Who Is the Greatest Premie Wanker?

Obviously there would be no contest if Prem Rawat was a premie but he doesn't make the grade, humility is a prerequisite to being a premie. Jossi Fresco would be an easy winner if the subject of the wankerese was himself but this contest is only for those wanking on about Prem Rawat.

The quality of contestants is impressive:

  • Mitch Ditkoff would win easily if the sheer amount of wanking was considered by the judging panel. His blog impresses on quantity and there are some very impressive individual wanks which include: The Glowing Ember of Your Heart and AIR GRATITUDE.These later wanks are pretty thin compared to the orgasmic spurts he reached in the 1970's, especially Dance, Dance, Dance.

  • John Hampton deserves special commendation for his brief highlight in the Passages video but it appears that ill health cut short his wanking. Unfortunately, his truly great work in 1970's Divine Light Mission Maharaji Miracle darshan stories exists only in the minds of those premies privileged to hear them in person.

  • Sheldon Jaffe scaled awesome heights in the 1970's and fortunately two of his greatest wanks are recorded in Divine Times magazines. His wanking over the Mahamarriage and the Mahamala has probably never been equalled, it is nearly inconceivable that they could be surpasseed.

  • Charles Cameron has a special claim to the title as his special skill is poetry which is wankerism on an elite level. He may be hampered by his apparent attempts to hide his authorship of such classics as "One Heart on a Stalk in Sand" and "The Satsang Party."

  • Vic Marsh is another poet who has maintained his output into maturity. His Australian accent may work against him.

Maharaji, Maharaji, on the wall
Who is the Greatest Premie Wanker of them all?