From Sri R. S. Yogi,
Managing Editor Views & Voice Divine Light Mission, B. 19/3 Shaktinagar, Delhi 6 (India)
To Mr. John F. Kennedy, President of U. S. A. Washington.
Dated: Delhi, the 2nd March, 1961

Dear Mr. President,

I crave your indulgence to address you this letter. The inaugural address you delivered at Washington on Jan 20, last is the finest piece of speech ever delivered by any head of state in the present generation. The sacred pledge you took by swearing before Almighty God with a copy of the holy Bible in your hand to take all possible steps for the survival and success of liberty and elimination of mass miseries and to assure a more fruitful life for all mankind has infused a new ray of hope against the danger of total annihilation of human race.

You are rightly conscious that the dark powers of destruction unleased by science might engulf all humanity in planned or accidental self destruction. Your suggestions to the nations of the world to formulate serious and precise proposals for the inspection and control of arms, to invoke the wonders of science instead of its terrors and to create a new world of law where the strong are just, the weak secure and the peace preserved and lastly your call for the quest of peace are praise-worthy and hopeful and just what could be expected from a great man of your calibre, mettle and position.

The conception, however, that inspection, control or even total destruction of arms would eliminate wars and establish peace seems unrealistic. We think wars are not caused mere due to arms. Wars are the products of unbalanced and diseased minds. Peace also is not an absence of wars. It is indeed a sublime faculty of mind in which the very tendency of all conflicts becomes extinct. Battle for elimination of all conflicts and for establishment of peace, therefore, has to be fought in the minds of men and then only your high aims could be achieved.

Similarly material prosperity alone can not vouchsafe real happiness. Real happiness comes from contentment which also is a faculty of mind. To a man of unbalanced mind material plenty provides material comforts with added anxieties and agonies which bring miseries in the end. Material prosperity is helpful only to a man of equanimous mind. For peace as well as for real happiness therefore, equanimity of mind is absolutely necessary. It is often argued that acquisition of equanimity of mind is a personal concern of the individual. It cannot be tried on mass scale on the earth. Such arguments are quite unjustified and unconvincing.

Man is the primary unit of human race. What affects the man affects the whole world. As for development of any branch of learning, instructions are imparted to individual student, similarly for establishment of peace and happiness, instructions could easily be imparted to each individual to acquire equanimity of mind. And by a planned programme desired results could be achieved very quickly. Book education takes more than a decade but equanimity of mind can be acquired even within an hour. The only thing most needed is the intense desire for it.

Mind attains equanimity and tranquility by concentration on DIVINE LIGHT which is eternal, omnipresent, constant and everlasting. Visualisation of this self-effulgent Divine light within ownself absolves the mind of all delusions and the germs of lust, greed, hatred, fear and jalousies - real causes of conflicts and miseries are burnt to ashes. It releases the force of unity amongst all living beings and eliminates the forces of disruption.

A man with equanimous mind can not do harm to any living being. He sees the same omnipresent soul in all men. The current of his thoughts influences other also and even the most ferocious animal is rendered incapable of inflicting any harm in his presence. If the equanimity of mind is attained by men today wars will be uprooted from this earth root and branch and everlasting peace and happiness will descend on this earth spontaneously.

Visualisation of Divine Light and the knowledge of the real name of the Almighty God cannot be acquired by study of books, performance of penance, sacrifices or rituals or by counting of beads. It is acquired with the personal contact and with the help of the Realised soul - SAD-GURU of the time only. A candle cannot be burnt by recital of its burning formulas nor can it be burnt by its contact with any extinguished light. It can be burnt by its physical contact with a burning light only. Similarly visualisation of Divine Light and Knowledge of His real Name is acquired by the personal contact contact with and aid of the living REALISED SOUL - SADGURU only.

His real Name is incapable of being written by alphabets of any literature. It cannot be uttered with tongues. It is capable of being realised only. It is present in all living beings alike. Only man can, however, realise it. All living beings are conscious of His real Name while in the womb. It is capable of being meditated upon in all circumstances - whether awake or asleep, whether engaged in wars or while relaxing. It is the same for all. Knowledge of His such omnipresent Real Name quickly helps visualisation of Divine light and absolves mind of all delusion and weakness.

