That Love River

Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang in Marbella/Malaga, Spain, on Friday, March 26, 1978

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Speech on March 26, 1978 at Holi 78, Malaga, Spain Dear premies, it was really incredible yesterday to have that Holi. It was more than just regular Holi, regular paint-throwing or mudthrowing or whatever, however they do it. With premies, with our understanding, it always makes the difference. What does that really signify?

When I left the Holi site, and I was driving up on that road, there were a lot of people there who didn't understand what was going on. They were sitting on their cars watching this. Then the crowd sort of started to break up and I was driving and there were a lot of buses. So I was honking my horn in case somebody walked out there. And these guys were completely amazed. You could see their lips and they just watched the jeeps go by. Because they couldn't understand what was happening. How could people - and it looked like a lot of people - how could that many people just be standing there, and this one person be on the stage and throwing water. You could see what their logic, their reasoning, was that they were trying to put together, maybe thinking, "Oh, this is a fancy water display." But that wasn't happening. Because water was purposely being thrown on everybody. And so it was like, "What was the reason? What was the purpose? What was really happening?"

But then, at the same time, because we had just done the Holi, it was really incredible. Everybody in the jeep was just saying, "Man, that was really beautiful. That was really incredible."

And this is what clarity does. This is what the proper understanding brings about. Because we didn't have our lips down, with our jaws dropped down going, "What was that? What was happening? Was it a fancy water display or something like that?" But it was just very straight. It was just very simple.

A beautiful thing had happened. A beautiful thing manifested. And that was that the premies came together, and basically that's what it was. The premies came together and Guru Maharaj Ji came together. And both of them came together and there was something that happened. And it doesn't really matter what that was. It really doesn't matter if it was Holi or it was dry darshan, because they were having enough problems keeping that gun going. And if that gun wouldn't have worked, would that have been the end of Holi? Would that have been the end of what happened? No! It's because it really doesn't matter. Because it's the Knowledge. It's that understanding. It's that bliss that we are looking for. It's that beauty that we all want to share. It's not a particular action. So, in our understanding, this is what has to be completely clear. And that is the thing.

It's like you have to go back and you have to go through a complete slow motion, and go and see, "Well, okay, what happened? What was so beautiful? What was so incredible?" And then sort of freeze the frame, and look at it and keep looking at it. And then say, "Okay, well, how can I adapt that in my life so that kind of an experience will always be happening?" Not just once, when we come together in Malaga, or not just like another time. Because it's really incredible. We just finished this Holi, and there's going to be a Holi in Miami. And it's really something, because it's like, man, there's one more Holi coming up this year very, very soon. This is really something to think about. And so, premies, that's the important thing. To just know and to just freeze frame that one frame in our life and focus ourself into that understanding.

Like I was saying the first day, there can be a projector and there can be a screen. And this projector can be playing anything. But if the lens is completely out of focus then it doesn't matter what movie it's playing. Because it could be playing "Jaws" or it could be playing "Satguru Has Come" and it wouldn't make a difference because it's so out of focus. But as soon as the focus is there, as soon as that focus happens …

Because if there was something like that playing, people would probably say, "This is completely nuts! This is completely crazy!" and walk out of here! Because they're not here to watch that! They're not here to watch Walt Disney cartoons. They're here to merge in that Love, in that devotion. And that's what we want. And that's what we have to try to accomplish in our lives.

And so it's like, one step, another step, another step, and another step. And we always keep taking these steps. I mean, one program after another program after another program. After every program we feel like, "That was a completely incredible program. How could there be anything more than that? How could it be much more fantastic than that?" And then, just look at this program in Europe. And it's incredible. And it's like there's half the amount of people here that are going to be in Florida, and there's three-quarters of the people going to be in Florida than there were in Rome. And yet, the beauty doesn't expire. The beauty doesn't depend upon how many people are there.

I mean, it would be incredible if there were a satsang program held and only one premie showed up, just one premie showed up. Because he would have that - if he were to have that understanding, of course - only then would it be incredible. But if he had that understanding, and only one premie showed up, it would be incredible for him. Because it's that satsang, it's that opportunity to be able to focus. It's that feeling of quenching the thirst that brings that clarity about, that brings that satisfaction to us.

So, for premies, that's the most important thing. And this is what we have to understand. That is the thing that we have to look up. I mean, just look at it, and everything is beautiful. And our logics, so many logics that we have, start to fail. And this is what I was talking about the first day. Because in our lives we build all these tracks, we build all these tunnels, and we burrow ourselves into these tunnels. We burrow ourselves into these tracks. And it's just concepts.

