Professor Ron Geaves at Oxford University

Professor Ron Geaves of Liverpool Hope University is the only academic of religion who has bothered to do any "research" or write any papers dealing with Prem Rawat for the past 20 years. This is because he is a fervent "premie" of Prem Rawat (Maharaji) and his Knowledge and has been since 1969 as he testified in the Elan Vital video "Passages". As a "premie" for over 35 years Ron has presumably sat in formal meditation over 10,000 times, bowed down before and kissed Rawat's feet ("Lotus Feet") scores or hundreds of times and listened to hundreds of his speeches. This involvement seems to have made him shameless when it come to promoting Rawat, not only in his academic work but in Rawat's general and deceitful propaganda.

Although Geaves is a professor at a very minor university, indeed it was only approved in 2005, he has been able to use his title as part of Rawat's "Legitimacy Project." This is a long term public relations' campaign in which Rawat's followers have been engaged since at least 2004. They have hired halls in prestigious universities in which Rawat gives a speech to some of his followers and then advertised this as if the university had invited Rawat to speak to faculty and staff who in most cases know nothing about it. Geaves stars in a video, as if he was an Oxford University don, of Rawat speakin' in a room rented out for conferences, etc at Oxford University in which he introduces Rawat. This is a transcript of part of that official Visions International DVD.

"(voiceover) To date he has spoken to audiences in 50 countries and over 250 cities. From the United Nations in New York to the United Nations' Conference Centre in Bangkok he is regularly asked to present his message at international events. He's been a respected and honoured guest at forums like the Universal Forum of Culture in Barcelona and the Italian and Australian Parliament. He's addressed faculties, students and invited guests at many universities such as Thommasat University in Bangkok, Thailand, the University of California in Berkeley and Harvard University in the US, the University of Salamanca in Spain and Oxford University in the UK."

Prem Rawat pretending to speak to the United Nations
Prem Rawat pretending to speak to the United Nations
Prem Rawat pretending to speak to the United Nations

The Prem Rawat Foundation donated money to the United Nations Development Programme's Community Water Initiative in Ghana, a minor part of their relief work in Africa, enough money so that he could have a photo opportunity at the UN headquarters in New York. He was not asked to speak to the United Nations, he was not honoured by the United Nations. His followers rented a hall at the United Nations' Conference Centre in Bangkok where he gave a speech, it had nothing to do with the United Nations organisation. His followers rented a room at the Australian Parliament building, it had nothing to do with the Australian government. Similarly with Harvard, Oxford and UC Berkeley and there is no evidence to suggest it was any different at Salamanca or Bangkok. It's certainly what they did at Griffith University in Australia near where I live. Professor Ron Geaves knew this when he agreed to introduce Rawat at Oxford University and understood the deception that was being perpetrated.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Pretending to Speak at Oxford University
Ron Geaves Pretending to be a Professor at Oxford University
Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Pretending to Speak at Oxford University

"Good evenin' ladies and gentlemen, I am Professor Ron Geaves and it's my pleasure to welcome you to "Peace Is Possible", tonight's event with Prem Rawat.

In my professional life there is a seamless join between my academic pursuit of knowledge and my personal journey towards fulfillment.

The boundaries have always been permeable and that owes much to Prem Rawat. Over the years I have come to admire his passion for existence and I remain enthused by the content of his message.

In my own personal growth as a human bein' it has been significant. Would you please join me in giving a very warm welcome to Prem Rawat."


Prem Rawat Pretending to be at Oxford