Lord Jesus Christ, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Swami Ramkrishna were all realised souls and they taught this truth. Lives of lacs of people in India today who have acquired visualisation of Divine Light and the knowledge of His Real Name with the kind help of Paramsant Sadgurudev Shri Hansji Maharaj of Haridwar bear testimony to the truth that they have identified themselves with all living beings and while working in various spheres of life, their minds are absolutely absolved of all feeling of caste, creed, religion, region, position, fear, hatred and the like. They are quite happy in themselvses. They know no misery. No event of the world disturbs them even the least.

If the mankind of the world or even a substantial number of them would acquire this faculty of mind, all the conflicts and miseries would be eliminated and peace and happiness would down on this earth spontaneously. And in this way a new world could be created where there will remain no wars, no misery and everlasting peace and happiness would reign. The intensity of your desire to root out miseries and to bring peace and prosperity to the mankind, discerned in your inaugural speech has encouraged me to address you this letter and to seek your leave to request you to personally acquire the visualisation of the DIVINE LIGHT and the knowledge of HIS REAL Name within yourself. In this you might be helped by Paramsant SAD-GURU DEV Shri Hansji Maharaj of Prem Nagar, Haridwar (INDIA).

He is the Realised Soul of the present age. If you be so pleased, you may contact him either in India or in your own country. The moment you would acquire the visualisation of the DIVINE LIGHT and the knowledge of His REAL NAME, the onerous task you have undertaken to perform, would become quite easy of performance and you would be able to create the world of your dream where mankind would be blessed with everlasting peace and happiness and heaven would down on this earth.

I hope you will give due consideration to my humble suggestion and try to acquire God-Vision and the knowledge of His Real Name for the goos of humanity whose very existence has been threatened.

With profound respects.
I remain, yours truly

R. S. Yogi

From: Sri R. S. Yogi
Divine Light Mission, B. 1913, Shaktinagar, Delhi-6 (India)
To: Mr. Earl Bertrand Russell, London.
Dated, Dehradun, the 2nd. August, 1961.

Dear Sir,

I crave your indulgence to address you this personal letter in the interest of humanity whose very existence is threatened by the rising tensions in the world.

There can never be any doubt that the big politicians, philosophers, authors and even the common people of the whole world hold the identical views that permanent peace is indispensably necessary for the safety and progress of mankind. They have been trying also with the best of their intentions and understandings to bring peace, But strangely enough, they do not get success. The more they try the more they fail. The League of Nations floundered on the rock of 'sphere of influence' and met its end in world war II. The United Nations, the next best hope of mankind, has bean rendered helpless and is fairing no better. It has also miserably failed in many respects and at many crucial moments. The inaugural speech of Mr. John F. Kennedy infused great hopes in the people But the trend of the world events indicates that there has bean a still greater aggravation of the threats to the world peace. The doctrine of panchsheel enunciated by Pandit Nehru has also borne little fruit. Naturally you who are the best friend of humanity and a great philosopher of the time, genuinely feel that human race is just on the verge of annihilation and unless the people of the world urge their respective Governments to abhor war and resolve all problems by peaceful means there is no escape from ruination. Your warning and suggestion to the people of the world is really very timely and nicely conveyed.

But the point is: Will the Governments of the world heed the counsel of the people ? Is there true democracy in any country of the world ? At least in India we have no democracy. What we have is really tyranny of legislatures, tyranny of executives and tyranny of politicians. There is absolutely no rule of law in India. We have merely an excuse for it. We have not the soul of democracy but the husk of it. The voice of the people is utterly disregarded in the interests of the politicians who are able to make much noise. Both the Indian people and the Indian Government abhor war and intend to solve all problems by negotiations even in the face of great provocations. But still we have no true peace in our own country. The communalism, the casteism and many other similar isms which the common people generally dislike and which the Government also showingly decry (but which in reality are the creations of the powerful politicians in the government itself in their own self interest) have greatly aggravated fissiparous tendencies and there is not a day when there is no riot, no disturbance in one or the other part of the country. All these reveal the bare truth that the people have no voice in the administration. It is only the top-ranking politicians who go their own way in their own interests. People are mere helpless sufferers and spectators.

The next point is: Will there be true peace by merely raising loud voice ? At least, I for one, do not believe that there can be peace by mere lip voice. What I feel is that no peace can be achieved with unsteady and turbulant mind however loudly we may cry for it. In reality peace is a sublime faculty of mind and to have it, equanimity and tranquillity of mind is absolutely necessary.

