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Premie of Maharaji Mike Finch was one of the early British premies and a long term follower and sometime close associate of Prem Rawat's. He was both a chauffeur for Rawat and a spokesman for the Divine Light Mission in England. His site may be tad philosophical for most though the introduction to Prem Rawat aka Maharaji and his articles about Prem Rawat are of more general interest. For many years he was a moderator on The Prem Rawat Talk Forum, an informal internet chat group he originally contacted to support Rawat. His long-term partner, Gail Benton, was a loyal devotee of Maharaji for over 25 years and was also an instructor before seeing the light.

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji's Life and Career In October, 2009 he published a book Without the Guru: How I took my life back after thirty years. The first chapter is available here. and his account of "receiving Knowledge" is here.

Back Page Blurb: "For thirty-one years I gave my total allegiance, my energy, my devotion, my dreams, my time, and my love to Guru Maharaji (the Lord of the Universe, Prem Rawat). I also gave him and his organizations two inheritances, a house, and hundreds of thousands of dollars. As Maharaji's former chauffeur I was close to him personally; I lived as a renunciate in his ashrams, and was later authorized and empowered to reveal his secret teachings (the 'Knowledge'). 'Without The Guru' is a narrative of my time with Maharaji, and my struggle to surrender my life to him and to achieve the liberation that he promised. It is a story of being confined within a rigid belief system, realizing it, and discovering how to break out from it. It is a story of how I came to live, think, feel, behave, and love, without 'the Guru', meaning both Maharaji, as the actual guru in my own life; and in a more general sense of learning to face myself and the world without any intermediary or negotiator, of any kind, in between.

Without the Guru: How I took my life back after thirty years is available from Amazon.

Mike Finch with Guru Maharaj Ji Mike Finch with Guru Maharaj Ji Mike Finch with Maharaji

Finch gives a very personal view of the Rawat movement and while former "premies" (devotees of Rawat's) can flesh out the details with their own remembrances, other readers may find themselves a little lost. Finch does not try to whitewash Rawat's behaviour and an accurate picture of Rawat's character can be gleaned through events that Finch recounts but even the author must have decided that the picture he presents is inadequate and so he includes two short sections written by two other former devotees who had worked closely with Rawat to present some more of the unsavoury details.