Pak Subuh (Bapak) originator of Subud

Bapak Pak Subuh's position is that the Subud latihan was not learned by him from anyone nor given to him by anyone. He says that it was a completely unexpected receiving from a level beyond that of human life. At the age of 24, after many years of spiritual study and discussion which by his own account was leading nowhere, he was walking along the street late one night when a ball of radiant white light descended out of the sky and entered his body through the head. This extremely startling experience was the beginning of an intense and miraculous period of purification and receiving for Pak Subuh, the significance of which he did not as yet understand. He continued throughout it all to try to lead an ordinary outward life and observe the Muslim religion in the normal way.

Pak Subuh attested that the dynamic experience known in Subud as the latihan is actually far older than Subud, and has been with mankind from the very beginning - 'since Adam', in fact. He says that it is a potential present in every single person, and that there is no group and no path to which it 'belongs'. It exists now and has existed in the past in many groups and individuals, with or without a label.

Subud, by contrast, has reached relatively few people - perhaps 200,000 at most.pupil of John Bennett

Pak Subuh maintained that a teacher is not necessary when one can receive directly from God, and will, on the contrary, only act as an obstacle. If one suffers from fantasies, vanity, problems with dependency or any other concealed psychopathologies, experience of the inner guidance of God will eventually bring these out.

Bapak Daghestani was the Sheikh whom Ronimund von Bissing recommended to John Bennett [10] before the arrival of Subud and who told Bennett to expect an event of great importance, something which would bring together Islam and Christianity, which Bennett took to be the coming of Subud.)

it is possible for people to have unusual feelings, flights of fancy or even hallucinations and take these for evidence of higher reality. Such people are likely to be highly suggestible.