Under Construction The Number Of Premies in 2003

This is a copy of a document sent to local communities of followers of Prem Rawat's in Australia in 2003. At the time my wife was the "community co-ordinator" on the Gold Coast. It was instructions for all followers in Australia to make a donation supposedly to cover the costs of the production of "The Keys" and gives the numbers of people in Australia the organisation believed were "in touch" ie regularly attending meetings in which videos of Rawat's speeches were shown as compared with the larger number on their mailing lists who were not showing any interest. The documents had been faxed at one time though I suspect my wife received them via emails or through the First Class communication system then being used for "secure communication" by Rawat's devotees.

aus_keystats (64K)
nz_keystats (23K)

Most of you will have heard about The Keys - a series of steps/modules designed and presented by Maharaji. The Keys cover all of the elements needed to build a strong foundation of understanding for people becoming interested or already involved in pursuing this journey of life with Knowledge. Approximately 200 people (in Australia & NZ) have currently expressed an interest in preparing for Knowledge. They will be sent the Discovering More brochure and DVD free of charge. More relevant information on this project has been and will be progressively relayed to you by the Keys Team and through the upcoming conf calls.

We are fortunate to be provided with an opportunity to be a part of this project by supporting the production, making of masters, duplication, packaging, and associated technical costs. Below is a split sharing to achieve a target of AUD20,000.00 needed to cover these costs and launch Keys (in English language) in Aus & NZ. The KEYs are not for sale, but can only be borrowed, so the costs cannot be recouped through selling materials. There will be some ongoing cost and people will only pay posting and handling.

The figure for PWK numbers used in the formula below has been taken from the maximum number of PWKs who attended any one of the live broadcast events in your location. You may note that this is not the same as what is on your mailing lists. By taking broadcast attendance as a common reference it was possible to keep the factor of 'uncertainty' (ie between number on mailing lists and actual in touch) and 'ability to pay', as a constant across all centres.


  • Efforts through the resource communicators have been initiated and any contribution coming via that initiative, from individual persons in your community, will be counted towards your centre.
  • During KEYs Days you have been advised to request a $5.00 contribution. This will be counted towards your centre hence you may need to raise a lesser amount to meet your target. You are kindly requested not to increase the KEYs Day contribution to above $5 since it could impact on the local attendance.
  • A special contribution form, created for individuals wishing to contribute at personal level, will be made available. Any such contribution will be counted towards the centre/city.
  • If your centre has any funds already earmarked for KEYs project, please send it to Resource Media immediately and indicate that it is for the KEYs Project.

Please ask me if you have any queries re: the formula. Also do express if your centre is unable to sustain your split portion. We can then discuss further with other cities/communities for goodwill support. (Please remove the other persons from cc when you reply.)

aus_keystats (65K)
nz_keystats (23K)
  • Please deposit your target amount either in one lot or installments by end of June.
  • Send a message to Rani Prasad via FC at Resource Media (with cc to Ganeshan Rao confirming your deposit and that it is for KEYs. KEYS Account from Resource Media :BANK TRANSFER OR DIRECT DEBIT:

Account name: Resource Media Account 2 Account number: 1021 4983
Bank Name: Commonwealth Bank of Australia Branch Number: 063 225

Thanks for your cooperation. Regards


(For South Pacific Keys Team)