Prem Rawat (Maharaji) - 1971 Press Articles

There are 10 newspaper articles about Prem Rawat posted here from 1971 when Rawat was 14 years old. Regional newspapers were not above altering wire service stories for effect, compare the Mansfield News journal and the Sunday Gleaner Magazine approaches. It was also printed in the Winnipeg Free Press as 'I Was A Teenage Guru'.

In this syndicated humorous column we see the style of the original US premie press releases. The premies soon realised that openly stating the "truth" about their guru would only raise derision and criticism and so began the attempts at image creation and deceit.

Prem Rawat attended a Catholic Boys' School so it's quite understandable that he has never had a Protestant work-ethic. Even in 1971 he was cancelling appearances but it's not as if he was greatly missed nor that his appearances were attracting much attention.

In 1971 there were as many articles about and advertisements for Swami Guru Devendra Maharaj as mentions of the 13 year old Guru Maharaj Ji.