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Discourse - Param Sant Sadgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj


First and foremost a human being must know how to get Spiritual Knowledge. Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita that this Knowledge is not acquired by reading the Vedas or by doing rituals. So, what should we do? How will this Knowledge be acquired? Lord Krishna tells us to take shelter in the Spiritual Master, prostrate before him, serve him and ask humbly and sincerely. Then the Spiritual Master will explain and impart the Knowledge. If someone thinks that he can acquire this knowledge by attending schools or colleges, he is wrong. People who have M.A. degrees in four subjects and even a Ph.D, do not understand the meaning of even half a verse of St. Kabir.

Photo: Param Sant Sadgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

Param Sant Sadgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

Mala pherat yug gaya, gaya na man ka pher. Kar ka manka dar de, man ka manka pher” is a verse which is taught in schools. Its meaning is explained thus: ‘Ages have been spent counting rosary beads, but the turbulence in the mind has not come to an end. So throw away the hand rosary and turn the mind away from worldly attachments'. Now, what is the meaning of worldly attachments? The true meaning of this verse is that lot of time has been spent counting rosary beads, but this has not calmed the turbulence in the mind. The soul is indestructible and birth takes place due to the mind which could not be stilled. How long will you be counting rosaries? Millions of lifetimes have been spent doing so. Now throw away the hand rosary and concentrate on the ‘rosary beads of your mind'. But you do not know what that means! Many learned people think they know everything. They read the Bhagavad Gita and presumably understand it, so do they know what is action, what is inaction and what is special action? Lord Krishna says to Arjuna, “Now, because you do not see ill in anyone, I will explain that knowledge with its science, knowing which you will be redeemed from the vicious world.” What a secret that is! What is that science, knowing which one is delivered from the cycle of reincarnation and all earthly miseries? What is that knowledge which is called the ‘sovereign Knowledge, which is holy, highest, gives instant results and is very easy to practise?

Again, Lord Krishna says, “Arjuna, you cannot see my real form with your ordinary eyes; for that I give you divine vision and then only you can see my real form.” Nowadays some so-called great saints say that nobody can see this divine light. Someone should ask them that if humans cannot see that light, then will it be seen by other species?

Now the question arises as to what is ‘ Ram-Naam '. If you ask anyone, he will say that it is ‘Ram'. If it is ‘Ram' then why is Ram- Naam written? Why is it written, “Sumari pawan sut pawan namu. Apne bas kari rakheu Ramu”: (Hanuman meditated on the Name and had Lord Rama in the palm of his hand).

The speciality of the Name is that it is all-permeating: “Ramante yogino yasmin sa Ram”. Many such verses in our scriptures mention only the ‘Naam' - ‘Ram' is not mentioned anywhere. What is that ‘Naam? “Ram ek tapas tiya tari. Naam koti khal kumati sudhari. Naam let bhav sindhu sukhahin, karahu vichar sujan man mahin. Kahaun kahan lagi naam barai, Ram na sakahin Naam gun gayi. Brahma Ram te Naam bar, vardayak vardani. Ram charit shat koti mahan, liyo Mahesh jiya jani.” (Rama himself redeemed only Ahilya, the sage's wife, whereas the Name has saved millions of sinners. Simply remembering the Name dries up the ocean of mortality! The wise should think about this. How can I praise the Name, when Rama himself could not adequately glorify it? The Name is greater than both God and Lord and empowers the givers of boons. Knowing this, Shiva meditates on this Name in preference to millions of others). In this verse, only ‘Naam' is mentioned. So, you must acquire the knowledge of that ‘ Naam ' from the true Spiritual Master.

When St. Kabir had become very popular and the knowledge imparted by him had spread far and wide, a leper came to see him. At that time only Kabir's wife, Loi, was at home. The sick man told her, “I have come here because I have heard a lot of praise for Kabir, but I will consider him a saint only if I am cured of this chronic leprosy.” Loi initiated him and taught him to remember the Holy Name. Then she decided to initiate him again, just to be sure. He was instantaneously cured. He was most grateful and went on his way glorifying Kabir.

