The Perfect Lord of Love

The Perfect Lord of Love "All I ask is your love, all I ask is your trust and what I will give you is such a peace as will never die"


The Perfect Lord of Love, come amongst mankind today to save the world
by giving True Knowledge of the Divine Light and Holy Word of God, can be seen on

Man Alive tonight-8.10, BBC2

Guru Maharaj Ji though his body is only 14 years old, is the perfectly enlightened soul, the Light of the World for this time as was Jesus for His, the Buddha for His, etc. He has incarnated at this time of darkness ignorance and confusion to establish peace in the world by bringing peace to men's hearts.

People need peace and real peace can only come from the practical realization of God. So people need God and Guru Maharaj Ji is giving the practical realization of God.

The biggest confusion in the world is about God. This is being removed by Guru Maharaj Ji.

Guru Maharaj Ji gives the Eye to see God as we see the world. Guru Maharaj Ji gives the Ear to hear God as we hear the world. Guru Maharaj Ji gives the Word which created the world. Guru Maharaj Ji gives the Water that quenches all thirst.

Guru Maharaj Ji is the Light that lives inside everyone. To know Guru Maharaj Ji is to know oneself. Wise people should know that thing which is immortal and universal.

For this purpose only Guru Maharaj Ji is here now in the world. Recognize him by the Knowledge He imparts.

See Him on television tonight.

"If I told you an elephant was 2" high would you believe me? Or if I told you an ant was 7' tall would you believe me? Of course not. But if I showed you, you would have to believe me. Believe in the practical, not in the theory. If you say God exists I will ask you to show me. You must see God face to face and …

… I can show you that God exists"

Issued by the Divine Light Mission, 3 Woodside Avenue, London, N6. Tel 01-883 5386