David Kyle Foster: Struggling Hollywood actor, Gay Male Prostitute, Ashram Premie and then he found Jesus

David Kyle FosterDavid Kyle Foster is a Christian pastor, author and producer and propagandist whose "shtick" is based on his overcoming his despicable, unnatural homosexuality (his attitude, not mine) and becoming a celibate lover of Jesus. He claims to have been an "ashram devotee and 'premie' supreme" and on at least one occasion, to have actually attained nirvana, or god-consciousness - becoming "light" and one with God and the universe. Up until that time he was leading a double life as a somewhat (un)successful actor and male homosexual prostitute having sex with 3 or 4 men every night in cars and alleys. He has written a book, "Love Hunger" detailing his pastor father's double life as a kind and loving pastor and hateful father which probably was the reason he led a double life as an actor and gay prostitute until he met Tim Gallwey and became a premie though he probably didn't have a "consistent and absolute devotion to Maharaj Ji" except maybe for a few weeks or months until he started leading a double life again only pretending to be an ashram premie while studying the Bible. Hopefully, this pattern is no longer recurring in his life.

David Kyle Foster: Hollywood actor led a double-life as a male prostitute, then he found Jesus

October 20, 2014
By Mark Ellis

David Kyle Foster
David Kyle Foster, 1973

There were three attempts on his life while he worked as a male prostitute. Even though he hated God, he sensed that God saved his life on each occasion. At the core of his being was a hunger for love he never could quench, until a river of new life flowed into his heart.

"I was living a secret life as a male prostitute," says David Kyle Foster, author of "Love Hunger" and the producer of a new documentary film, "Such Were Some of You."

During his seven years as a male prostitute, he slept with three or four men a night. At the same time, he found a measure of success as an actor, landing a starring role in various B-movies, a string of national TV commercials, and several 'Movies of the Week.'

During these years, disquietude filled his heart. "I had so much self-hatred inside me," he says. "My father had been a pastor and here I was a male prostitute." Foster was also heavily addicted to drugs and pornography.

There were three attempts to kill him when he worked as a prostitute. "On one of the incidents the man was viciously strangling me in the back of a car on a dark street," he recalls.

In the violent struggle that ensued, he couldn't breathe or cry out. "I just gave up because I wanted to die anyway," he says. At the moment he gave up the will to live, words miraculously came out of his mouth he can't explain.

"I am a good person," Foster managed to utter. He believes he never would have said those words. He felt like God spoke the words through his mouth.

Dave as Cat Murkil in a film role
Dave as Cat Murkil in a film role, 1974

The concise self-affirmation seemed to momentarily startle his attacker and neutralize his psychotic rage. "The man thought he was doing God a favor by killing me. He didn't know what to do so he ordered me out of the car."

Foster sprang from the back seat and bolted down the street. As he ran through the shadows, he muttered, "God, I hate you. Why are you saving me like this?"

In the late '70s Foster had been living in an ashram and following the Guru Maharaj Ji, the so-called "Boy Guru," also known as Prem Rawat. Rawat arrived in the U.S. at age 13 in 1971 and took the reins of the Divine Light Mission, established by his father.

Foster and many other young people were attracted to the Mission because of Rawat's claim he could impart knowledge directly from God to his followers. Many lived communally in ashrams scattered around the U.S., guided by various "Mahatmas."

Finding a River of Life

But after Foster's brush with death, he opened the pages of the New Testament for the first time in many years.

Teen Bag Magazine, 1978
Teen Bag Magazine, 1978

"It was forbidden by the cult to read the Bible in the ashram," he recalls, "so I read it under the covers at night with a flashlight."

As he read from the Book of John, God's truth pierced his heart. He started to pray, "God, I don't want to be deceived if this guru is not you. I just want to follow the one true God."

Then an amazing thing happened. "Suddenly something like a camera aperture opened in my chest and an incredible, powerful, rushing energy started pouring into my heart with great intensity," he recounts.

"It was like being at the bottom of Niagara Falls and having it hit you full on." His old heart seemed to melt away, as if it went into another dimension.

Foster says it was a very physical sensation. "I was on the floor from it. It felt like a raging waterfall. It sounded like a million voices."

