Marie Carson - the Famous Old Lady Premie

I first noticed Marie Carson in the TVTV documentary "The Lord of the Universe." She stood out because of her charm and vivacity but mainly because of her age. She was a generation older then the other premies. When I noticed her feature in other Rawatian publicity I named her (in my mind) "famous old lady premie."

Lord of the Universe TVTV documentary
Lord of the Universe TVTV documentary
Lord of the Universe TVTV documentary

Famous Mature Lady Premie: I was very happy, I had a family, beautiful children, grandchildren, I have 14 grandchildren, very, very happy. Beautiful husband, beautiful friends, I didn't realize I was searching really but I am through searching, I found that thing that we're all searching for.
Ironic Old Guy: 71 years, I haven't seen it yet.
FMLP: You will   IOG: I'm past 71.   FMLP: You will   IOG: All right.   FMLP: You will just by you're being here, you'll know   IOG: I'm willing to hear it but nothing's finding me no peace cause what good is this what good is this all   Old Lady Stage Left: How did he get, I'd like to know is how did he get so many people to follow him.   IOG: Well?   FMLP: Because he gives that true experience of God. He gives a true experience of God. You'll see light, you'll hear music, you'll taste nectar and you'll feel the Word, he uplifts us. He is baptizing us in the Holy Spirit.   IOG: He probably has something there.   FMLP: This is the day that we have been waiting for, that day we have been waiting for,   OLSL: They think he's another Jesus   FMLP: He's come, he's here.
IOG: Look we had a man up in New York, Father Divine too … he didn't last long …

Famous Mature Lady Premie: Oh I was a housewife, President of the Country Club, volunteer tutor, oh and the League of Women Voters, many things." "How do your friends relate? … " "Oh yes, five of our friends from the Country Club have received Knowledge.

There she was again, moved to Florida and became the local community co-ordinator or whatever title they used in 1976.

Divine Times, November 1976    7

The Daytona Beach community on Shri Maharaj Ji's birthday Florida has been pretty active with initiators, two Holi festivals and, of course, the Orlando festival. That was the icing on the cake. Daytona was getting a nice little group together when Jack and Marie Carson moved here from Massachusetts. Marie has really been instrumental in getting us connected with IHQ. The goals and objectives of the community became more fine-tuned when we had a spokesman, and more and more premies' needs were fulfilled.

Her age, commitment and her personality are so unusual in followers of Prem Rawat that this story was printed in both the US and the UK newsletters/magazines in 1988.

When I Was 54

When I Was 54

Marie CarsonSo many changes happen in our lives. One day we look into the mirror and our hair is grey, our wrinkles can't be washed away, our vision is blurred. But more than any of that, the people that we loved and the things that we had are gone. We are left with ourselves and the choice to take a step forward – the choice to look into that mirror of life within ourselves where the real happiness dwells.

When I was 54. I lived in a beautiful home in the New England countryside. My husband owned his own business and we had a Cadillac and a cottage on a lake. Our seven children had grown up and were settled down with their own families. On summer vacations, the grandchildren would come. Holidays brought laughter, the smell of home cooking and everyone gathered around the table – sharing, caring and surrounded with love. My life was my family and home. I wasn't searching for anything. My prayer was that my family would find peace and real happiness before I died.

Sometimes, when I would sit by the ocean and watch the powerful waves crash against the rocks, my husband would ask me what I was thinking. All I could tell him was that I felt a loneliness and a yearning inside me. He could not understand and told me that I had everything: his love, the love of our family and friends, a beautiful home, involvement in the PTA., the Garden Club and other volunteer organisations.

He didn't understand that I didn't know how to be with myself.

I had the time to do whatever pleased me, but I didn't know what I. really wanted. I became president of my local Country Club and went there every day, but so many times I found myself asking, "Is this it? What am I doing here?"

Then one day one of my daughters told me about Knowledge and Maharaji. I didn't want to listen, but I felt something very special when she spoke about what she was feeling. It wasn't the words. It was the love and the feeling that eventually brought me to receive this experience. And three months later my husband did, too.

My husband and I were so happy. My life was so rich and full. I felt truly content for the first time in my life. So full of love. So glad to be alive. Everyone in ow family felt our love and commitment and had such respect for what we were doing.

Eight years ago my husband passed on and I was left alone. It was very sudden and, of course. I miss him. I always will. The touch of his hand. His beautiful smile. And sharing in the growing of our children, grandchildren and great–grandchildren. I wanted so much to spend the autumn years of our lives together. And yet, still there is such richness and joy in my life. Every day is a new beginning.

Two years ago I was given the opportunity to be trained as one of Maharaji's instructors. These days, I am doing what I love, speaking about this gift called "Knowledge" – something that is given with such care by my teacher. Maharaji.

I am now 70 years old, walking with pride, dignity, and joy – and knowing within myself that there is beauty, love and life. Laughing. Crying. Being comfortable with myself. Being true to the thing within me that is real.

The day I received this experience was the most important day of my life because it put me in touch with myself. And it continues to be a never ending process. I thank Maharaji for showing me a way to reach deep within, to really know the true joy.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but I'm here and looking forward to the future because there's someone who is travelling around the world, bringing happiness and love to anyone who wants it.

"Maharaji videos" usually have scenes of "beautiful people" premies. Back in 1973 it was rare to find old people so this older and very enthusiastic lady devotee was often pictured. She appeared in the "Festival of Knowledge" video from Brussels, Belgium, 1989. As time has passed most premies are now around 65 (2015) so it's rare to find young people in the audience.

Festival Of Knowledge '89
Festival Of Knowledge '89
Festival Of Knowledge '89