Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Claims

This bizarre proclamation is just part of the Mahararishi's megalomania and stupidity, on a par with "Yogic Flying"

Maharishi's message is as old as mankind: the basis of life is unbounded Bliss. This can be effortlessly experienced by everyone in daily life regardless of age, culture, or beliefs. This experience of Bliss provides many practical benefits for everyone. Only a simple, effortless procedure need be taught. It is not necessary to strain, suffer or renounce the world to achieve spiritual growth.

"Expansion of happiness is the purpose of creation and we are all here to enjoy and radiate happiness everywhere."

This same message has been taught by many great saints and wise men throughout the long history of life. From time to time the essential message gets distorted and eventually becomes ineffective as the effortlessness of the practice is lost. In search for spiritual growth people begin to take up practices reserved only for those monks and sages who have renounced the world. These techniques are not suited for those living in the world. Using them improperly leads to all kinds of confusion. Eventually life ceased to be easily lived in accord with Natural Law. Suffering prevailed (even encouraged in the name of spiritual growth!).

Such was the state of the world when Maharishi traveled from the Himalayas.

1957 Maharishi's Year of Transcendental Meditation, the Year of Transcendental Consciousness

1958 Year of Spiritual Regeneration Movement

1959 Year of Global Awakening

1960 Year of Cosmic Consciousness

1961 Year of Teacher Training

1962 Year of Theory of the Absolute

1963 Year of the Science of Being and the Art of Living

1964 Year of God Consciousness

1965 Year of Bhagavad-Gita

1966 Year of Academy of Meditation

1967 Year of Unity Consciousness

1968 Year of Students

1969 Year of Supreme Knowledge

1970 Year of Scientific Research

1971 Year of Science of Creative Intelligence

1972 Year of the World Plan

1973 Year of Action of the World Plan

1974 Year of Achievement of the World Plan

1975 Year of Fulfillment of the World Plan

1976 Year of Government

1977 Year of Ideal Society

1978 Year of Invincibility to Every Nation

1979 Year of All Possibilities

1980 Year of Pure Knowledge, the Veda

1981 Year of Vedic Science

1982 Year of Natural Law

1983 Year of the Unified Field

1984 Year of Unified Field Based Civilization

1985 Year of Unified Field Based Education

1986 Year of Perfect Health

1987 Year of World Peace

1988 Year of Achieving World Peace

1989 Year of Heaven on Earth

1990 Year of Alliance of Nature's Government

1991 Year of Support of Nature's Government

1992 Year of The Constitution of the Universe

1993 Year of Global Administration through Natural Law, Ram Raj

1994 Year of Discovery of Veda in Human Physiology

1995 Year of Silence

1996 Year of Awakening

1997 Year of Global Administration of Natural Law

1998 Second Year of Maharishi's Global Administration of Natural Law