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Discourse - Param Sant Sadgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj


These days people waste their time talking about many things, but they never bother to ask about what turned a dacoit into the sage. Scriptures like the Ramayana are available in our country, still our condition is miserable. The reason for this is that nobody does what the Ramayana says. The Ramayana is the scripture which tells us how a king should be, how subjects should be, how a father should be, how a husband should be, how a wife should be, how a brother should be, how a friend or a servant should be. All these ideals have been depicted in the Ramayana. Such descriptions are not available in any other scripture. It is not so easy to understand the essence of the Ramayana. For instance, it says that the human body is rarely available even to deities.

photo param sant sadgurudev shri hans ji maharaj

Param Sant Sadgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

"Nar tan sam nahin kawanehu dehi. Jeev charachar yachat jehi." All creatures long for a human birth because there is no other body like it. Soul is one and the same in all creatures, but salvation is possible only if a person meditates on Divine Light and remembers the Holy Name of God. Lord Krishna has explained in the Bhagavad Gita that a man can achieve the highest goal of life by practising it. People all over the world are miserable because they don't know it. Without the Spiritual Knowledge which is acquired from the living Spiritual Master, human life loses its meaning. The sage Kakabhusundi told Garuda, "Sunu khagesh Hari bhakti wihai. Je sukh chahahin an upai. Te sath maha sindhu binu tarani. Pairi par chahahin jarh karni." Listen O Garud: Just as it is not possible to cross the ocean but by ship, similarly no peace and happiness is possible without Devotion. Those who want pleasure and happiness rather than devotion to God are fools, as it is like trying to cross the sea without a ship. So acquire the knowledge of devotion to Divine Light by which miseries cannot come even in dreams. A life without devotion is described thus: "Bhakti heen nar sohain kaise. Bin jal warid dekhiye jaise. Bhaktiheen guna sukh sab aise. Lavan bina bahu vyanjan jaise. Bhakti heen viranchi kin hoi. Sab jivahun sam priya mam soi." Clouds without water are of no use, food without salt is tasteless and, in the same way, a life without devotion is a waste and even harmful to others. The Lord says that even Brahma, the Creator, without devotion, would mean no more than an insect to Him, whereas " Bhaktiwant ati nichahu prani. Mohi pran priya as mam vani " "a devotee, even though he be lowly, is dearer to Me than My own life."

We should know what true devotion is; we should remember the Holy Name of God and we should strive to see the fourth type of light - Divine light - which is beyond the light of sun, moon and fire, and without knowing which human life is not different than that of an animal. Now, the question arises as to what is the means for knowing the True Name of God. Saints have explained that the medium is spiritual discourse, satsang.

"Bare bhagya paiye satsanga. Binahin prayas hohin bhav bhanga." It means that a person is very lucky to hear satsang as he can cross the ocean of existence without any effort. But people do not understand this, they avoid satsang and don't like to listen to it. As Ravana lay dying he told Laxman, "I had some things in mind that I wanted to do. I wanted to turn the salty water of the sea into sweet. The second thing that I had thought to do was to build a ladder all the way to heaven, but I put off both of these until tomorrow. Both projects are still pending and that tomorrow has not yet come. But when I was informed that there was a beautiful lady living in the forest, even though it was an evil thing to do, I kidnapped her without waiting for tomorrow. The result is that the whole of Lanka was plunged into chaos. So, do not leave good and noble works for tomorrow, but you should always leave bad actions for tomorrow."

"Aj kahe ki kal bhajoon, kal kahe phir kal. Aj kal ke karat hi awasar jasi chal ." People think that they will remember Holy Name tomorrow and say the same thing again the next day and thus human life span is spent without meditating. For example, if the Vedas and other scriptures contain everything, then why do physicians go to the hills to search for ayurvedic herbs and plants? Why don't they just take those herbs and plants from the scriptures in which their names are written? Our scriptures talk about Bhargo jyoti and Ilahi noor, and the Bible talks about Divine Light, but this Light is not available in those scriptures. There are books which describe electricity but they contain neither. So, think about this.

The sage Patanjali said that Yam, Niyam, Asan, Pranayam, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyanand Samadhi constitute Ashtanga or the Eightfold Path of Yoga. The seventh step of this is Dhyan (meditation). The Lord also has asked us to meditate. To hook our mind to God is meditation. So, the one who meditates is called meditator, the object (in this case, God) to which mind is hooked, is called the object and the process is called meditation. These are also known as devotee, God and devotion. Anything beyond this is not devotion at all. "Dhanya mata so sundari, jin jaye sadhoo poot. Wah nam jap nishchal bhaya, aur sab bhaye kaput." "That mother is blessed, who gives birth to a devotee". Only remembering the Holy Name of God is devotion. When we know that Name, then we will be able to hook our mind to that and we will be able to still it. Without the knowledge of the Name, mind cannot be stilled or made silent.

Once there were five brothers. Their father died and they were going to give a cow to a Brahmin as an offering. Next day, one of the brothers took his cows to graze and when he returned in the evening, he could not find the cow which they had allocated to the Brahmin. They went again to the pasture to find it but it wasn't there. There was a river along the way and they all thought that the cow could have been carried away by the river. After they crossed the river, they decided to count themselves to ensure that none of them had been washed away either. After counting, they found that they were only four. This happened because the man who was counting had not included himself. So they all thought that one of their brothers had been carried away by the river and they started crying. A saint has said, "Mrig nabi kundal basey, mrig dhundhe van mahin. Aise ghat ghat Brahma hain, duniya janat nahin." There is kasturi (musk) in the navel of a deer. The deer thinks that the musk fragrance is coming from outside and it runs in search of it. Similar is the case of a man who searches for God in temples, mosques, or churches whereas God is within his heart.

So a sage who was passing by asked the brothers why they were crying and they told him the whole story. The sage replied that he would count them. He then counted and said that they were five and none of them had been lost. Thus, their confusion was cleared up. They all felt obliged to the sage and said that he had given them back their lost brother. The same is the condition of the world today. People have forgotten their main purpose of life, being engrossed in worldly desires and attachments, because without devotion to God, human life is sheer waste.

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