Soul Biography: Charanand

In this short film, Charanand does another riff on the shtick he's been living off the last 40 years: Babies are living in the original bliss, adults are stuck in their minds and cannot be happy because they can't access the peace and contentment in their hearts. Thank Maharaji he's been shown the way within inside and the purpose of life is to worship and obey him. Whoops, can't mention Rawat here, or that part ended up on the cutting room floor. But what a hypocrite when he talks about village life. He left as soon as he could, has never gone back, and has lived in the West since 1969, wasn't too luxurious in the beginning but it soon picked up and now he swans around playing golf and enjoying every modern comfort. He hasn't even had to squeeze eyes since 1990ish anymore just make these sort of speeches.


souljourneys_0001 "Grown up people are stuck into this place (circles head with finger) called coconut here (sniggers)"

The riddle of here

"You're thinking, thinking, thinking and the people don't know how to come back here (points at heart)"

A short film by Nic Askew

"Everyone needs to know the home that's here. In this world we are here only for a short vacate, vacation, we are not going to be here forever"

Starring Charanand

souljourneys_0002 "There were no televisions, no electricity, no paved road, the simple life, and simple living, people, my family, more than 50 members uncles lived there. Everyone was so happy and so loving and caring for each other and this is what the life in Indian village is, is everyone know each other, everyone really loves and cares for one another. If someone becomes sick all the people from the village will go and visit that person so it doesn't become such a heavy, you know, burden on the family members. Sometime they have to sit all night with that person but the people in the village take turn so it's a very simple and very beautiful life and that has been going on and on. And now of course the villages are getting empty because all because all the young people who get education and they want to be in the cities. We think that all we are so well educated, we have science, we have technology, we have this and we have that. Yes, we have and umm, you know, it has brought a lot of comforts on the physical level but umm science and technology has, not yet, helped human beings to be truly happy and content. Sir Isaac Newton did not create the law of gravitation, it was already existed but he simply discovered it. So the soul source to happiness is already within us, it's not created, no-one can create it, no one can take it away. Our nature is to find that joy, that fulfilment, that you know, whatever you call it in simple things and that's what we did when we were little babies and now we are grown up our happiness and our contentment is somewhere here and there, if I get that I will be happy, if I get that I will be happy and people work so hard to get those things and then the same mind starts finding fault in those things."

Are you looking here, or over there?

"I saw one little baby, uh the face of this baby just smiling with closed eyes the photo I saw that and um what makes that baby smile? Sometimes when we look into the eyes of children we smile, they smile but this baby only a few days old, eyes are closed and just big smile on the face of that child. What makes that child feel so, you know, happy and uh good."

We're looking for something so simple.
So simple that we can't hold it in our hands. Or in our heads.
So we look to him. To her. To them. To there. We look to everywhere by here.
To when. To then. But not to now.
It's hidden just beyond our cleverness.
So we presume it's out there. But perhaps it's in here.

souljourneys_0005 "Like in deep sleep, a beggar forgets he's a beggar and a king forgets that he's a king. Everyone goes back into that state of being but how to get in touch with that place, with that feeling while we are working in this world, that's where I feel very fortunate that someone has really shown me the way to turn within and now I can get in touch with this and I can get in touch with the outer world. It's possible for everyone, everywhere, it doesn't matter who we are because whatever we call peace or happiness or contentment travels with us, it's our very nature. The purpose of living, our heart reminds us to find that everlasting joy, that never disappears."


"Life is so precious
Life is sublime
Appreciate this while you have the time

Life is so precious
Life is sublime
Appreciate this while we have the time"

here, or over there
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