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Discourse - Param Sant Sadgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj


A saint said, "Sumiran surati lagay ke mukh se kachhu na bol. Bahar ke pat dey ke antar ke pat khol." Attach the mind to God and do not speak. Close the outer door and open the inner door. But the world is totally blind. People practise mantras and tantras, which are external things. None such activity will come to our rescue at the time of death; so what is the benefit?

Photo: Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

Yogiraj Param Sant Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

So first of all, know what kind of 'remembrance' can be done in your final moments. When you practise this during your lifetime, you will be able to do it as you die as well. Even now you can realise God. An iron piece, which is pure and clean, gets attracted to a magnet, whereas another piece which is rusted and covered with mud will not be attracted. Why? Because there is a veil, a barrier, in between. If you put a paper curtain in between a magnet and an iron piece, then also it is not attracted towards the magnet. Similarly, our mind is not pure and clean because it is merged in the worldly illusion of lust, attachment, ego and greed, hence it is not attracted towards God. If these things are not there, then the mind will be pure and clean and then it is the Word itself and it is God.

St. Kabir Das said, "Ham vasi wa desh ke, jahan raen divas kachhu nahin. Shabda milawa hot hai, deh milawa nahin." We are residents of that world, where there is no day and night. Surati (mind) is merged in the Holy Name of God, not the body." People say that they are not able to concentrate their minds. It is because our mind is rusted with lust and attachment and this rust is dissolved slowly only by practice of Knowledge. Another reason for not relishing spiritual meditation is disobedience. A man does not accept the Master's command whereas to obey him is the 'one-pointed devotion' which Lord Krishna said. Only by one-pointed devotion can a man realise God.

I mean to say that no other means such as mantras and tantras will come to our rescue in our final hour except the true spiritual meditation and remembrance of the Holy Name of God. It is to be practised continuously, all the time and only this will come to our rescue at the time of death. The young devotee Dhruva realised God, while he was alive. But how did he do it? Not by the methods people are busy doing today. Dhruva did not do as people are doing today. He meditated upon God, sitting in an isolated place. He did not do things like ringing bells in temples, blowing conches or counting beads in a rosary, nor did he recite any mantras and tantras. He, however, remembered the Holy Name quietly in a lonely place. Then he experienced God.

You have heard about a devotee named Prahlad. How did he come to have so much faith? Once he saw some kittens saved from fire. Then he believed that there is some Great Power, even greater than his father. From then on he remembered the Holy Name of God. It is said that when King Hiranyakashyap was extremely vexed with Prahlad, he asked his wife to talk to him. Prahlad's mother said to him, "Son, obey your father, give up remembering the Name." Prahlad replied, "Mother, even if I stop remembering the Name, it does not stop remembering me!" So, you can give up external 'tantras' and 'mantras', but what is that which cannot be given up? It is the Name which is within the heart and it cannot be given up.

Lord Krishna said, "The things which you remember throughout your life will come to mind at the time of death." This is a question many people have. They take spiritual initiation but very few of them meditate regularly. The seed is never destroyed, but only a few take initiation with the intention that they will do meditation and simran (remembering the Name) to experience God. Some take initiation thinking that they will acquire power and their sufferings will come to an end. St. Kabir said, "Jaki ganthi naam hai, taki hai sab siddhi. Kar jore thari rahe, ashta siddhi nav niddhi." "He who remembers the Holy Name of God gets all powers. The eight yogic powers and nine treasures are always at his disposal". In other words, one enjoys pleasure and bliss in devotion because the form of truth, consciousness and bliss is the Holy Name. But this will happen only if you do it. When you will do this, you will get peace, your mind will not wander here and there. If you do not get pleasure and bliss, increase the duration of meditation and then you will definitely experience it. Saints have said, "Kabahun man rang turang charhe, kabahun man sochat hai dhan ko. Kabahun tiya dekhi ke chitta chale, kabahun mrig hoy chale van ko. Tulsi Das vichar kahen, kehi vidhi samjhaun kapti man ko. " It means that sometimes mind wants wealth, sometimes it is attracted towards a lady, next moment it wants to move freely like a deer in a forest. St. Tulsidas says that this mind is very tricky and difficult to control. Your mind wants a good car, sometimes it wants to own a big house, next moment it wants to have double your salary and so on. The desires of a mind are infinite and yet a man attempts to fulfil all those. Even if he gets everything, for instance a good business, or a job, wealth, property and wife, still his mind remains dissatisfied. You've probably heard the story that Alexander the Great acquired a huge empire but even he could not find peace. Finally, he ordered that when his dead body would be taken away, his hands should be outside the coffin, as he wanted people to know that even an emperor like him could not take anything along with him on his last journey. So, this mind is such that it is never satisfied and this is known as maya .

I ask you to meditate but you do not do it because of your mental baggage. Your mind goes towards your job or your house or to your children, so how can you meditate? You may be sitting in meditation but your mind goes roaming. You do not understand that the Creator is taking care of everything in the creation including the welfare of your children and all your things. You have no faith in this. You complain that your mind is unable to meditate. It is because you have not truly surrendered your body, mind and wealth, even though you say that you have. If you truly surrender then definitely you will meditate. But you do not obey and so St.Kabir Das says, "Tera mera manwa kaise ek hoi re. Main kahta hun ankhon dekhi, tu kahta hai kagaj lekhi. Main kahta surjhawan hari, tu rakhyo urjhai re. Main kahta hun jagat rahiyo, tu rahta hai soi re. Main kahta hun nirmohi rahiyo, tu jata hai mohi re. Jugan jugan samjhawat hara, kahi na manat koi re. Tu to randi phire bihandi, sab dhan dara khoi re. Sadguru dhara nirmal bahe, wa me kaya dhoi re. Kahat Kabir suno bhai sadho, tab hi waisa hoi re." It says, "How can your mind and mine agree? I tell what I have seen with my eyes. You say what is written in books. I say 'simplify' but you complicate. I say, 'stay awake', but you sleep. I say 'be detached' but you get attached. Since time immemorial I am telling you to understand but you do not obey. You gamble and lose all your money. The current of the Spiritual Master is pure and clean. You can wash yourself in that current". Look, there is a particular procedure for meditation. One should be fond of satsang and have love for it. So our saints have said that transformation definitely takes place if you listen carefully to satsang. "Sangat se gun upajai, sangat se gun jay. Bans-fans aur mishri ek hi bhaw bikay." Merits or demerits are accrued by the type of company we keep. I have said many times that a ship is made of iron weighing thousands of tonnes, but it floats on water and takes many people across the ocean. How? Because it is joined with wood. So, satsang is very important thing and next comes selfless service in the 'Guru Darbar'. Only a person of pure heart and thought can contemplate after listening to satsang and then by and by he goes deep in meditation and a time comes when he gets united with Divine Light, which is omnipresent and omnipotent.

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