You look and you see everything being fed, and fed, and fed, and fed to this little child. That's the way we are. And it's just like that feeding of concepts, that feeding of non-understanding, that feeding of a lot of un-focussing, never ends in our life. It just keeps on happening. It keeps on happening even after we are fifty years old, even after we are sixty years old, even when we are just about ready to die, maybe a hundred years old, a hundred and fifty years old. Still those concepts keep on happening, still those logics, still we have that mirage, still we have that fake understanding that, whatever I have built in my life is perfect. Whatever I have done so far is perfect. This is the way things have been, and this is the way I did it. And my life has been complete and my life has been successful, not really knowing what the purpose is, but to make a purpose. For a lot of people, this is the way their lives are. They are here in this world, and they appoint themselves a purpose. They say, "Okay, this is my purpose."

You see all these retirement trips that they have, and they have all these retirement programs. It's incredible because in this retirement program, you get a house or an apartment near this coast or something like that. And you have money left over in your bank and you can buy a boat, or you can build a boat, and then you can sail right across the world, or take a world cruise. And this is your retirement package.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Speech on March 26, 1978 at Holi 78, Malaga, Spain And to people it's like the most incredible thing that could ever happen to them. Of course when you come to a place like Malaga, there's a lot of retirement packages here. And a lot of people come to retire. All the time long they're just working, working, working, and then they have the future dream that, "Okay, when I retire, I'll get a boat and I'll get a little house near the coast. And that'll be it. And then I'll have enough money left. And I hope my kids won't put me into the old folk's home." Or something like that. Whatever dreams we have.

And then it's just like completely nuts to me. When we are little, first of all, we don't even have that understanding that there is something far superior than a dolly, or if there is something far superior than a bottle of apple juice, or if there is something far superior than whatever the kid is doing, or whatever the kid wants to play that day! But then, slowly and slowly, as that understanding starts to parallel in our lives that maybe there is something that is great, maybe there is something that is incredible, by that time, it's school time. Because now you can learn your A-B-C-D. Now you are at the point where you can comprehend. So the first comprehension that is really given to that child is, "Here is the raw material for you to go out and get mixed up completely." And that's the way it is.

I mean, I know that this is a completely debatable subject. A lot of people say, "Well, if you don't go to school then how are you going to get along in this world?" In India, it was like, "How are you going to speak English? And how are you going to do this, or how are you going to do that?"

And I was completely amazed, because in my school there was a kid and he was an English kid. And I was completely amazed because he was so little and he could speak English! To me it was like, "How can he speak English? He's hardly started to go to the school and he has a really good accent and he really knows what lie's talking about." But anyway, it's just like in our concepts, we give them so much material to build on. And then all this goes through. It's a really trip. It's a really intense trip that we go through, in the college or the psychiatrist. Yesterday I was just talking to the premies in the residence and I was saying, "How many years did you go to college?" And somebody would say, "Two years." And somebody said, "Four years." And I said, "You were that dumb, huh? You couldn't learn and you were stuck in college for four years."

But that's okay. We go on and we go on and we learn and we go to college or we go to whatever - the university. We get our doctorate, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. or whatever we get. And then there it is. And then you look forward, and you say, "Well, now I want to do something in my life. I want to do something neat." So then you take that Ph.D. Then you take this statue ..

It's like coming into an art school of the Lord. And in this beautiful art school where this Lord, this Creator, has made so many beautiful and wonderful things, you're supposed to also try to make something. And at the gate you are basically given a few facts, a few things. And that's just a very simple understanding, and that understanding is life, that there is a purpose to it. And that's all you're told. And then you're supposed to enter this art school.

And in this art school there are a lot of people. And they don't understand what's going on in that school. They don't understand, because they forget that first thing that was told to them. They forget that first fact and figure that was given to them when they entered the school. And so they have collected all these materials from all different places and have done this and done that. And so when you walk in, they hand you these raw materials, and you're supposed to stay there and carve out a statue.

It's like there's an entrance and then there's this great big school. Then whatever you do in this art school, you're supposed to take it to the end of the school. And at this end of the school, like almost a building that's separate from the school, is the Lord Himself.

And you come in, and there's people, just waiting there for you to come in, to be able to hand you over the stuff. And they hand you over the stuff and you take all this stuff and you just go, "Okay. I'll do it." Because how many people really do remember making that decision, "Yes, I want to go to school." Nobody makes that decision. It's, "You just go to school, kid." You go to school! And you go to school, before you know you go to school, you're in school.

And then after that, maybe one day you don't want to go to school. That's a different story. But then, that doesn't matter. You're there' But it's not like a little kid saying, "Yes, I want to go to school. And I want to he there for the rest of my life." So you just sit there and you're just told, "Okay, get at it! This is it! This is all yours!"

