6  GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE     Sat., Mar 27, 1976

Lack of funds postpones Guru's N. American tour

DENVER (AP) - Guru Maharaj Ji, spiritual leader of the Denver-based Divine Light Mission, has postponed a North American tour because of insufficient funds.

Joe Anctil, press spokesman for the mission, said Friday the tour in April and May would have cost an estimated $75,000, including plane fares, promotion costs and rental of auditoriums.

Maharaj Ji, 18, was to have appeared in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Washing on. D.C., Minneapolis, Montreal and Denver.

The tour will be rescheduled later in the year Anctil said.

Anctil said the mission receives many unsolicited and unexpected gifts each year, often from young members who have inherited estates.

"We've been living on them, in many cases," Anctil said.

He added that the mission has "decided to follow sound financial planning this year and not spend money until we have it. In years before we often spent it first, praying it would come in later."

Anctil said "the mission is in the best financial position we've ever been in," and said membership continues to increase steadily. There are now 3,000 active members in the United States, he said.