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Discourse - Param Sant Sadgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj


We sing in Arti, "Om jai jagdish hare, swami jai jagdish hare. Bhakta jano ke sankat, chhan men door kare. Om jai. Tum ho ek agochar, sabke pranpati. Kis vidhi milun dayamay, tum se mai kumati ." "O God, You are the Master of the Universe and wipe out all troubles of a devotee in a moment. You are invisible which means that You cannot be known by the human senses but You are within everyone's breath".

Photo: Param Sant Sadgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

Param Sant Sadgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

We all sing Arti like this but we do it before an idol which is visible and is seen by the eyes of a human body! This is the understanding of learned scholars and so called devotees these days. Further, it is sung in Arti," Vishay vikar mitao pap haro deva. Shraddha bhakti barhao santan ki sewa: O Lord, please eradicate all worldly desires from within me and enhance my reverence and devotion for saints."

We sing Arti in the morning as well as in the evening but throughout our lives we never served saints, so did simply singing yield results? Lord Rama told Bhilni, "Pratham bhakti santan kar sanga. Doosari rati mam katha prasanga." The first step of devotion is to associate with saints and the second step is to listen to spiritual discourse. But the so-called learned men of today are busy worshipping idols, bathing in the Ganga , performing yagya-havan, reciting scriptures etc. and say that these are the first step of devotion. They do not understand the importance of saints, which has been so glorified in all the scriptures.

The Ramcharitmanasa says, "More man prabhu us biswasa. Ram te adhik ram kar dasa. Ram sindhu ghan sajjan dheera. Chandan taru hari sant sameera: I believe that devotees of Rama are greater than Rama". It further says that the length, breadth and depth of the ocean are fathomless, but despite the endless reserves of water in it, the ocean is useless as it can neither be used for drinking nor for watering crops. When clouds are formed from this reservoir of water, its saline characteristics are extracted and sweet water falls as rain. Then the sea water becomes pure and can be utilized for all things. Similarly, Lord Rama, like the sea, is omnipresent and is within everyone's heart but due to ignorance, people do not experience bliss. When saints, like clouds, come and talk about God and impart the inner Knowledge, like the sweet and pure rain water, then people experience bliss and become happy forever.

The sandalwood tree is full of fragrance, but it cannot give this to anyone. However when the wind blows, the sandal essence is spread throughout the entire forest and many other trees also become sandal. Similarly, the essence of Rama is within everyone but due to ignorance people are wandering around like a musk deer searching for the source of the musk which in fact emanates from its own navel. "Mrig nabhi mein hai sugandhi, soonghe woh ghas gandi. Duniya sabhi hai andhi, samjhe nahin ishara."

So, remember God's True Name leaving aside all desires.

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