And you just start to sit there and you start to make this sculpture. And you get into it, and you get into it, and you get into it, and you get into it, and you get into it. Not that you were an artist by birth or by any capability. You just get into it. And then, you're finished. That's it. And you take the statue over to the Lord, and say, "Here it is! Ta-da!" You know, you are proud of it.

And you can just imagine that Creator saying, "What's the matter with you? What is this? Get it out of here! Is this what you did in My school? Who told you to do this?" And there you are. And you've just seen a start of a football play where the guy has just kicked a football and it's flying in the air. And it's just like your life just got kicked. And it's like, everything that you did was completely wrong, was completely absurd.

And it's like, sometimes that's exactly what happens. We enter this world and we are given all these raw materials. And we take all these raw materials: our Ph.D. degree, or our M.D. degree, or whatever our degrees are, and then we go, and either we get a residency in a hospital, or we start to write a thesis or a hook or this or that. And we get into our little things, whatever we want to do. And then, after we are fed up, or incapable of doing that thing, we then start thinking about retirement. And then after all that is done. You retire. And after you retire, only one thing happens. And that's it.

It's not like after you retire you get reborn right then and there or something like that. It's not like automatically your body starts becoming younger and younger and younger and younger, and you start to go down, down, down - you lose height and you start to become real babyish, and the whole process went reverse. But it's just: that's it.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Speech on March 26, 1978 at Holi 78, Malaga, Spain So what have we done in that short period? And I know that what I was saying is completely debatable, because to some people it's like, "But if there were no doctors, what would happen."' Yes, that's true. There need to be doctors in this world. And these doctors should he properly qualified. Not that they just go up to some place, pay five dollars and say, "Give me a doctor degree," and they become a doctor, buy themselves a stethoscope, syringe and some needles and go around saying, "I'm a doctor. I'm a doctor," but to be that proper doctor, or anything in this world.

But the thing is those people who say, "But there needs to be a doctor, there needs to be a psychiatrist, there needs to be a school teacher, there needs to be an engineer, there needs to be a pilot," that's all okay, but they're undermining one thing. And that one thing that they're undermining is that there also needs to be the proper understanding of the purpose of this life. Because without that understanding, everything is nothing. But with that understanding; the purpose of life; and keeping parallel to that understanding, then you can have anything manifest for you. Then you can have anything that you want. Then you can have that ting that you want to do and it wouldn't _- .en affect you. Because you have found that right track. You have found the right tunnel. You have found the right thing. You've accomplished the purpose of life. You've accomplished the purpose of this body being born into this world.

But then, right after this argument or debate or whatever it is, starts another argument. How do you keep fulfilling the purpose of life? And this is a question that would baffle everybody. And the reason why it would baffle all the intellectuals is because they would never get across the first question. They would be still debating about the purpose of life. After they would have accepted the fact that, yes, they do need to understand; doctors and teachers and this and that, do need to understand the purpose of life, they would be still debating on what the purpose of life is. But by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace we've gone a little bit beyond that step, and we have come to that point where we do understand the purpose of this life. But now the question is, how do you keep fulfilling the purpose of that life when you're supposed to be an M.D. or when you're supposed to be an engineer or when you're supposed to be this or that?

Then you have to say, "Okay, well wait minute. Let's not ask too many questions. Let's isolate one thing. How do you fulfill the purpose of this life? Once you have found it, how do you keep fulfilling it?" And it's completely obvious: satsang, service, and meditation.

And that's real satsang. Because I know so much gibberish comes out. It's not like a natural thing in people. One thing that they want to talk about constantly, one thing that they are almost impelled to do; something that they somebody is trying to _rah their neck from the back, is shaking it end is compelling them to do chitchat, chit t chitchat - instead of satsang. And it's k, you can obviously feel the effect of 'find in those fields. You can obviously feel The effect of mind in those regions when the time for service comes, when the time for meditation comes.

I mean, you can be sitting through a three hour movie and never even yawn. But sitting through satsang, I've seen premies completely asleep and they are supposedly listening to satsang. And maybe they have another bypass line, "Oh, I was just doing meditation." Why can't you do meditation sitting up straight? Why do you have to be almost off the sofa? There's all these mind excuses that we have all built up for ourselves. It's almost like a battle, and in case a battle was to start, in case we were to be questioned, we would have all these things that we can throw at. And our mind completely takes us away, our mind completely carries us away from our focus, from that purpose, that we are really supposed to have.

So, to actually have that real service experience, to have that real meditation experience, and to really have that satsang experience: satsang, service, and meditation fulfills the purpose of this life; fulfills the destiny of this life.

