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Discourse - Param Sant Sadgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj


In every era, the struggle between righteousness and unrighteousness has been going on. There is no dearth of atheists these days who do not believe in God but consider science to be everything. Bereft of spiritual knowledge, such people consider worldly things to be the truth.

Photo: Param Sant Sadgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

Param Sant Sadgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

Some people believe that God is formless but only saying and believing that God is formless cannot bear results. One must know the target on which mind is to be hooked. To acquire this knowledge, one has to find a true Spiritual Master and then only is spiritual knowledge possible. Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita, “Closing the doors of all organs, and establishing the mind in the heart, thus dwelling on the Word, and abandoning the body, one gets salvation and does not fall in the cycle of rebirth. I am easily accessible to those devotees who single-mindedly remember Me and ever remain in meditation on my Divine Light, disengaging their mind from all worldly subjects. Devotees who have achieved such union with God, which is giver of all fruits, do not fall in the cycle of birth and death, which is all sorrow. But, those, who nurture cravings for worldly things, have to come back into this world from even the heavenly abode of God and they have to suffer various sorrows of birth and death. My devotees, however, do not fall back in the cycle of rebirth.”

There are four eras: Satyug, Treta, Dwapar and Kaliyug. A day and night of Brahma is equivalent to one thousand such cycles. Brahma rests after one hundred years of such days and nights. It means that Brahma, who created me, you and the entire world, will also come to an end one day. Knowing this, a conscientious person never desires for any worldly thing nor feels sad on seeing the demise of any worldly thing. The entire visible creation manifests at the beginning of the day of Brahma and vanishes in the subtle body of Brahma during the Brahma night, but that which still remains even after the end of Brahma, is called Akshar Brahm (Deathless God) or Avyakta Purush (Formless God).

That which remains even after Brahma, Vishnu and Mahadev cease to exist, is known assanatan (eternal). To reach that indestructible Parambrahm (Supreme God) is known as 'salvation', which is the highest achievement. After acquiring that eternal state, a soul does not come back. The Almighty Lord says that this state is the highest abode. It is not illuminated by sun, moon, fire or electricity – rather, it is self-effulgent. All species exist by this Divine Light, which is the beginning and end of all. But it can be experienced by single-minded devotion.

Lord Krishna tells Arjuna, “I will tell you in detail about the two paths which are taken by a soul after abandoning the human body. The path which is always bright as the sun during the day and the moon during the last fortnight of a month, is known as the spiritual path, and it is taken by a soul who abandons the human body in meditation on Divine Light. Finally such a soul reaches God. The path which is dark like smoke and the nights of the first fortnight of a month, is taken by a soul who did not acquire spiritual knowledge during its human lifespan and finally falls into the cycle of rebirth in various species. If one goes to heaven because of some virtuous deeds, he again comes back and falls into the cycle of birth and death. After the rewards of his noble actions run out, he is again thrown into this world. These two paths, like the first and last parts of a month, meaning the paths of knowledge and ignorance, are eternal.”

He who takes the path of knowledge reaches the highest abode and those taking the path of ignorance fall into the cycle of rebirth, but the yogi who knows about these two paths does not fall into the clutches of worldly lust and attachment and lives ever happily, engrossed in meditation on the primordial vibration. So Lord Krishna says, “Arjuna, to reach Me, remember My Name continuously and meditate on My divine light.” By studying the Vedas, one may be learned or by doing all types of yagyas as mentioned in scriptures, one may get good results and by worshiping and giving charity, one may earn a lot of merit. Even then, all the fruit of these good and pious actions cannot be equal to the bliss of God, because all those come to an end one day whereas the bliss of God is eternal and endless. So yogis, leaving behind all worldly temptations and attachment, hook their mind to the primordial vibration and Divine Light and finally get to God, the highest abode of Almighty, wherefrom a soul does not fall back into the cycle of birth and death. Although the only aim and purpose of human life is to realise God, worldly people understand that acquiring material property and pleasure is the purpose of human life and they occupy themselves throughout their lifetime acquiring these. Some people are eager to build a house of their own and have their names written on some stones in their house thinking that this way their names will be immortal.

In many cities, stones containing names of political leaders and their bronze statues are installed but will they be immortal by doing these? Dhruv, Prahlad, Meera, Sahajo Bai, Shabari and the truthful King Harishchandra, who did pious and noble actions, are already immortal. Even, without statues and inscriptions, their names will stay immortal. A building may be built very solidly, but still it will collapse one day. Stones with names written on them will also break and will be mixed in dust one day, but if you do pious and noble actions, your name will become immortal, and it will never crumble to dust. The best action in this world is to remember the Holy Name of God. This is written in all the scriptures of all religions.

All scriptures say equivocally that one should remember that Holy Name of God, leaving aside all worldly desires. The fruit of all good and pious actions is remembering the Holy Name of God. The highest bliss of enlightenment, acquiring God, being face to face with God and attaining salvation is to remember Holy Name of God. Even notorious criminals and wicked men have become pious by remembering the Name. All creatures, whether they are living in water, in sky, on earth have a name. Cows and oxen do not introduce themselves as cows and oxen. Banyan and Peepal trees also do not say that they have such and such a name but according to country and language, people have named each creature or object. Milk when solidified is called curd and the name and form of milk no longer applies. After the curd is churned, butter and buttermilk get separated. After the butter is heated, it changes its name and form and is called ghee. Look at a man - in his childhood, we call him a child; when he grows up, he is called a youth and after he grows old, and his life force leaves the body, he is called a corpse.

Animals such as cows and buffaloes have been named for the work they do. Similarly, each of the popular adjectival names of the Almighty indicates an attribute of the Almighty. These names have been changing from time to time. In Satyug, the Lord's name was Lord Vishnu. In Tretayug His name was Lord Rama and in Dwapar He was called Lord Krishna. Similarly, Allah, Khuda, Satyanam, Vahe Guru and God are the names of the Almighty. But the all-permeating and omnipresent energy - the Holy Name of God -never changes. The primordial vibration which is the True Name of God and beyond any change, is the main thing and all other worldly things are perishable and unimportant. All worldly names and forms get changed in the course of time but the indestructible Name and Form of God are never changed. The knowledge of worldly things is acquired with the help of sensory organs but the knowledge of the Holy Name of the Almighty can be experienced within everyone and those, who have full faith in the words of saints and great divine Masters, who have faith in the spirit, can know the Holy Name of God by taking shelter in the Spiritual Master.

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