wigm_cover_icon (12K) wigm_backcover_icon (12K) WHO IS GURU MAHARAJ JI?

"The sun comes and goes away but we don't look for the light of day which has just gone. We look for the new rising sun. The sun is there, but it rises in a new beautiful way, and we look for that. In the same way, God is the same, but now we look for Him to come, in a new way, to give His Knowledge. Jesus gave this Knowledge, Krishna gave this Knowledge, but now we must look again for a new Master to show us the light.

"I have not come to establish a new religion or sect, but I have come to give you Knowledge of Truth. If you come to me with a guileless heart you will surely receive this most ancient spiritual Knowledge, which, if practiced upon, will give us perfect peace of mind."

Who Is
Guru Maharaj Ji?

Edited by Charles Cameron
Introduction by Rennie Davis

A Bantam Book / Published November 1973
© 1973 by Shri Hans Productions

How beautiful upon the mountains
are the feet of him who brings good tidings,
who publishes peace …

Isaiah 52:7


Introduction by Rennie Davis

Part I: THE EVENT (Page 3 - 40)

1. The Prophecies
2. Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji?
3. What Is Knowledge?
4. Did Jesus Give This Knowledge?
5. His Planetary Harvest

Part II: THE CONTEXT (Page 41 - 80)

Foreword by Mahatma Saphlanand
1. The Ultimate Science
2. The Consciousness Wave
3. You Have Three Eyes
4. A Cure for All Addictions
5. Prescription for Medicine
6. Sociology for Sceptics

Part III: THE QUESTIONS (Page 83 - 99)

Part IV: THE PEOPLE: (Page 101 - 193) Personal Experiences of the Knowledge
1. His Yoke Is Light
2. A Worried Parent
3. "This Girl Will Die"
4. A Mountain in Wales
5. Mahatma Saphlanand
6. John Horton, MD.
7. One Heart on a Stalk in Sand
8. A Babe's Devotion
9. Wisdom's Child
10. Subversive
Pictures of Guru Maharaj Ji
11. A Free Policeman
12. A Free Prisoner
13. England's Oldest Premie
14. Before I Was Born
15. Attain This Knowledge
16. Diplomacy
17. Trotsky, Therapy, and Truth
18. Disenchantment
19. Grace Advertising
20. Sight for the Blind (I)
21. Sight for the Blind (II)
22. The Stabbing of Randy Lamont

Part V: THE TRUTH (Page 199 - 294)
1. Search the Scriptures
2. Satsangs of Guru Maharaj Ji

Little Drops of Mercy
The Perfect One Is Here
Central Hall Satsang
The Philosophy of Consciousness
Colorado Satsang
Piñata Satsang

3. Satsangs of Guru Maharaj Ji's Family

This Immortal Energy
To See God
The Goal of Human Life
The Lovers
A Little More Effort
No Light Without Master

Afterword by Charles Cameron (Page 301)


Guru Maharaj Ji is remarkable. A fifteen-year-old who comes from the foothills of the Himalayas, he already has a group of doctors working to organize a hospital along lines which he has suggested. He is learning to fly a jet. Thousands of drug users have kicked their habits as a result of his teachings. Senators congratulate him. The blind tell us that he has given them inner sight. And he proclaims that he will feed the hungry and bring peace to all who ask.

Christ taught us that we can know a man by what be gives to the world. Mozart was a genius at music. Maharaj Ji is a genius at the practical applications of unselfish love. Putting it mildly, Guru Maharaj Ji was a child prodigy. He is a phenomenon.

In this book, two people describe being alive before they were born. Scriptures and prophecies from all times and places are found to agree with one another. Science admits to the existence of God. And Guru Maharaj Ji unveils his Perfect Master Plan.

It has been an incredible privilege to work on this book. It is always an incredible privilege to serve Guru Maharaj Ii. Everything he touches turns to love.



Across this sprawling city from the seventh floor of a modern office building, I can see a full yellow moon. I almost expect it to explode into a million rainbow comets to announce what is happening tonight. It's strange that the sky would be still on such an occasion. Guru Maharaj Ji has just arrived in Los Angeles. For the third time, the master soul has walked in America, virtually unknown to the public.

