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Discourse - Param Sant Sadgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj


Our saints said, "Hath me aya ratan dhan, lekin kadar jani nahin. Is tarah kishti teri, us par ho jani nahin. Jan kar anjan banta, main sada jinda rahun. Ghoomati hardam kasain, mout sir jani nahin. Kya hua vedon ko parh kar, bhed kuchh jana nahin. Atmagyan ke bina gyani to kahlata nahin. Jam rahi kai tere, antah karan par besumar. Bhakti ke manjan se murakh, dur kar jani nahin."

Photo: Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

Yogiraj Param Sant Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

"You have a jewel in your hand but you do not understand its value. In the same way, you cannot cross the worldly ocean. You know that a man is mortal but still you seem to be unaware of death and you want to live for ever. Death is always hovering over you but you are not serious about it. What comes from reading the Vedas if you do not know their true meaning, which is known only through meditation on the Knowledge acquired from the Spiritual Master? A person cannot call himself realised if he doesn't have this Spiritual Knowledge. Mind is becoming dirtier by the dross of sanskaras without Spiritual Knowledge. Devotion is the way to clean it."

There are many priceless jewels in the world, of which the 'Kohinoor' diamond is considered to be the costliest. The British stole it from India . They split it in two parts and put it in the crowns of their queen and king. But that diamond is not edible. It is a stone which glows at night. Neither hunger and thirst is satiated by it nor disease or sickness is cured by it, but still a lot of people are deployed to guard it. Even so, many kings and queens who thought they owned it left this world ultimately leaving it behind. Lord Krishna also possessed a very costly jewel but he too left this world leaving it behind. Many kings and emperors, from Satyuga onwards, who had unmeasurable wealth, jewels and the like in their treasuries left this mortal world empty-handed. Now, the question arises that, if we have to leave everything behind and depart from this world empty-handed, why should we be tempted by these things? In fact, the only priceless jewel is this human body itself; this is the touchstone and you can accumulate as much gold, diamonds and jewels as you like only while you are in this body.

The human body is considered to be the highest of all bodies. All Incarnations, sages, saints and devotees have told us about its importance. We must give this some deep thought. So, it is said, "Bare bhagya manush tan pawa, sur durlabh sadgranthan gawa. Sadhan dham moksha kar dwara. Pay na jehi parlok sanwara."

A lot of praises have been sung about this human body. This life we have is for action. A human can prepare food as well as eat. No deity, animal or bird can prepare dishes like halwah or rice pudding. However, animals and birds can eat. But deities cannot even eat. It is very sad that we are wasting this human lifespan - which is even rare for deities even though they long for it - committing sins and accumulating more and more wealth. The human body is exclusively for meditation to get salvation and anyone who does not understand this is unlucky. From time immemorial, many great persons took birth and they all have gone. Many rich businessmen, kings, emperors and political leaders have lived on this earth. Mahatma Gandhi ousted the English from India without any fight. Millions of rupees used to be raised at his mere word. Thousands of men and women sacrificed their lives, thousands of children were killed and houses were devastated so that India could be free. Many innocent people were killed for this but still Ram-Rajya ( kingdom of Lord Rama or the earthly paradise) did not appear. Despite so much wealth, this human body could not be made immortal, because money cannot buy it. It is the result of righteous actions.

This world has not been created by any Incarnation but by God, the 'Primordial Power'. If that Great Power hadn't created the human body in the beginning, how would we have got human birth? Ask the so-called learned people which action guarantees a human birth as karma can only be accumulated by humans, not any other species. So, saints have said, "Kabahun ki kari karuna nar dehi. Det Ish binu het sanehi. Nar tan bhav waridhi ko bero. Sanmukh marut anugrah mero."

By God's grace alone does one get human birth. So, all of us who have got a human body should understand that this birth is the highest. All the divine masters took birth as human beings. This body is like a boat for crossing the worldly ocean and freeing oneself from of the cycle of birth and death, not just to relax and enjoy the illusory things in this world. "Yahi tan kar phal vishay na bhai. Swargahu swalpa anta dukhdayi. Nar tan pay vishay man dehin. Palati sudha te sath vish lehin."

This body is not merely for enjoying worldly things. Even heaven lasts only for a brief period and then the spirit has to come down to this mortal world, which is full of sorrows and miseries. Having got a human body, if one devotes his mind towards worldly enjoyment, it is like throwing away nectar and taking poison.

Even after reaching heaven one is not freed from the cycle of birth and death. Every one of us knows that death is inevitable. Even a child knows this. But, still we do not think about it. "Koi aj gaya koi kal gaya, koi jawan har taiyar khara. Nahin kayam koi mukam yahan, chir kal se yahi riwaj rahi."

Since time immemorial it has been the rule that a person takes birth, lives for some time and then goes away from this world leaving everything behind. We see people dying every day. Our forefathers have all gone. So we all are in this chain. It is said that we all are approaching death moment by moment. People celebrate their birthday, but in fact, we should realise that our lifespan is reduced by one year each birthday. Saints say, "Bahutere hoshiyar lutay gaye, nahin koi ki sabat laj rahi." Many great learned people lost their prestige here. All are entangled in illusory pleasures and waste their human life without acquiring any useful thing. We should wonder whether we have come here to waste our human life span like this.

St. Kabir says, "Thagani kya naina matkawe, Kabira tere hath na awe. Rupa pahar ke roop dikhawe, sona pahar tarsawe. Gale dal tulsi ki mala, tin lok bharmawe."

The illusory world makes everyone dance. St. Kabir says that he has understood the truth and so he cannot be enticed by it. Maharaj Bhartrihari also wrote that he has not enjoyed worldly things, rather they all have enjoyed him; temptations have not become old - rather he has become old and feeble. In many of our previous births we have been enjoying worldly illusory things but this human birth should be for doing meditation and devotion to God. You can know the True Name of God and meditate only while you are a human being. In all other species you are free to enjoy worldly pleasures but you cannot know the True Name of God or meditate.

We should also divert our mind from the world and spend our life in devotion to God and remembering Holy Name, and only then can we be protected from the claws of death.

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