he Murder of Nancy Lynn JasonThe Murder of Nancy Lynn Jason

There are numerous web sites dedicated to missing persons in the USA which is where I came across this case. I gathered the following information:

In 2012 US police looked for information on the Ex-Premie Forum

17-year old Nancy L. JASON was a white female, 5'7", 124lbs, brown hair, brown eyes and wore wire rimmed glasses. Nancy was epileptic and was involved with the Divine Light Mission. Nancy lived at a premie house located in Bethesda Maryland during the spring/early summer of 1977. Nancy was originally from the Chevy Chase Maryland area and had just graduated from high school. Nancy went missing July 17, 1977 and disappeared without trace. There has been no contact with her since that day.

Nancy was being treated by Dr John Horton and Dr Robert Hallowitz along with other premies in that house. There were 7-10 Premie members living in that house. There were reports of a white male, probably in his 30's, medium build, hanging around those premie's during that timeframe. This man appeared to have his own agenda, looking for his own followers. It would help if we could identify this man.

If anyone can identify who lived in that house at the time, or anyone who has any knowledge of what happened to Nancy, it would be appreciated if they contact one of: Detective Joseph Mudano, Montgomery County PD, Rockville, MD: joseph.mudano@montgomerycountymd.gov- or - Pennsylvania State Trooper Donald Chewning, dchewning@pa.gov

Nancy Jason lived in a premie house for sick premies that was meant to become a "divine medical school." She was under the care of premie doctors Bob Hallowitz and John Horton supposedly for treatment of chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome. As she was a premie she was probably suffering from exhaustion, depression, malnutrition and emotional turmoil caused by extreme cognitive dissonance. She had a real medical history of epilepsy. She was last seen collecting medication on 20th July 1977 in Bethesda, Maryland. She supposedly disappeared travelling to Florida for the Guru Puja festival in Miami though this was a 16 hour trip and the festival was not due to start until the 29th. However she neglected to take the clothes she had laid out, a camera and cash that she had packed for the trip. She was apparently in no condition for pre-festival "service."

Hallowitz' "research" was the basis for the Divine Light Mission belief that Rawat's meditation directly influenced the pineal gland which controlled consciousness. This was nonsense but Hallowitz was considered one of the bright stars of Rawat's followers and was featured in the DLM film Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji? witnessing for Rawat and extolling the miraculous benefits of "the Knowledge."

Hallowitz and Horton Premie Collaborators

He was not the only doctor at the "medical house." Dr. John Horton was a partner and also a true believer in Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji. They were obeying the divine agya, i.e. the direct orders, or their Divine Master "to collaborate in a group practice which would hire premies, train them when possible and serve as the beginnings of a divine medical school." Horton also testified at great length, extolling the miraculous benefits of "the Knowledge" including an article in the "And It Is Divine" magazine titled A Doctor's View Of Knowledge.

Hallowitz had his license taken from him in the nineties. He had decided that if it was good enough for Prem Rawat to be a Divine Being fucking his followers then it was good enough for Bob Hallowitz. He had been proclaiming to patients that he was the Supreme Being, who could cure his female patients through the power of His Mighty Penis. His case and the state board of physicians' decision to suspend him was so bizarre and scandalous that it was even chronicled in an edition of the television show "48 Hours." The segment was titled "The Hallowitz Affair."

DOH Judgement

(source: DOH w3.health.state.ny.us)

"The investigation began March 15 when a woman called the board alleging that she'd had sex with Dr. Hallowitz for four years as part of her treatment for chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome. They met up to three times a week for lunchtime sex and to smoke marijuana or hashish, she said. The woman, Patient A, said Dr. Hallowitz warned her that "those that 'turned from him' would not regain their health," according to the board's report. She allegedly ended the relationship in October, 1990. Since then, the report says, she has attempted suicide twice."

"Patient E, according to the doctor's medical records, consulted him for symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome for a month in 1987. The woman said Dr. Hallowitz talked about a group he'd like her to join, saying he had a secret mission "bigger than the CIA," the report says Dr. Hallowitz also reportedly "told her stories about people who had displeased him meeting untimely deaths."

Hallowitz should be considered a suspect in the disappearance of Ms Jason in light of the crimes for which he was later convicted. He bragged to one victim "about people who had displeased him meeting untimely deaths."

This is a age progression picture of what Nancy could look like now.
Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji's Life and Career
(source: missing and exploited children)

If you have any information contact: The Montgomery County Department of Police on (240) 773-5086

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