Perfect Master Tape #001
Perfect Master Tape #001

PMT #001: Guru Maharaj Ji on DUO

The only recordings on Side A of this tape that have high enough quality to be accurately transcribed are the DUO Proclamation and DUO satsang.

The DUO proclamation as read out by Guru Maharaj Ji contains some excisions marked by {} in italics from that published in the Divine Times. Possibly the young Rawat and his advisors actually thought world leaders would listen to this tape so they removed the sections referring to "the living Perfect Master and spiritual head of Divine Light Mission."

DUO Proclamation of February 1973 read out by Guru Maharaj Ji (Prem Rawat)

"Whereas, the one universal belief all people hold to be true, is the belief in life itself; and yet due to ignorance of the aim of human life, the world continues to be filled with misery; and whereas, even with the advancements of the technology (sic) expanding twentieth century, humanity has continually failed in all efforts to find a solution to misery and suffering; and whereas, Knowledge of the aim of human life is being revealed to all people of the world {by the living Perfect Master and spiritual head of Divine Light Mission, Paramhans Satgurudev Shri Sant Ji Maharaji,} thus elaminating the cause of ignorance and misery.

Therefore, the people who have experienced the Knowledge {of Shri Santji Maharaj,} with true awareness of the difficulties of living without knowing the aim of human life, are compelled to reach out to the rest of the struggling humanity to spread the solution to strife and suffering by a commitment to work in all fields of endeavor for the elevation of humanity, manifesting an examplitory (sic) alternative to be known as the Divine United Organization {or D.U.O.}"

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I just relax now (loudly)


Dear premies, I'm going to talk about Divine United Organizations today. This is the organizations which is going to help the whole world to get out of misery and suffering. Today we really need an organization as such. The whole world has been covered with black clouds of misery and suffering. And if that person that has come in this world to reveal the Knowledge and to take out people from suffering does not do His job professionally, it's no good that even people search for a Perfect One in this world. And therefore, I think it's very important that a organization as Divine United should be set up to help the whole world.

Divine Light Mission has been too involved in its activities, and it is sort of like, instead of rolling smoothly, it is being obstructed by its own activities. If we have a organization as Divine United Organization, which I was just talkin' about in the proclamation, we can really help the whole world, because in this way, all the responsibilities and all the obstructing activities of Divine Light Mission will be taken away, and the whole problem will be solved by Divine United Organization.

In this organization we are going to help the whole world socially. Now, what I mean by socially I think I should illaminate (sic) that point. The whole world, besides Knowledge, needs food. Now, there are many countries that call themselves commonwealth countries, still that's not true, because yet they have not been able to establish the commonwealth and there are many, many people who don't have clothes, don't have food, who don't have a shelter.

Now, many people come up to me when I talk about Knowledge, and they say, "Guru Maharaj Ji, we think that those people who are suffering, they would rather need food, shelter, and clothing first, rather than your Knowledge." And, probably it is true to some extent, because they need that. If someone is hungry and we tell him to do meditation, and to sit and try to concentrate on God, he will try to say, "O God, don't give me peace, but give me food first." And rather if we do that it's no good, because again people are not being helped by just simply giving them Knowledge. Why not? I have just explained you. But if we open this organization, and socially help people, see, it will be beautiful, because today, if we just give a house to someone, he will need a car in the house tomorrow, and then the second day he will need air conditioning in the car, and the fourth day he will need headrests in the car, and then he will just need everything. And before the point can reach where also his desires will become endless, before that point will be able to reach, there will be a stop to it, by the Knowledge, because Knowledge will also be revealed to them, and their desires will be under their control.

I think this is the only solution to the problems that all the governments of the world are facing today. It might not sound logical to some people, but though it is because I have been meeting so many people, so many mayors, so many political leaders, and I think that's the only solution because there's some countries helping one country in other way supposevly (sic) like America is a very rich country, and they are flourishing. But then, are they happy? There are so many strikes, so many riots going on in America, and there are so many young people who are is drug prob-problem and all these problems and they have to face it and you see, they have to face that drug problem because they don't have any other solution. But if supposevly (sic) we can give them a solution. The solution can be Knowledge. And if we can reveal them this Knowledge, because already this Knowledge has been given to so many of those young misters who have been drug problem and it has proved a fantastic solution and an alternative for them and a high alternative.

