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Discourse - Param Sant Sadgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

Search, But In The Right Direction

God and the way to get to God is beyond reading and writing. That is why the Lord said, “I am not found by reading the Vedas. I am reached only through one-pointed devotion”.

Hans Rawat

Param sant Sadgurudev shri Hans ji Maharaj delivering discourse to the devotees

If God were achievable by reading the Vedas, then how many people can read the Vedas? All cannot read. “Bhakti swatantra sakal sukh khani. Bin satsang na pawahin prani.” Devotion is independent and is beyond reading and writing. Some people are mentally handicapped, some are blind, some are deaf, but within all of them the same Word is present, that is God. I get letters saying, “I have taken initiation but I have got no benefit.” I say to them, why do you ask me? Ask yourself how you can be benefited! When you have taken initiation but cast it aside, how can you be benefited?

Lord Krishna says in the 5th verse of Chapter 8 of the Bhagavad Gita, “Those who leave their body remembering Me, come to Me”. Again he says in verse 6 that don't think that you will remember God only at the time of death and get salvation. Those things you were busy thinking about throughout your life will occupy your mind at the time of death as well. In the seven

I asked a religious scholar about this. He replied that this has been said in praise of devotion. I said that the Lord is praising devotion so that people will do devotion and they will go to Him. I placed verses 1, 2 and 3 of Chapter 9 of the Bhagavad Gita before him and asked, “What does the Lord say?” He said that He is talking about Brahmagyan (knowledge of God). I said, “Brahmagyan is to be experienced and the Lord is talking here about the means and says that it is very easy to do. Tell me why He says this”. That man called himself a Brahmagyani but had he been a real knower of the Truth, he would have understood the real meaning contained in those verses.

Only a person who has spiritual knowledge can understand what it all means. You see, none of these great monks and Mandaleshwars understand. I again asked that scholar about the 3rd verse in which Lord Krishna says that those who do not have reverence and love for this spiritual knowledge can never come to Him. But he could only say that all this has been said in praise of devotion.

My point is that none of the mantras and tantras are of any help at the time of death. Only the true divine knowledge, remembrance and meditation on the Divine Light will help at the last moment of life. You know that Dhruva reached God but how? Not by the means which worldly people use these days. Dhruva sat in an isolated place in silence. His consciousness became attuned to the silence. He did not ring a bell, he did not blow a conch, nor did he perform any physical penance. He did not turn any rosary bead. He did not recite any mantra or tantra. He meditated in silence, then he had the
vision of God within.

You must have heard about Prahlad and his great faith and devotion. Once he saw kittens playing inside a pitcher which had just been fired in a kiln and this firmed his belief in a power even greater than his father, the king. He remembered this power of God and meditated upon divine light. This angered his father Hiranyakashyap and he asked his wife to tell Prahlad not to remember God. Prahlad's mother told him, “Son, do not antagonise your father. Stop remembering the Name of God.” Prahlad replied, “I'm willing to abandon the Name, but that Name does not abandon me!” So let us ask what is it that cannot be abandoned. It is that Name which is within everyone's heart and it cannot be abandoned.

Lord Krishna says that the thing which you remember the most throughout your life comes to your memory at the time of death. When you do not remember God during your lifetime, how will you do so at the time of death? This is many people's question. People take initiation but only very few of them practise regularly, though the seed of knowledge is not destroyed. Only rare people take initiation keeping in mind that they must practise Knowledge to experience and realize God. Some people take initiation if they are in trouble, knowing that the Name of God works miracles. St Kabir has said, “Jaki ganthi Naam hai, taki hai sab siddhi. Kar jore thari rahen, ashta siddhi nav niddhi.”

Look, I tell you how to hook your mind to the Name. The secret is that you should be fond of satsang: “Sangat se guna upje, sangat se guna jay. Bans fans aur mishri, ek hi bhav bikay.” It means that we grow like the company we keep. If we associate with saintly people, we will accumulate merits and if we associate with devilish people, we will accumulate negative tendencies. Satsang is of great importance and so is service. It is written in the Ramayana, “Sewak sebya bhaw binu, bhaw na tariya urgari. Bhajahu Rampad pankaj, as siddhant vichari.” It means that without service one cannot still his mind. As such, one should do as much devotion and meditation as possible. Without service one cannot be a servant. Taking initiation and simply bowing your head is not enough to make you a servant. People like to massage my feet. Is that a service? No! Service means to obey the instructions of the Master, to behave as commanded by the Master. So, service is very essential and also spiritual discourse.

In other words, we should do service as well as practise meditation. We wander here and there in search of peace and God like a musk deer which thinks that the fragrance is coming from somewhere in the jungle, whereas the truth is that it is emanating from his own navel. So, we should strive to know the spiritual Knowledge and do a lot of meditation for our own upliftment as well as of others.

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