Even though it was somewhat terrifying, he experienced something wonderful at the same time. "It felt like liquid love. I knew I was loved completely and unconditionally despite all I had done."

"That really grabbed me, the fact that I could be loved by God in spite of all the evil in my past."

Later, as he read John 4, he sensed he had experienced the River of Living Water described by Jesus.

As a result of this powerful experience, Foster decided he must go to Israel and try to find the real Jesus.

Israel tour

He signed up for a secular tour through UCLA, because he didn't trust Christians. At the end of the tour he was alone on the Mount of Olives, and began to tag along behind a Christian group. Then he had a second mystical experience with God.

"As the pastor stopped and read words from the Bible, I heard Jesus also saying them in my spirit. There was one audible voice and one inner voice. God was tuning me into a radio frequency where the eternal Word was being spoken," he recounts.

"I thought, 'Wow, the Bible is literally the Word of God.' Nobody had ever suggested that to me before."

Foster walked into the Garden of Gethsemane and knelt down at the rock where it is said that Jesus kneeled on the night he was arrested. Then Foster began to pray.

"God, whoever you are, I give up. You are the one who created the heavens and the earth…you're the one I'm speaking to. My guru can do miracles and Jesus can do miracles. How am I supposed to know who is God?"

He wasn't expecting an answer, but immediately, the still small voice of the Lord imparted these words: Who proved His love for you?

"I had just seen the place where Jesus was scourged and the spot where He was crucified, so the proof of his love for me was fresh in my mind. I had examined Buddha, Krishna, and Muhammad and all the others and I realized they never demonstrated love in real significant ways."

"Only Jesus had done that and then He rose from the dead to prove he was God." He recognized that Jesus was the only candidate for a genuine incarnation of God.

Foster flew back to L.A. and returned to his ashram. Filled with a new boldness from above, he told the people living there they were not following the true God. In fact, he told them they were following the antichrist! That got him kicked out.

He sought counsel with Jack Lew, an associate pastor at Hollywood Presbyterian Church. "I've been sleeping with three or four people a night for the last 10 years," he confessed to Lew. He also told him about his drug addiction. "I know you're here to tell me to stop and I'm here to tell you I can't stop."

"It's good to realize you can't stop," Lew replied. "Let's let Jesus do it for you."

The two men prayed together. "God, if you will, set me free from these things," Foster prayed.

As he recalls that moment, he says, "I was newly saved and I believed him. Nobody told me what God couldn't do, so I went home and believed God would set me free."

The prayer of faith was answered! He left behind his life as a male prostitute. "I never took drugs again and never acted out. It was miraculous!" he says.

"The temptations didn't go away," Foster observes. "But the power they had over me went away. God gave me the ability to say no and there was power behind the no for the first time ever."

Foster today
Foster today

It took Foster seven years before he was fully healed of the demonic strongholds and addictive patterns in his brain. After seven years, he felt he was healthy enough for a relationship with the opposite sex.

He asked God if he should marry, and shortly after that, he had a dream in which he married God in heaven. "At the time, I didn't realize that is a common dream for nuns and priests in the Catholic Church," Foster notes.

Then he was flipping through a catalog and noticed a wedding ring. He kept turning the pages, but felt God nudging Him once more: Stop, go back to that ring. That's our wedding ring.

When he turned back to the page he saw the inscription on the ring was from the Song of Solomon: "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine."

"The word beloved in Hebrew is 'David,'" he notes, "which is my name."

"There is a multi-level perfection to it when God guides me," he marvels. After the dream he became certain his "call was to remain single," so he never married, "except to the Lord."


Foster founded Mastering Life Ministries in 1987 and is also the producer and host of "Pure Passion" – a televised outreach designed to equip the church to minister to those trapped in sexual sin and brokenness. He is the author of "Sexual Healing: A Biblical Guide to Finding Freedom from Sexual Sin and Brokenness," which has been made into an "Angel Award" winning video and audio course and has been used by many ministries. David has served as adjunct professor at Asbury Theological Seminary, The Bible Institute of Hawaii, Logos Christian College & Graduate School and Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry and currently serves on the faculty of the Wagner Leadership Institute.

