Once a Guru, Always … He Thinks
From staff reports and news dispatches
The Washington Post (1974-Current file); Apr 15, 1975; ProQuest Historical Newspapers The Washington Post (1877 - 199 pg. B3

Once a Guru, Always … He Thinks

The 17-year-old Guru Maharaj Ji returned to India from his house in Malibu, Calif, for the first time in two years last weekend and declared that he is still a "perfect master" worthy of worship even if his mother thinks he is a playboy,.

Accompanied by a retinue of 10, including his 26-year­old American wife and in­fant daughter, the guru de­clined to answer his moth­er's charges that he had started to drink alcoholic beverages, eat meat, and to show too much interest in sex. He declared "Nobody can make a guru except the Guru Maharaj Ji himself."

Meanwhile, his mother reportedly was in the Himala­yan foothills, formally in­stalling her eldest son, 24 year-old Bal Bhagwan Ji, as the new recognized leader of the Divine Light Mission founded by her late husband 15 years ago.