Michael Dettmers, Former Personal Assistant to Prem Rawat Internet Revelations

Michael Dettmers and Prem Rawat 1977 In early 2000 Jim Heller (real Name), a lawyer from Vancouver and a person prominent in on-line criticism of Prem Rawat and his so-called "Knowledge", contacted Michael Dettmers, former personal assistant to Prem Rawat, and thereby began a process of debate that eventually had Dettmers publicly revealing much discreditable information about Prem Rawat's life that was formerly unknown to people who weren't part of Rawat's inner circle of devotees. Dettmers begins by trying to keep to the "high philosphical road" though as time goes on and his defenses lessen a more realistic picture emerges.

There were certainly enough sordid details about Rawat's hypocrisy, drug and alcohol abuse, his extraordinary selfishness and failure to actually meditate, his use of Dettmers to pimp for him amongst his female devotees, his long term mistress Monica Lewis, his wife's affair and his refusal to accept meaningful marriage and life counselling to satisfy the most avid soap opera addict.

Since those revelations most of the more sophisticated of Rawat's followers no longer deny any of these "pecadilloes", they deny their importance to Rawat's career as a guru or teacher. The great majority of people who expect "teachers" who talk the talk to walk the walk will make up their own mind. What sort of inner peace manifests in the life of a person who acts in this manner? Make up your own mind and remember, Rawat's life style and lack of peace is written into his face.

A more succinct questions and answers session is transcribed here for those who prefer a simple summary. A page of Rawat's "autobiography" is dedicated to providing a mild criticism of Dettmers but does not address nor refute any of his statements.

Dettmers talks about the setting up of the Élan Vital Foundation in Switzerland and Rawat's financial situation and his own background.
He introduces himself and some of his intellectual philosophy, and his early history in DLM. He ascribes almost supernatural powers to the young Rawat whom he thinks actually created the early DLM in the West through "charismatic ability and foresight".
He discusses his background with and beliefs in Rawat, Rawat's marriage problems, his own identity crisis in 1985 and Rawat's profligate lifestyle.
He discusses the Boeing 707, Rawat's "shameless lies", his understanding of Rawat's beliefs and childhood indoctrination. He is still putting the most positive interpretation on Rawat and his own involvement that he can and blames the victims for the DECA abuses.
He discusses threats made against him and Élan Vital's responses, the "drug culture" in Rawat's "Residence" (Rawat's homes are invariably spoken of by premies as "'The Residence", always capitalised) and the Mahatma Jagdeo child sexual abuse cover-ups.
He answers 4 questions during which he offhandedly makes the most damning criticisms of Rawat's character.
This is reasonably lengthy discussion/argument about why Dettmers created a Swiss Foundation for Élan Vital.
A long post about the events of 1976 in which the management attempted to "normalise" Divine Light Mission activities and business practices, Rawat's extravagant and illegal use of the organisation's funds and Mishler's ultimatum to Rawat. He also reveals that all the top managers of the DLM (apart from Bob Mishler who had married) were indulging in "illicit" sexual relationships despite living in the "ashram".
Dettmers answers question from la-ex
Dettmers discusses Rawat's homophobia and love of offensive jokes
He answers questions about Rawat's accidental killing of a bicycle rider in India and it's "cover-up" and strongly recommends, after over 15 years' close association, that no one else place his or her trust in Rawat.
He answers questions about Rawat ever meditating and his own current (2003) beliefs about meditation
He answers questions about Rawat's occasional talks about "giving the whole thing away" and about Rawat's brother "Raja Ji"
He discusses Rawat's belief that his wife was having an affair and their marital therapy sessions and the failure of the "truth and openness sessions" with Will Schutz.
He discusses an attempt to get Rawat to face the truth about his drinking and unnatural anger and dissatisfaction and hypocrisy.

Michael Dettmers 1977