But then, again, the question appears: How do you make satsang, service, and meditation happen? Have you ever, when you're doodling or something on a piece of paper, started to make dots? And then, say make four dots, then three dots under them, then two dots, then one dot. And then you make a bigger one. And it's just like a triangle. Maybe you'll start with ten and then have nine, then eight, then seven, six, and five, then four, then three, then two, and then one. And you're just doodling around. It's the same way. It all boils down to one thing, and that is that you have to surrender. You have to let go. You have to really, in your life, surrender.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Speech on March 26, 1978 at Holi 78, Malaga, Spain First there was a big question: "What is the purpose of the life?" Then you find that out. That's one point off. Then: "How do you keep accomplishing the purpose of this life?" Then there's three things left. And that's satsang, service, and meditation. "How do you keep on doing satsang, service, and meditation?" And there's the final point. And that is by completely surrendering to Guru Maharaj Ji.

It's like if we have a swimming pool, and from the swimming pool we take the dirty water and we put it through filters and we process it. But if we throw it right out, not into the pool but somewhere else, very soon that pool will become completely empty. But it's very, very important that that pure water, that that fresh water, be put right back into that pool. Otherwise it will not accomplish its purpose of recycling and getting purified.

And it's the same way, premies. It's just like you have to understand what this life really is, who we really are! You have to just like look at an overall picture, and just say, "Who am I? I'm a doctor, or I'm an engineer, or I'm a pilot, but who am 'I? Who is that real thing? What is that real thing that is within inside of me that I am here for?"

Because you're not here to become a doctor by no means. You become a doctor because that's what you want to do. But does that mean that whatever you want to do in this life is the purpose of your life? Certainly not.

And there is just one set purpose of life. And everybody comes into this world, and every Perfect Master that has come in this world so far has pointed out that purpose of life. And it's been exactly the same, again and again and again and again. And so when we realize that Knowledge … I mean, it's like theories and words and they can only take you so far. But the experience takes you miles beyond. That experience takes you even further and further and further and further. Because then you really start to experience: "Okay, so great. I'm a doctor. I'm a pilot. I'm an engineer." Or whatever your career is, or whatever you're pursuing. "I'm a tractor-trailer man. Or a bus driver. But that's my career!"

The first thing is first: What am I here for? And then you just see that you're here to accomplish, to fulfill that destiny of complete surrender, to be able to come in here, into this world, and to be able to surrender. And to be able to completely go back to that source, to be able to completely plug right back in from where you came, and therefore have the never-ending circle that just keeps on going on and on and on and on.

Because if you are a bus driver now, then it doesn't mean that in the next life time, if you haven't fulfilled your purpose, and you become an insect, you're going to come off as a bus driver, and get to sit on the steering wheel. Or if you become a beetle, and if you're a doctor, don't expect that they're going to accept you in the hospital as, "Yes, this is the great surgeon of his time." And start handing you instruments to cut people open. That's not going to happen like that. But there is this everlasting thing.

Sometimes when you are sitting in a room, the whole perspective sort of folds in. But you look out and you go outside, say at nighttime, and you see all these stars. I mean, they're completely, completely, completely incredible. And you see these stars and you just start to look up and you just say, "Wow, man. These are like far, far away. And there's a whole galaxy out there. And who knows what's beyond that galaxy, and what's beyond even that, and what this whole universe is made of?" And yet, you still know that this whole universe which is in our reach is completely finite.

And yet there exists a thing that's completely infinite. Past all the universes. Past all the stars, all the galaxies, all the Milky Ways, all the moons, all the suns, lies an incredible experience. Lies this incredible energy. And that energy is experienced. The experience of that energy, by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, is possible, now. And that is what's being rendered to us. That's what's been given to us, to be able to experience that perfection, to be able to experience that bliss, to be able to experience that incredible beauty that lies within all of us.

What makes us premies? What makes us understand that we are all premies? It's that Knowledge. Because we all share the same secret that keeps every one of us alive. Okay, so you don't know what the other guy's wardrobe is like. Or what kind of watch he wears. But it doesn't matter, because we all know one thing, and that's that Knowledge. And we know that that Knowledge keeps you alive, keeps me alive, keeps everybody here alive. And then, by knowing that, it automatically becomes a beautiful, beautiful garland, in which we completely just merge, and become one, and then experience that great oneness that just doesn't end! It has no end to it. And so that's the point that we have to come to.

Because this mind always tries and tends and does whatever it has to, to insure that we are always confused, to insure that we're always on the wrong track. And you can ask that one question: "Why? Why is mind so incredibly after us, so blatantly after us to keep us confused all the time? Why is it always wanting us to pursue the wrong thing in our lives?"

It's because that is the negativity. There's a positive and there's a negative. And the negativity is always the shadow.

And it's just like I said. Mind is nothing, something that you can touch. Mind is not something that you can see. But you can just feel. And it's just like this thing always following you, wherever you want. And the slightest moment that it can have: attacks you. It's there, and it's just completely always hovering. Because it is what we have created. It's our monster. It's our shadow that we have created. And it hovers over us, now haunts us. And we keep on making those mistakes, keep on making those gates so that that haunting becomes even more terrifying and more terrifying and more terrifying.

