Letters to the Digger Editor

November 27, 1972.

The Fastet Rising Guru in the West

The articles about Guru Maharaj Ji and the Divine Light Mission which have appeared in Digger over the past couple of months would appear to have their origins overseas. They have been misleading, inaccurate and they have in fact reflected not only ignorance of Guru Maharaj Ji's Spiritual Knowledge, but the writer's limited awareness of the essential nature of His world wide Peace Movement. Such a Peace Movement as to have gained the political activist Rennie Davis' total committment and dedication.

It would appear that man has been running around the perimeter of life's experiences and endeavouring to solve the problems of illusion, delusion and pollution, and getting nowhere for quite long enough; so out of control at this point of time that we need to get to the point, the centre, the source and Guru Maharaj Ji quite simply puts us there. He takes us beyond theories and ideas. He takes us right back into experiencing that primordial, all powerful state of unmanifest experience. It is this source that great saints ansd sages of the past have tapped in controlling the ethers or performing the so-called miracles. This might sound incredible, far fetched, too good to be true, but whatever it sounds like, it is absolutely incredible, too far-fetched for the mind to comprehend and so good as to be Truth itself …

Julie Collet,
Regional Secretary,
Divine Light Mission,
Fitzroy, Vic


The world's only 16-year old Perfect Guru - the Maharaj Ji - has purchased an $80,000 part-timer home in Denver. The boy-Guru's new home is in a fashionable Denver neighbourhood, and boasts a swimming pool, five bathrooms, three bedrooms, a spacious nicely manicured lawn, and a garage for his personal $12,000 Mercedes Benz.

The guru's recent purchase of the home was confirmed by a spokesperson for the Divine Light Mission - the wonder-boy's spiritual organisation. The Guru, who has a growing following around the world - including most recently former political activist Rennie Davis - will live at his new Denver digs "fairly often," the spokesperson said. He will continue to spend much tinme our of the city, travelling around the globe on religious and fund-raising missions.

The spokesperson confirmed that the house - at 100 South Dahlia Street - cost "in the neighbouthood of $80,000."

According to Bill Wright, the National Publc Relations Director for the Mission, the Guru bought the Denver house becausre the Mission's National headquarters is in Denver and the Guru's magazine is published there.

Among the Guru's other holdings at present are an airlines consisting of two Cessna planes and a health clinic in New York City.

Know Your Guru

Without experiencing what He has to give, the article on Guru Maharaj Ji (Digger, August 11, "Bliss Out") appears to expose one of the biggest religious ripoffs up to date.

Why should a 15 year old Indian boy receive such an incredible VIP treatment?

We can be sure your article is absolutely true. When a devotee has realised who He is, there is nothing that he would not give to his Guru Maharaj Ji. Some of us who received His Knowledge and meditate upon It and devoting ourselves to spreading It are just starting to realise who He is. This realisation is internal. It has nothing to do with this external world. It came from merging with the most brilliant beautiful light that glows between our eyebrows. Everyone who has received this Knowledge and has seen IT and it's only a matter of time before we are all going to wake up and see ourself. When someone gives you back your life, how do you repay Him. You can't.

When asked by London TV just recently, "Now some of your followers go to extraordinary lengths to please you, doesn't that worry you?" "No because that doesn't happen. They love me and they will do anything for me. And I love them and I will do anything for them because I love them. It's just that simple."

When we fall in love, we want to give him or her the whole world. It's really that simple. No punches are being pulled.

Rennie Davis has taken this Knowledge. I was fortunate enough to meet him in India just after he had taken Knowledge. His doubts and mind projections were the same as most of us had experienced when we first took Knowledge. He was very skeptical. Later he was interviewed by And It Is Divine magazine in Delhi and this is what he said,

"To tell it as straight as I can, Guru Maharaj Ji is now putting together the only truly effective social movement capable of ending war, poverty and hunger. He has already assembled the most incredible human talent I know of in any organization and His movement is working with more harmony thatn the Black movement, the Peace movement or the Women's movement ever believed possible. At the age of fifteen, Guru Maharaj Ji, is already the brightest event in the history of the world."

to realise him is not an easy task. He makes it that way. Realisation of God, in the beginning is not kid's stuff. There are many tests that we must pass. One of them is to transcend the physical part of our being.

All my love
Chris Day
Divine Light Mission
Fitzroy, Vic.

The Digger No.15 April 1973

High On Ji

We, at the Divine Light Mission, have just read your latest issue and would like to offer the following comments. We are glad to see that you have heard of Guru Maharaj Ji and would like to invite you to come to our Melbourne centre and see what's happening for yourself. Most of what you said was and is correct. The smiling gentleman with the incredible message to the tripping dope fiend is exactly the way it is. But what isn't happening is the last few squares; anyone that has received this incredible and priceless Knowledge and is using it (there's no use holding a cap of acid in your hand), is experiencing what can only be described as euphoric bliss.

If any dope takers, cartoonists, writers, readers, editors or others would like to know where all trips lead to, the address of Guru Maharaj Ji's centre in Melbourne is 175 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. Sydney Ashram is at 453 Darling Street, Balmain. All people regardless of past or present opinions are cordially invited to see with their own eyes and pick up with their own consciousnesses the good vibes that manifest themselves internally and externally, upon taking this incredible Knowledge. This Knowledge is for everyone and is guaranteed to give the user the most terrific and permanent cosmic blast they have ever experienced.

Personally, I've smoked a lot of dope and DMT, eaten a lot of acid and mushrooms and smoked tobacco and drunk alcohol AND would like to say that this Knowledge is undoubtedly the big one that we've all been looking for but haven't found. In short, you've tried alcohol, dope, acid and meditation, and now it is time to try Guru Maharaj Ji's Sacred Knowledge.

And as Guru Maharaj Ji says "If this Knowledge works, respect me, if it doesn't, disrespect me" and we ask you what could be fairer than that.

Yours remaining in Bliss at the Feet of the Giver,

Derek Harper