The third point is that unity brings peace and disunity destroys it. But true unity is not possible without identity of interests. Material interests and egotistical outlook however can never be identical. Unless the man ascends a little higher from this materialistic world and acquires Divine Vision and Divine outlook, his interests can never be identical. But as soon as he acquires Divine Vision, he perceives and realises the Divine Light which is ever-existent within all beings, which generates life-force in them and which is synonymous of Vergo, Jyoti, Param Prakash, Chandna. Noor-i-Ellahi and similar other words described in all the religious scriptures of the world and his interests are raised from material objects to the super consciousness of the same soul and in the well being of all without any barriers. After realisation of Divine Light man loses his ego and attains altruism. He attains equanimity of mind and his senses are cleansed of all evil designs and materialistic desires. He performs all his worldly duties in a detached way and is not influenced by attraction or repulsion. In such a state of mind, his interests and outlook become identical and e maganetic power of his soul attracts others to his altruistic way of thinking and action. Hence, if the great men, specially the leaders of the world who are genuinely interested in the well-being of the mankind acquire Divine Vision and realise Divine Light withinself and thereby acquire equanimity of mind, peace will automatically descend on this earth and there will remain no cause for conflicts and disturbances.

There are however, great misconceptions about acquisition of Divine Vision and realisation of Divine Light. They have bean purposely created by ignorant, self-conceited and selfish philosophers and interpreters of religious scriptures. Some of the prominent misconceptions which have grossly clouded the mind of the people are referred below:-

1. The first misbelief is that neither Divine Vision can be acquired nor Divine Light can be realised in modern times.

2. The second misbelief is that unless the mind and heart is cleansed of all evil thoughts by practice of austerity and religious rites such as penance, sacrifices, counting of beads, Yog, study of religious books etc., Divine Light can not be realised.

3. The third misbelief is that the acquisition of Divine Vision and realisation of Divine Light withinself takes much time ( several decades ) which is not possible in modern times when the life is very short.

4. The fourth misbelief is that saints and ascetics are the only persons who can acquire Divine Vision and realise Divine Light withinself; people engaged in worldly affairs can not realise Divine Light.

All the above misbeliefs are mere misbeliefs. There can be nothing more untrue than the above notion. Firstly human life is the only time when Divine Light can be realised withinself. There are instances in abundance that modern men have realised Divine Light. Secondly the realisation of Divine Light does not need any austerity penance, sacrifices etc. The mind and the heart of the people are cleansed of evil thoughts after realisation of Divine Light and never before. The darkness is dispelled after the rising of the sun. It never happens that the darkness is dispelled first and then the sun rises. Similarly when the Divine Light which is ever-existent withinself is realised, all the evil thoughts and selfish desires are burnt in that Light. Thirdly the acquisition of Divine Vision and realisation of Divine Light does not take much time, It is realised instantaneously with the help of Realised soul of the time. Only living Realisad soul can help realise Divine Light.

There is absolutely no other way to realise it. As only a burning candle can kindle other candle, similarly only living Realised Soul can help other realise Divine Light. Fourthly realisation of Divine Light is indispensably necessary for those who manage worldly affairs. It is primarily meant for those who live in the world and do not run away from it. History shows that all the kings who realised Divine Light ruled most satisfactorily and people enjoyed complete peace and prosperity during their regimes. The latest of such kings in India was King Ashok, the great. It is very significant to note that the King Ashok won the hearts of the people of many countries, in spite of the inadequacy of the means of communication and propaganda, by his message of love and friendship; but though Pandit Nehru has adopted the same doctrine of love and friendship he has been creating enemies everywhere and he has not bean able to vouch peace in his own country. This is simply because he has not realised the Divine Light.

Consequently to achieve peace, it is absolutely necessary that the politicians of the world be counselled and if necessary obliged to realise Divine Light by personal contacts with living Realised Soul and then the humanity will be saved from ruination without much efforts.

I think you will find some substance in the above assertions and give a deep thought over it. In the interest of the humanity and world peace in which you are deeply interested, I hope you will try this method at least for trial sake and then recommend it to others if you find the truth in it.

With profound respects and expecting a line in reply,
I remain, sir,
Yours very truly,

R. S. Yogi