And this world would just completely collapse if Perfect Master stopped coming. I can't possibly even imagine or foresee what this world would be like. Because it would be completely incredible to just see the beginning and the end of the world in the same minute, in the same second, in the same hour. It'd be just gone! Finished! I mean, with the Perfect Master in this world there's enough problems. And with him not here, it just feels like the whole thing would just go and that would be it.

And when Perfect Master comes into this world, what does He try to do? When Jesus came into this world, did He say, "Oh, My children, go to moon and you will find peace"? Or did Mohammed say, "Go to Mars, and there you will see the scene that you've never seen before"? I mean, he could have. He could have technically said that. Because I guess since nobody has been to Mars, then that would be a scene that nobody has ever seen before! But he didn't say that. And what is Krishna trying to explain to Arjun? Is he trying to tell him how great the moon is? How the craters are there? And there is no gravity. And you just give yourself a little push and you go flying in the air. And that's the peace, and that's the settlement, and that's the happiness? Or saying that, "Fight against each other, and that would bring you peace and that would bring you satisfaction, and that'd bring you happiness." And if even in Gita, I mean this is what Krishna was talking to Arjun about: "Okay, why don't you fight?" But there is completely something different that happened.

It's like Krishna said, "Okay, Arjun, I'll reveal to you the third eye through which you will be able to see me, because you cannot see me with these eyes." And when Krishna revealed the third eye to Arjun, this is this incredible sight that they depict on pictures. Of course, they're handpainted. They didn't find the negative of it or any thing like that. But it's like a thousand heads and one fire coming out and one this coming out, one that coming out. And I mean, it's just like outrageous, incredible, fantastic. And yet when you receive Knowledge, you know exactly what that Arjuna saw. It wasn't something like fifty-thousand heads. He saw this Light that Krishna described to him. He said, "You're going to see a Light that hundreds and thousands of suns put together to it is not even like that." And he saw the real form, Krishna's real form.

So every time the Perfect Master has come into this world, where has he directed that attention? Why has he said, "This is what we need to do to bring peace into this earth?" It's "bring peace into this earth." Why has it been always "peace into this earth"? Because there's always been an absence of peace. And therefore what has filled the absence of peace? The mind. The darkness. The illusion.

And we create that monster. Every one of us creates our own little monster. And this little monster follows us everywhere we go. And it has its own capabilities. It's an outrageous thing. It's like, two minds aren't the same. And yet, what they do is exactly the same thing: completely take you away from that purpose. And you can see that, you can feel that, that very definite thing, because whenever you sit down to do meditation, whenever you start to do service, whenever you start to do meditation, you feel this strong inertia, you feet this strong pull, pulling you away from it.

And then when you start to do the eight ball things of the day, you never feel that inertia, you never feel that pull. It's just so beautiful when you do the eight-ball things that you do!, Go out and get an ice cream, of go out and just do this or do that. Whatever we do, that's perfectly okay. It's just that when we want to experience that happiness in our life, when we want to experience that peace in our life, something drops in and says, "Na, na, na, na. That's the wrong thing." And only by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace … because how far are we going to fight this fight? And how long is it going to last?

And you know, Dimitri was giving satsang, and he said, "Help! And he said, "This is what we have to do. We have to just say, 'Oh. Guru Maharaj Ji, help!' " And then somebody in the audience said, "Help!." And all I felt was, "Not that way." That's not the way. It's not to scream help! "Help!" Not like that. But to really mean "Help, Guru Maharaj Ji." To really mean that in your life.

Because, really, that relationship that Guru Maharaj Ji has with all the premies is not a verbal relationship. It's not like I stand up on the stage and say, "Oh, okay, raise your right hand. And be it known by this day that you are premies and I'm Guru Maharaj Ji," and so on and so forth. It's a relationship that only happens because there is something happening within inside of us. It's because when that beauty is brought into. our lives, that fulfillment is brought into our lives, it's an incredible connection that forms between a 'devotee and Guru Maharaj Ji. And that's that connection that we have to keep alive all the time. And through that connection we have to open up to Guru Maharaj Ji and say, "Guru Maharaj Ji, help me."

I mean, it's like at what point in our lives do we tell Guru Maharaj Ji, "Okay, I don't need your help anymore"? Again it's like, of course we always say, "Okay. Guru Maharaj Ji, help." But at what point in our lives do we turn around and tell Guru Maharaj Ji, "That's enough." There is never that point in our lives.

