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Discourse - Param Sant Sadgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj


St. Kabir says, “Koti nam sansar me, tate mukti na hoy. Adi nam jo gupta jap, bujhe birla koy.” You utter “Ram-Ram”, but a parrot which lives in cage can also. But you do not know what is ‘Ram' and what is the name of Ram and a parrot sitting in a cage also does not know.

Photo: Param Sant Sadgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

Param Sant Sadgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

It is said, “Nam liya tin sab liya, sakal wed ka bhed. Bina nam narke para, parhta charon ved” – “you will go to hell if you have not known the Name, even if you have read the four Vedas”. The infinite glory of Name has been sung, “Kahaun kahan lagi naam barai. Ram na sakahin naam guna gayi.” How can I describe the importance of the infinite Name when even Lord Rama could not praise it adequately? It has been further said, “Chahun yug chahun shruti naam prabhau. Kali vishesh nahin aan upau.” (all four Ages and all four Vedas reflect the power of the Name, especially in this Iron Age in which there is no other recourse).

Islam came into being after Prophet Mohammad, so what was the religion of Mohammad Sahab's great-grandfather? Buddhists say that their religion is Buddhism, so let them explain what was the religion of the great-grandfather of Lord Buddha? Similarly, Kabir Panthis (followers of St Kabir) should know what was the religion of the great-grandfather of St.Kabir. What was religion of those who lived before Lord Buddha, St Kabir and Prophet Mohammad? So, the question arises as to what religion really is. People all over the world have forgotten that and they are busy doing something else thinking this is their religion. The teachings of Lord Buddha spread far and wide - why? If you know then tell me. I ask you, what do you have to purify yourself?

Millions of rupees are being spent on education but nobody knows the meaning of this one verse: “Mala pherat yug gaya , gaya na manka pher. Kar ka manka dari de, manka manka pher.” What is that inner rosary which we are asked to know? What is the rosary of the mind? How is it to be practised? Nobody knows about it. You all give big lectures on religion, but you are ignorant of the true religion - so you are like blind men. Surdas Ji says, “Mo sam koun kutil khal kami. Bhari bhari udar vishay ko dhawe, jaise sukar grami. Hari jan chhorh hari vimukhan ki, nish din karat gulami. Soor, patit ko thor kahan hai, suniye shripati Swami .” (Who can be more ungrateful than I? I forsook the men of God to consort with the worldly-minded. I ran around after the scraps of my desires, just like a village pig.) Look, human salvation is not possible without spiritual knowledge. A country may be very rich but without spirituality no one can get true peace. You think yourself spiritual but I ask you: what is spirituality? Please tell me the meaning of Hanuman Ji tearing open his heart to reveal the Lord? These days everything is adulterated, a web of lies and cheating. Food is adulterated and nothing pure is available. There are courts of Law but still so many unlawful activities are taking place.

I ask those who believe in the Ramayana, what is that Word which acts like the sun? It is written, “Bandoun guru pad kanj, kripa sindhu nar roop hari. Maha moh tam punja, Jasu vachan ravi karni kar.” It says that Guru Maharaj Ji's Word acts like the sun by eradicating the darkness of ignorance. Such a Guru is called the Spiritual Master. St. Kabir says, “Guru kare saat aur pancha, jab tak guru mile nahin sancha.” ‘Gu’ means darkness and ‘Ru' means light, so he is worthy to be known as ‘Guru’ who wipes out darkness and then it is all light. St. Tulsidas ji says, “Guru bin hoy ki gyan, gyan ki hoy virag binu.” There is no knowledge without the Spiritual Master. It is written in the Bhagavad Gita that one cannot acquire True Knowledge by simply reading the Vedas. It is the Lord himself saying that knowledge of God is not acquired by reading the Vedas or doing yajna (fire sacrifices) or giving charity or going on pilgrimage. Knowledge of God is acquired by one-pointed devotion. What is that devotion? People do various acts of devotion but it is written in the Ramayana, “Ram bhakti chintamani sundar. Basahin garud jake ur andar. Param prakash roop din rati. Nahin chahiye kachhu diya ghrit bati.” It says that devotion to the Lord is a shining jewel. The Divine Light shines day and night, needing neither lamp, wick or oil. But people understand that devotion means going to a temple, or giving charity, or that devotion is in a rosary. However, St. Tulsidas Ji writes, “Bari mathe ghrit hoy baru, sikta te baru tel. Bin hari bhajan na bhav tariya yah siddhant apel.” Even if ghee can be churned from water, or oil from grinding sand, even if the impossible can be made possible, but you cannot be redeemed without meditation on Divine Light. Don't think that you will be liberated without meditation on God.