A Preacher's Kid

Written by Dr. David Kyle Foster
Thursday, 28 August 2008

This was it! Star! The rush of satisfaction was indescribable. The NBC execs were bowing, (in their own way), as were the producer, director, actors, stage hands - everybody. I was the hope and the focus of the entire production - the lead. Whisked around in limos, private dressing rooms, fawning publicists, autograph seekers - the whole bit. This was a mountain-top - the mountain-top of my life. George Hamilton even had lower billing than I. What a trip for a confused young preacher's kid trying to find some semblance of meaning in life, on a TV movie set in Hollywood.

To my great surprise, after the luster of the moment wore off, it turned into one of the most devastating events of my life - for in achieving the ultimate (or at least the beginning of the ultimate), I had made a horrifying discovery: the payoff wasn't there; the peace wasn't there; the fulfillment and completion wasn't there. The dream was a fraud! It didn't deliver like it was suppose to. The love and acceptance it garnered was as tenuously conditioned as any could be. It flashed and then faded like an unending succession of cocaine highs. I wasn't being loved for who I was. I was being loved for what I was - the position, the title, the holder of a certain prized power. I had achieved a romantic's nirvana only to discover a realist's nightmare. I knew that as soon as I fell from the lofty perch, my name would be as forgotten as if it had never been. And it was.

No one remembers David Kyle - emerging star of TV, motion pictures and commercials. Long gone are the worshiping agents and fans. Now David Kyle Foster is on his own. The glamor is gone, the looks have faded, the promise of fame and fortune, a long forgotten joke. Yet, I am fulfilled, I am loved, I am filled with joy and purpose. Why? Because I've discovered the purpose of my life. I have discovered that knowing and serving God is the center and meaning of existence. And I have been forgiven from a past riddled with maximum sin and rebellion.

I first tried to kill myself when I was nine years old. In college, I tried twice again. In Hollywood, others tried to kill me - three times. On one occasion, while being strangled, God spoke out of my mouth and stopped the would-be murderer in his tracks. I knew that God was shadowing me. I knew that God was not allowing me to die.

As far as I was concerned, I should die. My sins were quite severe. I hated my father - the preacher, and I hated God. In one way or another, I demanded to be destroyed, even if it took committing the worst sins I could think of to get God to do it. And so, while dazzling my friends with acting triumphs, I led a dark and secret life as a male prostitute, often leaving the Hollywood sound stages to hustle my body on the streets, hoping that somehow God would allow me to destroy the success I didn't deserve - not as penance, but as justice.

By the time I was twenty-nine, I was fed up with it all - I was even fed up with trying to kill myself. I'd been a drug addict, alcoholic and male prostitute for ten years, and for twenty years, I'd been a sex addict, a worshiper of fame and fortune, and an idolater of beautiful and successful people. Finally it was time to see if God really existed. It was the only possibility left that could make sense out of life - only, in my mind, the God I was looking for could not be the God of my preacher father, whom I hated.

Enter one Guru Maharaj Ji, self-proclaimed "perfect master of the universe" - reincarnation of Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed and Krishna. Now there's a title! Only someone with supernatural miracles in his repertoire could pull that one off. And he did.

I was soon an ashram devotee and "premie" supreme. On one occasion, I actually attained nirvana, or god-consciousness - becoming "light" and one with God and the universe. It was a year of great spiritual passion and great spiritual deception. My prior experiences had made me well schooled in worldly deception, but this year, I became an adept in the world of spiritual deception.

Finally, upon discovering many flaws in my guru god, I sought out Jesus Christ in Israel, and met Him there. In a church in the Garden of Gethsemene, Jesus answered my burning question: "If both God and Satan can do miracles, how am I suppose to know who is really from God?" Jesus spoke the answer directly into my spirit: "Who proved His love for You?" Suddenly, scenes from the scourging and crucifixion of Christ started flashing through my brain and I finally realized that it was only Jesus who had demonstrated His love toward mankind. All other pretenders to the throne could be proven fraudulent simply by virtue of this contrast.

The year was 1980, and within six weeks I was attending Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Thanks to a man named Anthony Rossi, who generously paid the financial cost, I graduated with a Master of Divinity degree in 1983. For many years, I worked for various Christian ministries, (Bob Larson Ministries, Christian Broadcasting Network, Youth With A Mission), and in 1993 God called me into full time work as director of "Mastering Life Ministries".