Guru Linked to Drug Ring (ZNS)

Sixteen-year old Guru Maharaj Ji, the self-proclaimed "Perfect Master," has been linked to the Brotherhood of Eternal Love.

The Brotherhood is an alleged international LSD and hashish smuggling ring. The Brotherhood is currently being investigated by federal authorities who are reportedly questioning Dr. Timothy Leary about its activities.

In the meantime, the Rocky Mountain News reports that back in 1971, when the Guru was only 13 years old, his first trip to the United States was financed by profits from LSD and hash sales of the Brotherhood.

The News reports that a member of the Brotherhood who is now known as "Malachae" was returning from a hash deal in Afghanistan when he met the 13-year old "Perfect Master" in India. According to the News, Malachae then used drug profits to provide the young guru with an all-expense paid trip to the United States.

The newspaper adds that during the gum’s first American visit, a Brother hood airplane which was considered "too hot" for drug-smuggling purposes, was used to whisk the young religious leader throughout the southwest.

The News says that the guru was probably unaware that drug profits were being used to finance his trip; however, it adds that when he was told about this in Canada a short time later, Guru Maharaj Ji said nothing.