The Knowledge of Ashutosh Maharaj and Prem Rawat (Maharaji) and Satpal Maharaj

It's not easy becoming one of India's successful Godmen when you start with nothing but your wits so we can understand why Mahesh Kumar did not have time to invent a new Brahm Gyan (Divine Knowledge) but used the one he was already experienced in preaching and teaching for the Rawat brothers. It had a successful track record and as he wanted to he a superstar Godman and had the confidence to play the role publicly he didn't try to disguise it as mundane but proudly assserted his and it's divinity. So, in Ashutosh's teachings we can how Prem Rawat's Knowledge would be proclaimed if he had the courage to still openly teach it as he did in the 1970's and what his fervent followers still believe. At least it has a certain logic and conceptual basis and is identical to that promulgated by Prem Rawat when he called himself Guru Maharaj Ji, the Lord of the Universe.

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All the Holy Scriptures and enlightened Saints and Seers have always encouraged man to get initiated into practical knowledge of God – 'Brahm Gyan'.

What is Brahm Gyan? 'Brahm Gyan' (Divine Knowledge) is an eternal technique through which we can practically experience and realize God. It is the process of seeing and realising the True Self (Atman) within our human frame through the Third Eye (Divine Eye). The entire process of Initiation into Brahm Gyan (Divine Knowledge), necessarily entails extraordinary perception of:

Divine Light: It is, verily, the metaphysical form of the True Self (Atman), which, in its resplendent light form, pervades our inner core.

Divine Music: It is the eternal music, ever reverberating within.

Holy Name: It is the Primordial Vibration that has manifested itself as the Universe and is the lifeline of all existence on Earth, flowing within our Prana – the Vital breaths.

Holy Nectar: It is the Ultimate Elixir percolating within the human brain from a location called 'Brahm Randra' in Sanskrit.

Not only these, but one procures many more Celestial Visions and Experiences …

How to receive Brahm Gyan (Divine Knowledge)?

To attain and become initiated into Divine Knowledge (Brahm Gyan) by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan:-
  • Firstly, every aspirant has to go through a simple process of listening to the Spiritual Discourses, conducted by the organisation at its various centres and other venues, to know about practical spirituality in true sense, as per our sacred texts.
  • Secondly, aspirants, without any distinction, are allowed to pour out their genuine spiritual queries to our authorised Preachers. There is no fee for such interactive sessions.
  • Once queries are clarified and the concerned Preacher is assured that the individual is well conversant with the basics of Spirituality and, above all, has a genuine thirst for the perception of God, the individual is allowed to go for Initiation into Brahm Gyan (Divine Knowledge) - Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan website 1/7/2014


All the scriptures have prescribed meditation on that Light, and remembrance of the Name by introverting the mind.

What is Knowledge? This Knowledge … is a matter of practical experience. Satguru is the bestower of Divine Light and practical knowledge of Holy Name. "My duty is to tell you about this Knowledge and my request is that you should receive this Knowledge and see what I am offering to all the people. There are more than six million people who have received this Knowledge. All the scriptures have talked about this Knowledge."

Divine Light: The Light has also been described in all scriptures. It is inseparable from the pure energy vibration and can only be seen when the third or divine eye has been opened by the Master. Meditation on Light is the essence of concentration.

Celestial Music: Choirs of Angels, the Song Celestial, Music of the spheres, the Divine Harmonies all refer to the sounds that can be experienced through meditation. They can take the form of bells, flutes, gongs, stringed instruments or just about anything you can imagine. They are supremely attractive and are much more beautiful than earthly material music. Meditation on music controls the emotions and furthers will-power.

The Word: The Word or Name or Primordial Vibration of Life has been described as best it can in all scriptures. Other terms are Sat Nam, Mahamantra, Magi Caballa, Logos and Tao. These names all refer to the vibration of the pure energy that causes atoms, neutrons, planets and people to exist or be alive. It is synonomous with God and is eternal, infinite, omnipotent and omnipresent. It is this energy that sustains all life and it is from this energy that we come and to it that we will ultimately return. Guru Maharaj Ji shows us how to do so consciously, during this lifetime. From this Word come the secondary manifestations of Light, Music and Nectar.

Holy Nectar: Called Living Waters in the Bible, Soma and Nectar in the Eastern scriptures, this is an internal taste that is sweeter than honey and can sustain the body whilst fasting and is the natural antibiotic. Nectar meditation has the power of controlling the desires of the senses.

Prem Rawat, known as Maharaji to many, offers a way to discover peace within called Knowledge.

The Path to Knowledge is a series of videos for people who want to find out how they can feel personal peace.

Five hour-long videos called The Keys provide the foundation for four practical techniques that enable a person to turn their attention inside in order to experience the peace that resides there. These techniques are called Knowledge.

Each Key video is a presentation on a particular topic that will help you prepare for Knowledge. Once you have watched the five Keys, you can attend a session where you will be taught the techniques of Knowledge.

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Spiritual Knowledge doesn't refer to information acquired via the senses or from books, but to the knowledge which is revealed from within, to the revelation and wisdom emanating from the depths of the inner Self. The sacred and revealed books of all times and civilisations glorify this Knowledge.

Initiation into Knowledge gives us access to the four facets of Divine Energy - the Holy Word, Divine Light, Celestial Music and Nectar. Spiritual Knowledge, gives a direct experience of this energy in its perfect and purest form - it can unite the Self with its Source.

Divine Light: The scriptures also describe the form of God as pure and perfect Light. Through the 'third eye', or 'eye of Knowledge' this Light can be seen. Jesus Christ said, "If your eye be single, your whole body shall be full of light." To open the third eye, a living Master is essential.

Music is divine. God is the expression of the highest harmony and melody, which resonates in the form of music. This is self-generating 'unstruck' music, which resonates in man when consciousness reverts back to pure consciousness.

The Primordial Vibration is the First Cause of creation. All vibrations are emitted by the Word and ultimately merge in it. This is the real Name of God. So real meditation is actually tuning into the life-breath and resonating with it. Tuning into the constant vibration of the Word makes the flow of energy natural and spontaneous within man.

Divine Ambrosia, or 'living water', 'soma of the gods', the 'Nectar of Immortality' are some of the words used to denote the endless, ever-flowing 'divine wine' within us. No artificially-induced intoxication can possibly compare with the bliss and ecstasy which this inner Nectar gives.

So the all-embracing unity of Cosmic Consciousness expresses itself unceasingly within and without. Truth shines in all its splendour with its four facets, the aspects of spiritual insight. Knowledge is knowing, practising and experiencing this. Realisation is the flowering of consciousness. Love manifests these aspects of Divinity, and the more they are manifested, the more love surges in the human heart. In this process, perfect love manifests itself and God becomes the love, the light and the joy of the devotee.