The Secret KnowledgeThe Secret Knowledge
Insight into the spiritual life

The Secret Knowledge is probably the most authentic and complete version of the public exposition of the doctrines taught by the sons of Hans Rawat in the 1970s when they had their decade of success and public notoriety in the USA, England, Western Europe and Australia. These teachings, as learnt from their father and based in the Sant Mat tradition of Northern India, were never formally recorded by the young Prem Rawat or Guru MaharajJi as he then called himself but given in ad-hoc speeches that were transcribed and published (after editing and "improving") in various magazines, newsletters, tapes and movies by organisations officially associated with the Rawat family.

After Prem Rawat was disowned, disinherited and deposed by his mother acting as the legal head of the Indian Divine Light Mission his eldest brother, then known as Bal Bhagwan Ji, was appointed as the replacement divine Perfect Master. Prem Rawat maintained the loyalty and control of Divine Light Missions in the West though a small group of the "premies" accepted Bal Bhagwan Ji who renamed himself Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj as their guru. In 1984, The Secret Knowledge was published in English. I have been unable to get a copy of main text of the book though the Spiritual Life Society published parts of the book: the Introduction, Foreword, Contents, some hagiographical information about Satpal and information about the organisation the Spiritual Life Society and Manav Utthan Sewa Samiti his official Indian organisation.

In an interesting footnote Manoj Bhargava was one of the people mentioned as receiving special thanks for their help in preparation of the book.

The Secret KnowledgeIn 2011 followers of Bhole Ji Maharaji, the second eldest Rawat brother published a pdf version of the book and it is available for download on the Hanslok Ashram website. In this version references to Satpal have beeen removed and the book retitled The Secret Knowledge: Teachings of Hans Ji Maharaj. An html rendering of the book is available here. I have no doubt the text is Satpal's as I'm quite sure Hans Rawat never discussed LSD.