Spirit In the SmokiesI received a copy of this magazine - Spirit In the Smokies of October 2006 - in a box of assorted material dealing with Prem Rawat. Ms Hearne is obviously a premie of long standing and was probably an ashram premie. In 1979 she became involved in the DECA project in which Rawat collected app. 1,000 of his most committed premies in Miami to refurbish an old Boeing 707 jet for his personal use. The labour was unpaid and Occupational Health and Safety was not a priority. Insufficient thought by the Lord of the Universe (as he still then claimed to be) had taken place and the 707 was an inappriate choice and flew only a few times for Maharaji before being sold, ironically enough, to the much wealthier Maharishi or minions of his. Hwoever, at least one successful business arose out of the ashes, Aircraft Modular Products, and Ms Hearne appears to have been part of it. She would have benefited financially from the sale of AMP.

The article is of interest because it displays a common theme amongst long-term followers (premies) of Prem Rawat. They positively extoll their "experience" of Knowledge and their respect or devotion of Prem Rawat but despite this they turn to other "Masters" or "self-help" groups to improve their less than perfect lives. By 2006 after 28 years of daily meditation using Maharaji's techniques and direction she was still "painfully shy and insecure in social situations" and what other situations are there. She was impatient and had no sense of direction (physically) and had the usual "digestive problems" of an unhappy person.

Within weeks of following the teachings of Abraham/Barbara Hicks she claims all her problems were completely solved and the "unshakable constant happiness," everything is magnificent and she is now "happy, passionate, playful." Whether any of this new feeling lasts this article reveals a hidden truth of Rawatism. Many, if not most, long term 'students' of Prem Rawat are not enjoying the positive results he (and they) claim they are. It can take a strong change in their life - positive or negative - before they admit to this. Click Here to see Diana Stone's very similar story.


Abraham & Me by Barbara Hearne

by Barbara Hearne

As a young child, I was very happy–playing all summer long in the woods, creating stories and games with my friends. School, on the other hand, was extremely challenging because I had great difficulty reading. Other students teased, and I recall taking in negative thoughts about myself.

Early Expanded Awareness

Barbara HearneThere was one very positive experience. During the 3rd grade, the school's principal came in and read stories from the Bible in a most heartfelt way. As she did, I could feel the unlimited part of me come to life as I imagined walking on water, multiplying loaves and fishes and having unshakable faith. I would not have been a "Doubting Thomas;" I was sure of it.

The at 21, something magical happened. I was sitting by the ocean, and for 15 minutes, I had super vision, seeing Perfection in everything is how I can best describe it. The experience was so vivid that I could understand communication in all of the Nature around me. A clear voice bubbled up from inside that kept repeating, "there's Another Life … there's Another Life. …" I had no idea what this "Other Life" was but began my conscious inner journey.

Within a few months I read my first book, the 800 page Autobiography of a Yogi. Let's say I absorbed it, not just reading words, which had always been difficult. The stories thrilled me. Soon thereafter, I met my first significant teacher, Maharaji. This Master/Teacher taught me how to look within and deeply inspired me for decades and still does.

During that time I felt so fulfilled. Countless amazing things happened, and my life progressed beautifully. In 1979, I helped some people work on an aviation project. It became a business and was highly successful. The company grew rapidly in the 1990s. As a manager of it, however, I felt significant stress.

By 1999, the business was sold. The transition was difficult, and I felt there was some other direction I needed to take to achieve a deeper level of understanding in my life. I was also experiencing digestive problems that seemed to be getting worse.

Then in 2000, someone introduced me to the teachings of Abraham – a nonphysical group of intelligence, as translated by Esther Hicks. I immediately went to work on my toughest issue (not suggested), but I am a "show me, can do, all or nothing" type of person. I continuously refocused my mind when I had thoughts about the digestive problemsi.e. turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts. The problem was 100% corrected within two weeks and never returned.

Mastering Self-Awareness

With that, I became aware of my emotions–my guidance system as to how positive or empowering my thoughts are. I realized I did not have control of how I felt, even after 28 years of daily meditation. The problem was my mind was eager to get on with unwanted patterns of thought even after the best of meditations. The need to retrain it was apparent.

I'm not talking about monitoring my thoughts or controlling my mind; I knew better than that. Abraham starts us out by using thoughts that are linked to good feelings. The "next step" should always feel like relief or it's going in the wrong direction. Once the better feeling is achieved, good old inspiration flows, and all sorts of good stuff begins. I now love meditation more than ever.

Many of my limiting beliefs automatically dissolved as I absorbed Abraham's broader perspective of life. That release was total pleasure, like snow melting on a spring day. Other issues required a bit more focus; I no longer underestimate the power of putting one foot in front of the other and moving up the emotional scale.

Patrick, my domestic partner of 23 years, has been amazed to watch my transformation. He often refers to the old and new Barbara. Before I was painfully shy & self-conscious in social situations. Now I'm comfortable with me, and that makes me comfortable with everyone.

Impatience was my middle name, and that fell away when I wasn't even looking. Before my sense of direction on roads was nonexistent, ask Patrick. Now I'm capable and relaxed.

Motivated by Love & Gratitude

I'm learning to focus on what feels good in each moment. This is lining me up with Me and as a result, I am able to give more of myself to others than ever before, with zero resentment. I realize that ultimately, I do everything for me … including helping others, and everyone benefits. That's Huge!!!

Learning new things is easy and fun. It's amazing to experience that my brain is not a limited "storage cabinet" but rather an antenna that can tune into this universal thought bank I finally understand that pushing against stuff glues it to me. Abraham said that political races are often won by those we pushed against the most. We get whatever we focus on. Let's all gently turn toward what we want and not look back.

Some of Abraham's appeal for me is the absence of loaded words like God, Love, Forgive, Serving and Enlightenment … and yet, this is where their direction is leading me. It's also refreshing that not one other person need understand what I am doing.

The experience is so real and satisfying that it leaves no room for doubt.

I have come to recognize that unshakable constant happiness is our birthright and we don't have to wait for anything; it's our life, our decision and I believe our only responsibility. Happiness is always within my reach and no longer dependent on outside circumstances. Boy, I never thought I would be able to claim that one!

Now I see every person, place and thing as magnificent, everyone as unique with good intentions, again step by step. Much of the time, I am that happy, passionate, playful kid again. And I believe that by applying this information, a person can reach a brilliant state of mind/heart alignment, even without a teacher.

Barbara Hearne, retired as a manager working with Executive Aircraft components, lives in Miami, Florida, with her partner, Patrick. Her passions are photography, plants, painting, scuba diving, sailing and travel. She especially enjoys talking with people who realize we are energy beyond physical form, and she welcomes hearing from you: bhearne@comcast.net.

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