Because if we come to that point, we've done something abruptly wrong. You come to a point where it seems like the track keeps on going, like I was saying the first day. And then you see this engine turned over right next to you. And then all of the sudden you feel this big bump and sort of a rolly motion and you roll over with this whole engine, with this whole locomotive.

We always need this assistance. We always need that help. We always need that Grace. And it's all there. It's just all there. But we have to open up more and more and more and more and more.

It reminds me of that example where there was this guy walking. And there was the sun and there was this wind. And they both had a competition. And the wind said, "I can make this guy's coat come off. I can have him take off his coat or his jacket."

And the sun said, "No, I can do it."

He said, "I can do it. I can do it much better."

So the sun said, "Okay, you can give it a go and I'll give it a go, and whoever wins is the winner." Of course, premies, that probably never did happen. It's just a story. I don't think the sun came to the wind and said, "Do it," you know. But it's an example.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Speech on March 26, 1978 at Holi 78, Malaga, Spain And the wind blew and blew and it blew colder, the mightiest that it could Mow. And I 96 97 the guy just kept on hanging to his jacket more and more and more and more. The more it would blow, the more lie would hang on because the colder it would get! And then the guy was completely surprised. And he was just really freezing.

And then all of the sudden the sun said, "Okay, have you given up'! Now, let me do it." And all the sun had to do was just nothing, just shine. That's all the sun had to do.

And the guy just said, "Wow, the sun is shining. Now it's going to be warm. I can take my jacket off." And the guy took his jacket off.

And it's just the same thing, because there is this mind and it blows and it blows and it blows and it blows and it blows. And as long as we keep getting into that wind, as long as we keep walking into that wind, colder it gets, colder it gets, colder it gets, colder it gets, and more we have to hang on to that mind. But then, when we walk away from that, and when Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace shines right upon us, all it has to do is just shine. When that mind goes away, when that mind has been dis-attracted, when that mind has been taken away … Because I do not mean by mind that we talk, but that sensation that sort of hangs around right here and follows us and grabs us and it grabs our necks literally, and forces us into doing completely stupid things in our lives. And when that mind is taken away, then we can see completely clearly. Then we can see what that beauty really is.

So premies, Knowledge is such an incredible thing, because it just shines and shines and shines and shines. And I mean it's just like there is a lot of new premies here, because yesterday it was really incredible in the darshan line. So many premies wanted Holy Breath. And there were these premies that actually had not had Holy Breath. And it was just so beautiful to just see more and more premies, more and more premies, more and more premies, more and more premies come into this Knowledge. Because it's like an opening. It's just like you can see how beautiful it is to be able to come back home again. Because we are really spaced out all the time into this ocean.

But only by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, when we surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji, when we say, "Okay." Not literally say, "okay," and not mean it. But when we don't say a word and yet mean it, mean it from the bottom of our heart, that "Help." And then it just manifests.

Because then that real try, that real effort starts to happen. Guru Maharaj Ji's not going to help you unless you help yourself first. You have to put the starter fluid in there. You have to make that effort. But as soon as you start to make that effort, Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Okay. I know you have a spade and you are digging and you want to dig." But Guru Maharaj Ji says, "Okay, here is my Grace. Now strike." And the one strike ofthat spade can now split the earth open. And that's that effort. It's like that little bit of our effort, of our genuine effort …

Because when we are lost completely in this mind, so many things that we tend to do, so many ways this mind tries to take us away from that reality that really exists, so many ways of mind just says, "No, no." Just trick, trick, trick, trick, trick. "Just tell the initiator that you are doing okay. Just tell the National Coordinator that you are doing okay. Just tell the other people you are doing okay."

And inside, you could be completely rottening. And to a lot of people it's that same way. It's like, maybe they're not even practicing, but they seem to put on this mask and say, "Okay, I'm doing just fine. I'm doing just great." And yet, premies, Knowledge works for you. It doesn't work for anybody else. When you meditate, you meditate for yourself. And you get that experience. It's not like you can just say, "Okay, Julio, can you meditate for me today?" No. It just doesn't work like that. It's our own experience that has to work for us, not somebody else's experience. And then we have to make that effort so that we can be at that point, and get away from those trickeries. Because, man, it's really serious!

I mean, that's what we have to understand, that this is not a joke! And we have to really understand that this is not some hypothetical situation that's been created; that if there was to be a life and if there was to be a purpose to this life and if there was to be a Guru Maharaj Ji and if there was to be something called Knowledge, then what would happen? And this is what would happen. This is not a hypothetical situation. This is a real situation. And it's not a situation, but it's a reality. It's not supposed. This is not based on suppose.

When premies walk through darshan line, there's so much experience that happens. I mean. it's really incredible. And those premies come to do pranam by their experience. And it a person does come by and puts on a show as he's doing pranam, you can pick him off three people behind or four people behind. Or even in the tunnel, you can feel him. But when that love is there, when that understanding is there, and when that flow is there, than it's just like, who dares stop that sun from shining? Even the clouds might come between us, but all we have to do is go above those clouds and there it is: the beautiful sunshine.

