'Deprogrammer' of Cultists Faces New Charges
Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File); Jun 15, 1976: ProQuest Historical Newspapers Los Angeles Times (1881 - 1986) pg. B3

'Deprogrammer' of Cultists Faces New Charges


Controversial "deprogrammer" Ted Patrick of San Diego, facing jail sentences in Orange County and Denver, is in additional trouble with New Jersey authorities over his anticult activities.

Patrick, four aides and the parents of two young members of the Guru Maharaj Ji's Divine Light Mission have been charged with false imprisonment in Long Beach, N.J.

Police there said Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mezey of Elkins Park, Pa. asked Patrick to convince their 23-and 26-year-old sons to leave the religious cult.

Thinking they were visiting only their parents at a house in Long Beach, the sons found they were confronted by Patrick and others who allegedly nailed shut the doors and windows to prevent an escape.

The sons reportedly were questioned through the night, but Saturday morning the older son went to the bathroom, turned on the shower, used a nail clipper to pry the nails out of the window, escaped and notified the police.

A Municipal Court judge set bail at $25,000 each Saturday, but Patrick and the others were released on personal recognizance bonds.

Patrick, 46, faces a 60-day jail sentence in Orange County stemming from a 1975 case involving a young Hare Krishna devotee and a longer jail term in Denver for violation of probation.

His attorney, Mel Stephens, said the prospects are likely that Patrick will begin serving his Orange County sentence within a month.