Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji's Life and Career

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji's Life and CareerKnowledge of the Self by Prem Rawat

IN THIS LIFE you are a solitary traveler. And if you don't understand the nature of the journey, you will get lost, because life is the only journey that, by default, cannot go in a circle.

The agent that doesn't allow you to go around in a circle is called time. Even if today you do exactly the same thing that you did yesterday, it won't be yesterday. It'll be today. And if you plan to do tomorrow exactly what you did today, it still won't be today; it will be tomorrow. You can't go around in circles. So where are you headed? Where is this journey of life taking you?

this is about you

and the breath that comes

into you and fulfills you


There are three major events that happen: One is birth. One is existence. And you know the third one, right? Everybody knows the certainty of that one.

The river of life begins with a drop, and it stops when it merges into the ocean. I am not talking about the first drop or about the merging. I am talking about the flow. In this journey of life, you're flowing.

I am talking about the solitary journey of a human being. This is just about you and the breath that comes into you and fulfills you. I'm talking about the kindness that you have been given that you do not see as a miracle.

It is so unfortunate that you do not see your existence as a miracle until it is too late. Bad habit. Bad idea. You can change that. You can do something about it - start to witness it.

Here is the most normal thing that happens. The most incredible normal thing. It does not even take an effort. Breath comes into you. And it fills you. With what? It fills you with life. You live. You exist. You can think, you can see, you can admire. You can touch, feel, analyze, laugh, cry. You can be a dad, a mom, a brother, a sister; you can be whatever you are. Courtesy of life. Incredible miracle. Unbelievable. And it comes and it goes. Can you feel it? Can you capture its essence - as a moment? Can you be fulfilled by it? The answer is yes.


Please, don't start thinking, "I have to manufacture this. There is a mine somewhere that I have to detect and get to.- No. Is it possible to feel the peace that is already within you? The answer is yes.

what you are looking for is within you - that's the good news. "Know thyself.- That's excellent advice. It was rolled out a long time ago.

what is the longing in your heart that has always been there? what have you always wanted? Not the glitzy present, but what have you really wanted? You have always wanted to be content. You have always wanted to feel good inside.

How do I know? Have I been reading your diary? No. Have I been bugging your home? No. How do I know? Easy. Because I am like you. Your aspirations and my aspirations are not any different. I, too, long to be content. I, too, want to feel free. I, too, want to feel peace in my life. I, too, know my agenda - that every day I need to make a little effort to court contentment in my life. It's the same for me and for you.

Get in touch with that longing. It must be a strong longing because we work so hard to make sure we don't listen to it. God forbid we have a moment of quiet. What we might hear! And when it is perfectly quiet, a comment has to be made. "Oh, it's so quiet.- What is the biggest punishment? Solitary confinement. To be all by yourself.


I'd have thought that that would be a reward. Finally, you get to be all by yourself, "Oh, thank you!- But it's, "Oh, no! Me?! Me with me?! How many days?"

If I cannot actually be comfortable being with myself, then I am missing something. Then this traveler is going somewhere that's not pleasant. And when it is not pleasant, there is a justification for why it is not pleasant. "Karma! I must've done something wrong in my last lifetime."

No. Ask yourself, "What do I know now?- This is what is going to help you - not what you were before. "What do I know now? What am I now?- I'll tell you what I am now. I am a human being - a seed that encapsulates within it every dreamable possibility. That's who I am. That's who you are. And of all that is possible in this seed, there is one possibility that is incredibly special. That possibility is being able to feel peace.

The journey is afoot. It is taking shape. There are no "wills,- "musts,- and "shoulds.- It is happening. You and I are the travelers. And no one has the luxury of saying, "Hold on. I'll just go around in circles till I figure out where I want to go.- It's all started. The journey has begun.


I offer something called Knowledge, and it's all about taking every step of this journey with great delight. It is the know-how to be able to access the inner peace - knowledge of the self.

This is what I give - to those who want it. Some people say, "Well, if it's so good, give it to me now!- Do you think that if you take a handful of seeds and throw them on a paved parking lot, the seeds will germinate? Is the idea just to throw the seeds? That's not how seeds germinate.

This Knowledge is a seed, and it will only germinate when it is given to those who want it - not with doubt, but with clarity. Not with curiosity, but with certainty. I give this gift to those who want to know. Those who don't want to know, I wish a good journey in life. My advice to them is: Whatever you do, do it consciously. Not with your eyes closed, but with your eyes open. You have one life. Get it right.

There's only one life. There are many days but one life. Get it right so you can get every day right. From the bottom of your heart, enjoy every single day. Enjoy the most priceless thing there is - every breath that comes into you. You cannot buy it; you cannot exchange it. You cannot give it. It's yours.

can you feel it? can you capture its essence as a moment? can you be fulfilled by it?

the answer is yes