You see, if I, if I don't know what can be the alternative to what I am doing, and supposevly (sic) if I am eating aspirins, I am taking aspirins daily. Actually, it's, it's causing me harm. But you see I am not a doctor so I don't know what harm actually it is causing me, what harm aspirin can cause me and I'm just taking it. It's the same thing. But if someone comes to me and says, "Listen, don't take them. Take other pills that don't have that type of effect," then suddenly I realize, yes, it might be true. So today, everyone says, "No drugs. Sonny, don't take drugs. Boy, don't take drugs. Don't take these things and don't do that and don't do that." But that's a very foolish thing to even do it that way because you are not giving them an alternative. They will say, "This guy, this guy is crazy because he wants us not to do it but what should we do? We want peace, we want to see Light, we want to have a blessed experience." But if we offer them a practical Knowledge, then it's very, very possible for them. And this has happened, really, all these things. Because they come to one point that they could never have even dreamed of, and that's the infinite stage.

Taking drugs, taking shots, is not the infinite stage. That's a very finite stage because it has a beginning to the end. If you are taking a two millometer (sic) or a two c.c. injection then you start some, some and then you end at two c.c. See that has a beginning, that has an end to it. If you are taking a pill, it might be, it might be that that big if it's that big then see it's that big it, it has a limited size to it. But this Knowledge does not have it, so when they get into this Knowledge, it's just very blissful and as those people who have realized this Knowledge and those people who have experienced the Blissful stage of this Knowledge, know. And that's why, after receiving this Knowledge, we leave all these kinds of things. And not only drug is the problem, there are other things. But see, they have to have the alternative, and the alternative is the Knowledge. And if we can give them the Knowledge, really I cannot describe it in words.

And I challenge (bangs the table) this, to the whole world, that by Divine United Organization and by the Grace of Almighty Lord and the power of the Knowledge, the bliss of the Knowledge, (repeatedly bangs the table) again the peace in the whole world can be established in the same way as people have dreamed of and the kingdom of heaven to be on this Earth will be possible and is possible, if you work together, with cooperation and in the manner I have explained to you, of Divine United Organization. Everyone will have shelter even a small ant and then lion and goat will drink water on the same pool and will be satisfied. And then, it will be just incredible, because I just cannot describe it, it seems to be just, let me say, beyond human comprehension. And I can say this with challenge that (repeatedly bangs the table) this is possible, to the whole world, this is possible. This is possible because we have an infinite Knowledge and the world is finite. And if we want thousands and billions and billions of words we can just push them into this Knowledge because this Knowledge is infinite. It doesn't have a end and ??? end so we can just push billions and billions of these words into that stage of perfectness and into that state of bliss

And as you know, until we have found the Perfect One, until we have realized the Perfect One, until we have realized the perfect stage, this why, why this has been given, we do not know the aim of it. You see, when we say, "Sat, chit and anand. Truth, consciousness and bliss." None of it is possible if we don't have one of it. See, we want to be in the stage of truth but if we have to be in a state of truth then we cannot leave consciousness but when we are in the stage of consciousness, automatically we are in the stage of truth but when we are in the stage of consciousness, automatically we are in the stage of bliss. We cannot leave bliss out of the consciousness, because when we go there, automatically it's done. It's like an automatic transmission, if you put it in "D" and you press the accelerator, automatically it will be changed. You just can't, you can't stop it from being changed, it will just change. Even if you are going at a certain speed, after some time it will change. So this is the point.

And if we know the Knowledge, that all these three stages, that everyone is looking for, here and there. People are searching it in liquor, people are searching it in sex, people are searching it in so many other things, and it is possible automatically, because if we get one thing, and that is the Knowledge, the ultimate thing, all these three things, truth, consciousness and bliss - sat, chit, anand automatically come into us. Without if they, they are into us, but we just realize them, and that's it. And see, there are so much activities going on around the world. There has to be one activity going on and this activity has to activate all the good activities. And you see, once all the activities are good, that's the solution, that's what we want. People might say, "Well, you aren't talking reality, it's not possible," but I say it's possible because I know it's possible and it is very possible. That's by the Knowledge, and by the experience that we have known.

So therefore, I want all the premies to understand this introduction, and to come forward to help us in organizing this Divine United Organization and to bring about a solution towards uh before humanity for all the sufferings that are in this world and I hope that you understand me perfectly, because to do service, it's a very seldom you get the chance that you will be able to do this type of service, this beautiful service, not for one man, not for two, not for America, not for England, not for Japan, not for India, but for the whole world, for the whole world. It's for the whole round ball, for the, for the whole world we will be able to do it. And if we want, to just, just this whole world is tied up on like a cube now but it should be round and this cubes are the things, are the problems of the world and if we can remove these cube, if we can remove these corner, if we can remove this suffering, again the world will be round as God made it, as God placed it there, to be free and to revolve on its axis and to be free from suffering.

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