It is said, “Guru bin bhav nidhi tarai na koi. Hari viranchi sankar sam hoi.” Suppose you can create the world, but firstly you should think how much potential do you have to create? Even if you can do this, you cannot get peace without Guru. If someone does pious deeds, such as giving charity worth millions of rupees, he will get his reward in his next birth, but it may also happen that he will be reborn as a dog. See, a dog of some rich man is given good food and servants attend to his call. This implies that the dog must have done something pious in his previous human birth, because in no other species can one do such action. The fruit of good and noble actions of charity and piety may be enjoyed in other species also. But the reward of bathing in the ‘Ganges’ of satsang is instantaneous.

Majjan phal pekhiya tatkala. Kak hoy pik bakau marala .” A crow-like person becomes like a cuckoo after swimming in the Ganges of satsang and those behaving like cranes become swans. If you place a mixture of milk and water before a crane, it will either drink the mixture or leave it, but a swan will extract the milk from the mixture and leave the water. Only a swan has the capacity to segregate milk and water from the mixture. It is written that consciousness is not awakened without spiritual discourse.

What is that Name which has been so glorified? It is called ‘Ram', because it vibrates everywhere, it is omnipresent. That Name is different. Tell me even one verse in the Ramayana which says we should utter ‘Ram-Ram'. It is written in the Ramayana to remember Ram-Naam: Ram nam mani deep dharu, jih dehri dwar. Tulsi bhitar baharo, jo chahasi ujiyar.” (Keep the self-effulgent jewel of the Name on the threshold of your heart if you want illumination both inside and outside). In this verse also, it is written ‘Ram Naam'. “Nam prabhav jaan ganrau. Pratham pujiyat naam prabhau.” Ganesh Ji knew the glory of the Name and so he is worshipped first amongst all gods.

Naam prabhav jan shiv niko. Kal koot phal dinha ami ko.” Lord Shiva thoroughly understands the glory of ‘Naam' by virtue of which he drank poison and it was transformed into nectar. “Naam prabhav Shambhu avinashi. Saj amangal mangal rashi. Mangal bhawan amangal hari, uma sahit jehi japat purari.” (Due to the power of the Name Lord Shiva is immortal and the home of blessings). What is that ‘Naam' which Lord Shankar and Uma remember? Today, there is not one person here who follows Lord Rama! He said long ago, “Aurahun ek sugupta mat, sabahin kahaun kari jori. Shankar bhajan bina nar, bhagati na pawahin mori.” – “I will tell you a secret. Nobody can be truly my devotee unless he does Shiva-meditation”. Mahamantra (the primordial vibration) is that which Lord Shankar also meditates upon. Only this can liberate and is the same thing as the Shankar bhajan (Lord Shiva's meditation), without which nobody can achieve real devotion to Lord Rama. It is said, “ Ram ek tapas tiya tari. Naam koti khal kumati sudhari .” Ram granted redemption to one lady, Ahilya, but the Name has liberated thousands of devotees. “Ram bhalu kapi katak batora. Setu hetu shram kinha na thora. Naam let bhawshindhu sukhahin karahu vichar sajjan man mahin.” – Rama enlisted the help of an army of monkeys and bears and with much difficulty built a bridge, whereas simply remembering the Name dries up the ocean of mortality! Let those who are wise wonder about this. What is Shankar bhajan and Mahamantra? St. Kabir says, “Tantra mantra sab jhuth hain, mat bharmo sansar. Sar shabda jane bina, koi na utarasi par”, which means that tantras and mantras are not the real thing, so don't be led astray. But still you are busy chanting mantras. I ask you, when you chant mantras, where is your mind? Your gurus are also entangled in such mantras. “Shabda bina surati andhari, kaho kahan ko jay. Dwar na pawe shabda ka, phir phir bhatka khay.” St. Kabir says that this is not meditation and without finding the ‘door' of the Name, you will revolve in the cycle of birth and death. St Tulsidas Ji said, “Kalyug kewal nam adhara. Sumari sumari nar utarahin para” which means that in Kaliyug one can get salvation only with the help of the eternal and primordial Name of God.

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