The New York Times     Published: January 27 1977

2 Religious Sects Banned By Argentine Government

BUENOS AIRES, Jan. 26 (AP) - The military Government banned two religious sects today on the ground that they flouted the principles of Argentine nationhood, morals and customs.

The police closed the headquarters, temples and outlets of Hare Krishna and the Mission of-Divine Light, and five Hare Krishna members were reported arrested.

The two groups were known to include some Americans, but a United States Embassy official said no Americans were known to have been arrested.

Divine Light is believed to have 300 members in Argentina, followers of Guru Maharj Ji, a 19-year-old Indian who preaches meditation. The Hare Krishna group is believed to have more than 5,000 members here.

In September, the Government banned the activities of Argentina's 35,000 Jehovah's Witnesses on similar grounds.