When we were in England it was just cloudy and everything. And when we took off, we went through bumps and we went through this heavy turbulence and everything, through these clouds. And then we broke, and there it was, just beautiful sun, beautiful blue sky, just shining. And so that Grace is always there, that beauty is always there. But we have to really make that effort in our lives and say, "No, wait a minute. I really want to do it. I really want to experience. I really want to solve the purpose of my life. I really want to fulfill the destiny of my life. I really want to fulfill the reason why I have been born into this world. And I really want to be one with that Lord. I really want to be one with that Being."

And you can do it! And that is why that Grace is there. That is why Knowledge is there. To be able to fulfill.

Because what is that beauty? What is that pleasure that comes when we do meditation? What is that experience of service? I mean, you could sit down and you could talk all day long and yet never will you be able to describe what that experience really is. Because it's just such a personal, beautiful thing that happens when we have our heart set out to do that service.

All the concepts just sit there and watch. And the logics just sit there and watch. And then you turn around to yourself and say, "Wow. Service. Beautiful." Because all your concepts of just what could it be, and what it's not, and this can't be, and that can't be, and that's not right, and this is wrong, and everything, just get left completely behind. They just completely stay right there. And you take that one step ahead by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace because you want to really do it. You really want to make that little effort.

And it's so incredible that every day this propagation is growing. And it's just like, more and more initiators. There's so many people who've applied to become initiators. And very soon those people will be able to become initiators. And then there'll be more premies and then more initiators and more premies and then more initiators. Not that those initiators are anything special, it's just that they can broadcast that voice of Guru Maharaj Ji.

Initiator is not like a guarantee that whatever you hear from that initiator is going to be right. And that was told to them. I mean, in that last group I told them that. I said, "But if you are unclear, you know -"

And there was the example that I was giving of that tape recorder. I said, "Then there is a tape recorder. And this tape recorder has a tape, and the tape is all the premies. And they accumulate what you say in their heads. And you are the tape recorder; you are the tape recorder yourself. And on the other end of this tape recorder is Guru Maharaj Ji with the microphone. But if you are plugged in to just different sources, different other sources, and if you are on the 'Phono 1 input' or something like that, and you got a record playing, then that's what's going to be recorded. Then that's what's going to come out of you. But when you are completely clear, when you are completely open, when you are completely, completely clear to Guru Maharaj Ji, then what comes out of you is satsang, because that's what Guru Maharaj Ji becomes. And then you can become that right word called 'channel.' Then you can be the channel for Guru Maharaj Ji."

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Speech on March 26, 1978 at Holi 78, Malaga, Spain And there's so many people that have applied to become an initiator. I'm not saying that everybody will be able to become an initiator one day. That's not the goal. And yet, it's not that what every initiator, whatever he says, is the word of God. It's not that way either. Maybe it's about God, but might not be the word of God.

But in our lives is where we have to be clear! Ourselves is where we have to be clear. We, ourselves, is where we have to understand how that Knowledge works in us, not looking at some initiators and saying. "flow beautiful. Oh, that's really incredible. They're initiator now. It's a really good vibe.- And you always hear that from the premies. "Oh, that initiator has a really good vibe around him."

How long are you going to keep counting on vibes'' What if he doesn't show up? What if in your little community an initiator doesn't show up for two, three, four, five months? Then it's like, when that initiator doesn't show up in your community for three, four, or five months, and you are not making any effort, it makes a great difference when that initiator shows up, because he tells you to make that effort. And then you go, "Yeah, okay, that's really incredible."

But when you are making that effort and that initiator comes in your community, then things click, rather than fry every wire in your system. But then things click. Then you can understand what Guru Maharaj Ji is talking about.

It's not like reading a satsang from And It Is Divine, or Divine Times, or Elan Vital or something like that, and squinting and squinting and squinting because you can't understand what I'm talking about. Because it's not clicking up here, it's not clicking within inside of you: "Satsang, service, and meditation." But when you have been doing satsang, service, and meditation, and you come to a part where Guru Maharaj Ji says, "And do satsang, service, and meditation," then a beautiful smile breaks out, because you understand. It clicks in you. You really understand what he's saying. And the same way with an initiator, or same way when you have satsang with anybody.

So, in our lives that's the most important thing, that we be clear, that we have that understanding that we have to surrender. Because the more we surrender, the more that Grace will be able to flow. And the more that Grace will be able to flow, then the more satsang, service, and meditation will be able to manifest in our life. And the less that surrender is, less the Knowledge is, less the Grace is, and less everything is, and the purpose of the life being accomplished automatically is less.