He is the greatest event in history and we sleep through it. Every part of me wants to shake this country awake. I feel like shouting in the streets. If we knew who he was, we would crawl across America on our hands and knees to rest our head at his feet.

This book, Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji, carries my deepest hope that in these pages some words will trigger the heart and mind of every reader to appreciate that this may be the most important question in the land - who is Guru Maharaj Ji? And there should be no rest until each and everyone of you knows.

Most of my life has been spent with young people trying to dig America out of the threat of nuclear annihilation, urban war and an all-consuming corruption of human values. I always thought that if enough of us could pick up the shovels we could dig ourselves out of this mess. I know that's still the right idea, but the question is how to get everyone digging together


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and in the right direction? We never had leadership that could really unite America. And now with the very foundations of the established order sinking in scandal, with people really crying out for new direction, there is no alternative leadership anywhere, not in the women's movement or peace movement or black movement, not in the Democratic Party or trade unions or reform organizations or churches. Really, who can save this sinking ship?

The timing of Guru Maharaj Ji's arrival in this world is very far out. Even he admits that he came at the last possible moment. When people finally discover who Guru Maharaj Ji is, they'll feel a nice smile inside thinking about how he slipped in the back door just in the nick of time.

But I want to talk to the people who don't know who he is. Because the idea of a fifteen-year-old Indian dressed in a business suit coming to America as the savior of the world must seem like a bad joke. Some people really get angry when you try to tell them who Guru Maharaj Ji is. I remember last spring when I traveled around the country announcing to old friends the joyous news. Many of them thought I bad lost my mind or was secretly working for the CIA. I spoke in Berkeley and New York and said "the Creator has come to help us pull the world back together again," and tomatoes and cherry pies were hurled at me. When you tell someone that Guru Maharaj Ji is the power of creation, they may punch you in the face instead of shake your hand. I go on the radio and say that Guru Maharaj Ji is revealing the same Knowledge of life that Jesus taught and the most devoted Christians call the station sounding like they'd rather crucify him instead of rejoice.

It's sad when people won't even investigate a promise to bring peace to the world. Perhaps it's because there have been so many promises that no one wants to hear visions or social plans or dreams anymore. The world is littered with smashed hopes and

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dreams. It seems easier to end our troubles in a bottle of Quaaludes or Seconal, than evaluate the proclamation of a fifteen-year-old boy to end poverty, war and human misery on a global basis when no one before him could do it. All I can say to the skeptic is that I was a skeptic, too. I was never a believer in any religion. 'When I went to Guru Maharaj Ji, it was not to embrace God, but to see what he could show me. And all I can do now is be honest about what happened. Guru Maharaj Ji showed me God. And it's really okay if you have a good laugh at such a statement, but it doesn't change the truth. And I know that if you go to this Perfect Master, he'll clear away life's mystery and show you the light that is keeping you alive as well. There are no words to tell anyone what this experience is. But I can promise you that once a human being has received this Knowledge, he can understand there is a practical way to save the planet.

Guru Maharaj Ji says, "If everyone really knew that God is omnipresent, God is omniscient and God is omnipotent, there would be no need of sheriffs; no need of policemen. Everyone would mind everyone. But a man believes and never knows. And that is why there is this crazy, crazy feeling around the world."

People who wonder what has happened to me since meeting Guru Maharaj Ji should know that I spend every joyous, waking moment trying to create the conditions that will help America get into an all-out investigation of Guru Maharaj Ji. Because I know that if we even begin to wonder who this boy is who says, "I have come so that you may know God," the answer will come. When a devotee makes the outrageous statement that Guru Maharaj Ji is the Lord of the Universe, it's cause enough for a chuckle. But it also happens to be true. Guru Maharaj Ji is the Lord of the Universe and anyone can find out who sincerely wants to know. Every fiber in me says that America is going to find out. It's too big a secret to

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keep quiet. And I'm starting to feel that America is going to be the most fantastic place on the planet because America is going to be the first country to realize Guru Maharaj Ji is here. America will teach the whole world the Perfect One has come, and that now there is a way to end the craziness of this century and wipe away the tears of its victims and teach us all how to be human beings again.

Rennie Davis
Houston, Texas
June, 1973