SRFLive Long Beach 1997

In 1997 my wife and I went to California for a month. We travelled in a rented motor-home from Sequoia grove to Sequoia grove to Yosemite to the world's tallest tree, a Redwood, and then back to Long Beach where I left my wife for a long weekend while I went surfing and ended up near the remnants of another failed guru religion, the Self Realization Temple at Swami's Beach at Encinitas. I had 3 days of good surf though by Sunday some of the locals felt I had well and truly outlived my welcome and had caught far too many of "their waves." That's real life unlike the phony bullshit preached by Prem Rawat. Anyway my wife bought this CD. I really like Tim Hain's song and am happy to have a version of "Power of Love" which isn't marred by tape failure.

"Listen to this music, that goes with the play. Listen to this life. Listen to this rhythm. Listen to this existence." - Maharaji

Long Beach 1997 Long Beach 1997
Long Beach 1997

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