Heart and Soul

I think this audio cassette was recorded in the early 1990s. During the 1970s Sarah Buchanan and Joy Burling often sang at satsang in Sydney and they could sing. I recall Joy, a lovely down to earth person, and her husband, living in the house at the gate of Amaroo (IRCC) in the 1990's in some sort of official capacity. Marty Handley was at one time the Co-ordinator in Brisbane and was, it was said at the time, involved in a romantic scandal. If you put young people together in a highly charged atmosphere and expect them to be celibate you're bound to have a lot of exceptions to the rule and not all of them will remain secret. It's not as if the guru who claimed to have reached the highest heights of divinity could remain celibate either.

It was possibly recorded along with the Sweethearts cassette which I was also told was recorded to take advantage of new regulations enacted in 1992 requiring higher Australian content on Australian radio. This was recorded by Sarah Buchanan, Joy Burling and Bill Pyman. Pyman had a background in MOR music having been part of once famous group in Australia, the Strangers.

JUST YOU AND ME (Buchanan/Handley) 5.40
YOU SHOWED THE WAY (Fithgerald/McRae/Webb/Green) 2.18
BETWEEN THE LINES (Handley) 5.05
HEART AND SOUL (Pyman/Burling) 4.27
I BELONG TO YOU (Field) 4.08
GET IT STRAIGHT (Handley/Burling/McCutcheon) 4.07
NAMASTE (Brigham/Pyman) 4.06
YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE (Handley) 4.57
ONLY THE LOVE (Field) 3.02
OVER AND OVER (Pyman) 2.40
FREE ME UP (Handley/McCutcheon) 3.44
A LOVE LIKE YOURS (Handley/Burling) 7.45

All tracks published by Jam Music, Melbourne, Australia except "You Showed Me The Way" published by United Artists.
Recorded at Labsonics, Melbourne, Australia.
Trademark Dolby Laboratories. Decrease treble response when playing on non-Dolbyised equipment.