Meanwhile, St. Kabir returned home. He asked Loi, “Has anyone been here?” Loi replied, “Maharaj, a sick leper, having heard of your glory, came here. I taught him twice how to remember the Name and he was cured of his disease.” When he heard this, Kabir was furious and he slapped her. She became unconscious. When she recovered her senses, she asked him, “You are angry so I must have done something wrong, but I do not know what sin I have committed!” St. Kabir said, “Because you have served me, I let you off lightly. You have so underestimated the Holy Name that you initiated him twice! The Holy Name is so powerful that simply remembering it once dries up the worldly ocean of mental fluctuations, not to mention leprosy!” So it is said, “Naam let bhav sindhu sukhahin. Karahu vichar sajjan man mahin.”

People read the Ramayana. Preachers extol the importance and glory of the Name to others, but they themselves do not know its effect and influence. Had they understood its power, they would have never trapped others in the mire of false rituals. Dirty clothes are washed with soap and clean water, but the dirty and vicious mind can be made pure only by the soap of Holy Name. It is said, “Guru dhobi shishya kapra, sabun srijanhar. Surat sila pai dhoiye, nikse jyoti apaar. ” Guru is the washerman, the disciple is the cloth. He purifies the consciousness of the disciple with the soap of Name so that he experiences the endless Light”. All living beings have the accumulated grime of desire, anger, temptation, attachment and ego in their minds, which is instrumental in causing misery. These are the thieves who are robbing everyone under the cover of the darkness of ignorance. Initiation into the Holy Word eradicates the fear arising from desire and anger, in the same way as darkness is removed by sunrise. “Ram Naam mani deep dhari, jeeh dehari dwar. Tulsi bhitar baherhu, jo chahasi ujiyar.” The Holy Name of God is a shining jewel which gives light within as well as outside.

The Holy Name is higher than both formless God and God in human form. Lord Shankar meditated on this Inner Name, which is inexpr essible and not found in any alphabets. What would that Name be? In one of the Upanishads, Narad says to Sanatkumar, “I know the four Vedas, Vedanta, astrology, grammar, the fourteen branches of learning and all sixty-four arts, but I do not have spiritual Knowledge. I beg you to impart this knowledge to me.” Sanatkumar replied, “Narad, all these branches of learning which you have listed are just for filling the belly. You can't get salvation through any or all of these. For spiritual salvation you must find the Spiritual Master and acquire Spiritual Knowledge.” There are two types of knowledge: Para Vidya(transcendental) and Apara Vidya (worldly). Scriptures, astrology, etc. are written knowledge and are called ‘Apara', whereas ‘paravidya' means direct Spiritual Knowledge. Sanatkumar explained that ‘apara vidya' is just to fill the stomach, but even to learn the alphabet we need a teacher.

How can one know whether God is formless or with form? Lord Krishna says to Arjuna, “Remember My name continuously and fight!” He is telling us to remember the Name of God non-stop, without a break. Guru Nanak Dev also said the same thing: “Uthat, baithat, sowat, jagat Naam. Kah Nanak siddha bhaye tinke kam.” Those who remember God in all circumstances - while standing, sitting, sleeping and awake - get good results. But people chant mantras with their tongue, lips and mouth, none of which can be done continuously. How can one chant while asleep? If you are in a plane and it catches fire, how will you chant? You can't use a rosary. Rituals also cannot be done at such a time, neither will you read Vedas nor remember Gayatri Mantra. Without acquiring Spiritual Knowledge from the true Spiritual Master, you can't meditate. So we have to know the specific method of meditation which enables our minds to be attached to God so we can remember Him all the time, cont inuously, while asleep, awake and even while eating and drinking.

King Harishchandra and the charitable Karna were glorified but what benefit can we draw from them today? If you please the present leader, he can give you wealth, a house and all such things. Only a living doctor can cure our disease. Dhanwantri, the most revered doctor in ancient times, cannot cure our diseases now. Similarly, only a living Spiritual Master can impart Spiritual Knowledge to us.

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