Los Angeles Times (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Los Angeles, Calif. May 2, 1985

Ex-Guru Seeks to Expand His Heavenly Rights

The Regional Planning Commission will discuss in June whether to allow Maharaji-who was known as Guru Maharaj Ji when he headed the Divine Light Mission-to triple the number of helicopter landings at his Malibu mountain-ridge mansion.

Maharaji is permitted helicopter landings at his helipad 12 times a year, but has asked for the increase because he is now living full time at his estate, above Trancas Canyon, according to his attorney, Linda Gross.

Until a year ago, he also spent time in Miami and traveled more extensively, Gross said.

Some of his neighbors are opposing the request, expressing concerns about the dangers of a helicopter when strong winds blow in the canyon.

In April, the commission's zoning board was unable to decide on a recommendation and the full commission decided Wednesday to hear the case. Richard Frazier, supervising regional planner, said the hearing will probably be in late June.