Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File); Nov 9, 1972; ProQuest Historical Newspapers Los Angeles Times (1881 - 1985) pg. A15

Guru's 'Bank' Seized'BOY SAINT'

Guru's 'Bank' Seized

Exclusive to The Times from Reuters

NEW DELHI - Customs authorities seized undeclared money and goods worth more than $85,000 from a 14-year-old Indian spiritual leader when he arrived here from New York Tuesday, customs officials said Wednesday.

Luggage belonging to Maharaj Ji, head of the Divine Light Mission and hailed by his disciples as the "perfect master," contained foreign currency and travelers checks worth $55,000, a necklace valued at $10,000 and watches worth $20,000, the officials said.

Several thousand Western followers of the "boy saint" have flown here by chartered jumbo jets to attend a religious festival organized by the Divine Light Mission.

The officials said the guru had not been detained to avoid inconveniencing those who had traveled far to hear him.

Any action against him would be decided on only after investigations were complete.

A spokesman for the mission said the goods seized belong to the "Divine Light bank," where all the guru's followers had deposited their currency and valuables.