile down I used to come a lotta times and I used to sit down there, a beautiful place to and I'll-I hope you're really getting something out of this retreat, you know, because it's like this satsang and meditation and it's like this Knowledge you know we have to understand the significance, the real meaning of these three things and it's like they can be very, very beautiful. They can be excellent, they can be something what we are looking for but if you do not understand the significance it'll be like, it'll come to us and then go away and we never will be able to understand that. It's like, if somebody makes a ring out of a white gold and mixes it with silver ring I'll tell you they'll be very, very few people will be able to understand that white gold, who'll be able to distinguish that white gold from the silver because the color, colors are completely identical and same way, you know, the satsang is, the Knowledge is. I mean Knowledge, there can be a bunch of knowledges, knowledge of housekeeping, knowledge, study, you know just a bunch of things and then satsang can be like there are many, many books that even give satsang for themselves in India and then just even talk a bunch of baloneys there but really what is the truthful satsang?

I'll tell you it's more blissful, you know, sitting down here than actually sitting in a press conference. I'm, I mean that knowing that thousands and thousands of people being reached but there is something about it, this, this program which is much more blissful. Because everybody's understanding and everybody has come here to understand the truthful meaning of what satsang is, what Knowledge is and what med, really meditation can do to us what once this is all it takes just to understand it.

Once we have understood the importance, the significance than like and what it will do to us, what it will mean to us will be just so incredible, so much, so enormous, so, so much that it'll be blissed out completely 24 hours and this is a really good thing that all the premies have started this retreat idea. It's really nice because everybody can assemble then and, and, and really try to experience and really try to understand because see this life has been given to us for a particular purpose.

We come and we go away. I mean what is the meaning of coming into this world and what is the meaning of going away. I mean this is what everybody is after this life, this life, this life but we have to understand that in this life there is something, it's like we are all these people and there is a special project and the project is that we have to get a briefcase so what we do when it's like this is what we think is our project and we are told that "Oh listen, there is something that briefcase it's a briefcase this size" and we describe it pretty good and then this whole world starts looking for the briefcase and they never tried to understand what's inside of it, never try to understand what's inside of it. It could be a bomb or it could be just some more precious things and they're looking for it and even if at the end of their lifetime they even if they just happened to find it they'll be happy because they found the briefcase and they'll be never able to know what passed through their hands with which they just let it go because their objective became to get hold of it and then what to do, nobody knew and this is what is life, it's a briefcase packed inside a briefcase is a very, very beautiful thing and instead of making our goal to try to get the briefcase are goal should be once we get hold of the briefcase open it up and get that most beautiful thing under our possession and once that's done I mean it's accomplished it's, it's, we gotten it.

I mean really this is so hard to really be able to describe this Knowledge because it is a experience. It's like how can you describe experience? When you drink water when you're really, really thirsty and you drink cold glass of water. I mean you can feel that coldness going right down to your stomach cause it's all dry but how do you describe it? You don't and that individual experience, that, that experience at that moment is so big, it's so great that it's so subtle and that is just an experience drinking a cold glass of water when you're darn thirsty. Can you imagine the experience of this Knowledge when you have been thirsty, when you have been all like almost dead and, and this Knowledge comes down to you? It's just beautiful, it's huge, it's large and still is so subtle, it's so small that you cannot even see it under a microscope but it is there and that experience comes to us by the Grace because really it is, it is nothing but it's what Grace really brings it to us, what really, it's like everything is flowing into Grace you know and there are very few people who can understand that and when that experience come to us, comes to us by Grace that's it, that's all, that's all we are looking for and that is why I feel my duty to come and try to tell the premies that listen to theirs is a beautiful, beautiful Knowledge, there's this beautiful, beautiful meditation because it's like drinking more and more water. It's like this stomach, this thirst it's something that we can just drink and drink and drink and be just blissed out all the time.

So it's completely up to you, you know, if you want to understand this, if you want to really have this experience is very easy and it's very possible and our main idea is to get together and, and try to share and, and try to share that experience by giving satsang to each other, by trying to understand, it's like, taking two glasses and jiggling the water in them so they both mix, taking a syrup in a glass, taking a water in a glass and just jiggling 'em, mixing 'em completely together. So by the time it's all finished if there is a little bit of syrup missing in this glass that's completed and if there's a little bit of syrup missing in this glass that's also completed, it's all mixed, its perfectly mixed and this is like the whole idea of c-coming you know here and trying to understand this but really, you know, we can.

There can be non-premies sitting here and for them this could be very, very high, you know beautiful breeze and beautiful things and beautiful scenery, beautiful sunset, everything can be just a really beautiful for 'em but it's like all that beauty, there is a little difference in that beauty and the difference is that beauty for him has no base but for us that same beauty has such a beautiful foundation that is this Knowledge and there are, we know, we know as clear as anything that's that Knowledge, that's that Grace which can really, really put us even much more higher than what we can think. This is a beauty for us but doesn't become a part of our spiritual life. It be remains a beauty, beauty as a beauty but if we go further and higher than at this situation can take us and that's, that's so beautiful because this is where we want to be. That's where we want to go and when we are there, when we are at that point it's like everything is so blissful so premies, it's like, do meditation, you know, try to understand what this Knowledge is.

I can only help you to a certain point you know and that's like, that's at least physically and that's to come and give you satsang but only that'll like to show you something, maybe something you are missing you will kinda give you a fake idea that yeah there is something like that. Probably encourage you again and again to do meditation but see you have to do meditation means I'm, I'm doing meditation right now and I'm doing it and I'm getting high, I'm getting really beautiful but it's like if you want to get to that point, you will have to do meditation too. Make my meditation will not help you, it's kind of strange, you know, but that's the way it works so it's like I hope you have a nice time, nice meditation and because once you really get into the flow of meditation man there's nothing like it.

There's just nothing, nothing like it. I mean you come out and this beauty seems like two times much more beautiful but you are in such a beauty that's completely so beautiful moo thousand times, million times, trillion times even more beautiful than this beauty and it's like that's where love really opens up because you know love is such a strange thing, it's such a weird thing, it's such a really, really strange thing what love is and today we have really, really mistaken love, really, really mistaken love but there is something else and when that love flows from every man to other persons, two other persons from every person to every person it's like, like that's even much more harder to describe and that's like that Knowledge itself which is strong love, really, really strong love just starts flowing down from everybody to everybody and it's just makes a person completely glorious.

So understand this and it's like uh ends tomorrow right (discussion off microphone) so I hope you have a nice meditation and try to understand because it's not difficult at all. Thank you.

(Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai!)