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Discourse - Param Sant Sadgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj


Human birth in any country cannot be bought at any price otherwise rich people would have purchased it. It is not available at any price. This is received only by God's grace, whether you understand it or not. This is the first grace of the Almighty. The second grace is of the scriptures that explain about Spiritual Knowledge and it is written that knowledge of the Word is not possible without the Master. So who would not accept such a Master?' Gu' means darkness and 'ru' means light. The one who gives light and wipes out darkness, is 'Guru'. It is said, “One meets a saint by the grace of God and then the knowledge of light is revealed.”

Photo: Param Sant Sadgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

Param Sant Sadgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj with his sons (his elder sons only)

The third grace is that of saints, who reveal the true knowledge of the self-effulgent Divine Light within, where light of sun, moon and fire cannot reach. So-called gurus dictate external devotion that cannot be performed at the last moment of life. When we fall sick, we cannot go outside. Suppose someone told you to go to a temple, but, lying sick in bed, you cannot go there. When we are ill, we cannot go on pilgrimage or perform rituals such as yagya or hawan. If we are poor, we do not have enough money to purchase the ingredients for doing these rituals. People think that chanting “Ram, Ram” is easy.

However' Ra' is pronounced by the tongue and 'ma' with lips. At the last moment of life when our lips will remain either open or closed, shall we be able to pronounce'Ram? At the last moment of life the tongue will be twisted, the eyelids will be open, the hands and feet will become stiff and we will not be able to move our hands, then who will come to our aid? We must understand. If we do not understand and waste our time then this human body, which is rarely given even to gods, and which we are most lucky to have, will leave us without yielding any benefit. The first blessing of divine is that we have got this human body, and it is said, “Bare bhagya paiya satsanga. Binahin prayas hoy bhav bhanga.” The second great piece of luck is to get spiritual discourse, which takes us effortlessly across the ocean of mortal existence. “Tat swarg apvarg sukh, dhariya tula ek anga, Tul na tahi sakal mili, jo sukh lav satsang. Ek ghari adhi ghari, adhi se puni adh. Tulsi sangat sadhu ki, katai koti apradh.” All the pleasures of heaven and even the highest state of salvation cannot equal even a moment of the pleasure of satsang. The company of saints wipes out millions of sins.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji says, “Paras aur Sadguru me, baro antaro jaan. Yah lohe ko sona kare, wah kar len ap saman.” There is lot of difference between the touchstone and Satguru. The touchstone transforms iron into gold but it cannot transform it into another touchstone, whereas the true Master converts a disciple into a Satguru like himself. How does he do this? It is said, “Guru ko kijai dandwat, koti koti pranam, keet na jane bhring ko, guru kar len ap saman.” There is an insect called 'Anjanhari'. It makes an earthen cocoon. It does not produce offspring and this has always been the case. It picks up an insect of other species, confines it in its earthen home and makes a characteristic humming sound. This transforms that insect into an Anjanhari like itself. Similarly, the Spiritual Master also transforms a disciple to become like himself. This does not mean that the Spiritual Master turns the disciple into a physical replica of himself, rather he makes the disciple become like himself spiritually, in Knowledge.

St. Kabir said, “If I speak the truth, people hit me. If I speak untruth, people believe it”. He then says that he cannot afford to tell lies. Look, which method of worshipping or meditation will come to your support at the last moment of your life? One has to go from here as this world is just like a waiting room. “koi aj gaya, koi kal gaya, koi jawan ko taiyar khara.” Nobody knows when his turn to depart from this world will come. It is not the law of nature that a man will die only when he is old enough. Some die in childhood. Some are born dead. There is no guarantee. The human body is fleeting, so what should a person do?

When a corpse is burnt its bones burn like wood and hair burn like grass. St Kabir saw the whole world as burning and this saddened him.

He also said, “Kabir sumiran saar hai, aur sakal janjal. Adi anta madhya dekhiya, dooja dekha khyal.” The true thing to remember is God's Name and to do meditation. Such earnings will not go to waste. Lord Krishna says that by doing so, we will be protected from bad things. We should find the sovereign Knowledge. This is not written for other species like dogs, cats, elephants or horses, but it is written for the whole of mankind. Human life is for knowing it. Where is that highest abode where sun, moon and fire do not shine, but is still illuminated? “Na tadbhasayate suryo na shashanko na pawakah. Yadgatwa na nivartante taddham paramam mam.” The highest abode is to be known and reached in the human lifetime. Suppose after death you will take birth in another species, such as an ass, a pig or a horse pulling a cart filled with passengers. Do you think you can realize it then? We cannot know it then, so we have to know it now. Ravana, who was well versed in the four Vedas, told Laxman with his dying breath that one should not postpone good actions for tomorrow but should always postpone bad things for tomorrow.

We fill up our belly like a village pig to indulge in worldly lusts. For what have we spread so big a net? Like a fishing net thrown into the sea to catch fish, we have spread such a vast net everywhere just to fill our belly. In a flour mill wheat is poured in the top and flour comes out from the hole below. Likewise a man pours tasty and rich foods into his mouth and it comes out as excreta. Then he wanders here and there, gives lectures or sings, but what is the meaning of all this? He has simply converted a lot of stuff into excreta.

Seeing all this we say, “O God! Doesn't man think highly of himself!” When Ravana threatened Sita, she replied, “Ravana, why are you waving your sword at me? Who do you think I am? I have no fear of death. You are proud of Lanka's gold, but it is just a heap of dirt to me. Gold is gold for you but I consider it dust.”

When we came into this world, this body came along but at the time of our departure, even this body will not accompany us. So we should take good care of that which will accompany us hereafter. If the train has already left, then we can't board it and thus we will be left behind at the station. In other words we will have no option but to enter other species after death. Guru Nanak Dev Ji says, “Lakh chourasi bhramdiyan, manush janam payo. Kahe Nanak Naam sambhal, so din nere ayo.” This human birth is called the door to salvation and has been gifted to us for doing meditation. If one does not do anything having taken human birth, he will suffer in many ways.

Now, after much wandering you have a human life, so you must remember God's Name and do meditation. You should be ever ready for doing good first and do not postpone it for hours or for tomorrow because, after the opportune time is gone, you will have to repent. Only by God's grace, you have got human birth. So remembrance of God is the main purpose of human life, by virtue of which, step by step, we will attain salvation.

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