18      GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE, Wed., Nov. 20, 1974

Gift To Guru frozen by Canadian court action

VANCOUVER. B.C. - A gift of $400,000 by an American heiress has been frozen pending a ruling by the British Columbia Supreme Court on an application by the woman's sister.

Though the assets involved are in Chicago and Louisville Ky. and the headquarters of the Divine Light Mission are in Denver, Colo., the action is being taken in B.C. because the heiress, Darby McNeal, 31, is a resident of Nelson, B.C.

Justice H. E. Hutcheon deferred decision Monday. He has been asked to order Miss McNeal to appear before a panel of psychiatrists so that they may determine her competency to to handle her own affairs.

Meanwhile, her sister, Sarah McNeal Few of Louisville, has obtained injunctions in Illinois and Kentucky freezing two trust funds pending the outcome of the B. C. action.

The actions involve securities administered by the First National Bank of Chicago valued at $275,000; an interest in a trust administered by the Citizen's Bank of Louisville valued at $30,000; and real estate interests of approximately $100,00.

Ms Few says she has no interest in the assets of her younger sister but is interested in "protecting her from herself".

A power of attorney signed by Ms McNeal and sworn before notary public Barbara Meyer in Surrey B.C. Aug. 9, 1974 would give Robert Mishler President of Divine Light Mission International in Denver complete control over the Chicago trust and legal control over Miss McNeal's interests in the United States, evidence presented here says.

Under provisions of the Patients Estates Act enacted by the B.C. legislature in 1962, such power-of-attorney and other documents could be void if the subject is found to be incompetent.

An affidavit filed in the court registry here before Justice Hutcheon, gives an account by Robert Joynt, a trust officer for the Chicago bank, of efforts made in early September by representatives of the Divine Light Mission to obtain cash proceeds of the trust and of the initiation of legal action to prevent this.