You know, it's the most easiest thing to be on the right track. And if you look at it, completely naturally, it's more difficult to be on the wrong track than it is to be on the right track, because the right track is made for you. The wrong track isn't. And every time you go over the wrong track, it's just bumpy, bumpy, bumpy, bumpy, bumpy, bumpy, bumpy. And when you go over the right track it's smooth, completely smooth. And it just feels so at home, feels so beautiful.

And so, again, premies, the decision is ours, as I said. It's completely up to us. We can make it. And I know that every one of you sitting in this bullring has the potential to do it. And you can do it. It's not like some mystique thing, but it's just very, very simple. You're there. You're breathing. You're alive. You can do it. And so it is the same way for somebody who is out there. Just get out of these little monsters, just get out of these little concepts that you have created for yourself. Just get out of these different -

It's just like building a castle. And you build a castle and there's so much that goes into this castle. And the castle is just like a concept in our life. And it's just like you build a castle, you build a castle, you build a castle, you build a castle, and by the time you're finished with it, the waves start coming, just getting closer and closer to the castle. And then you keep on doing repairs till it comes to the point where you can't even do repairs because the waves just come up and take half of it away. The other one comes up, takes the other half of it away.

And it's the same way. We have all these different concepts in our life. And we really work on them, really keep them perfect, really keep them alive, really keep them sustained, really exercise them every day. And then the one great big wave comes, and we start patching it. We start putting more concepts to it, even more concepts to it, and sustaining it even more, till that one great big one comes and half of it's gone; other one comes and half of it's gone. Nothing left. All gone.

And then, of course, we turn around and say, "That was crazy, wasn't it?" But that's the point. And that is why a Perfect Master comes in this world. To be able to point out to you right now what's going on. To tell you, "Okay, wait. And really Practice that Knowledge."

And for those people who haven't received that Knowledge to just say, okay. Wait. There is something greater in your life. There is something that is the real happiness, not some happiness that you think is the real happiness. But there is the real happiness that you have a glimpse of, and then you try to imitate that happiness. It's not like that. Because that's what the Perfect Master says. It's just like, wait. You are searching for something. You're looking for that water, and that water is within you, that water is there. And I can give you that water. And you can quench your thirst. Why go around in your mirages? Why go around thinking, 'Oh there is the oasis.' And crawl, crawl, crawl, crawl, and end up and find out it was just a mirage. And then see another one, and then see another one, and keep chasing all these mirages for the rest of your lifetime! There is no necessity.

The thing that you want is the water, and I have the water. The thing that you want is the shade, and I have the shade to give you. And therefore you can fulfill the purpose. You can have the satisfaction of quenching your thirst. You can have that satisfaction of what you're looking for.

And that's what a Perfect Master does. And it's so beautiful, because it's for nothing. All a Perfect Master wants is complete Love, and that true Love from that person. Because that Love makes that two-way connection.

It's like really incredible because they have all these commercials in America. And there's one commercial about Ford: "Ford wants you for keeps." They say, "Oh, yeah, not only do we make our cars nice, but we give you a good warranty. And we give you this good and that good, so that you keep coming back to us." And what it is is they're just trying to make a connection so that you keep coming back, so there is always that connection happening, so always there is a continuous flow.

And that's exactly what Guru Maharaj Ji wants. But he wants that to be completely continuous and be completely true between every individual and Guru Maharaj Ji. Be that Love River, and never stop. No dam, no strings involved, nothing. Just that river flows. And through that river, that Grace flows. And through that river, that Love flows. And through that river comes your water and through that river comes your shade and through that river comes everything: all that beauty that you can't even imagine about, that you can't even say, "Well, that's what I was looking for. Thank you." But it all goes beyond when there is that connection there. But when that connection is broken, then it just all sweeps away, then it just all goes right down the drain.

So premies, it's just such a beautiful thing happening more and more every day. We have to open up to be able to just become that devotee. As Marolyn was saying in her satsang, it's like, I like that song, "Teach me devotion." It has a certain meaning to me. And the meaning to me is just that if you are a devotee, what more can you ask for except for Guru Maharaj Ji to teach you devotion? And it's just like, with that devotion comes everything.

And more and more that encompasses. It just hits somewhere, and it's beautiful. It just strikes at the right place. Because that's all we want to do. That's all that devotion that we want. And just from my experience that's what I say, that the devotee needs devotion, a lover needs love. Because if that lover doesn't have any love, then he's not a lover anymore. If that devotee doesn't have any devotion, then how can he be a devotee? And that's the thing that we want.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Speech on March 26, 1978 at Holi 78, Malaga, Spain There's so many ways to explain it, and there's so many functions of it. And you can just go step by step by step by step; one by one by one by one. Say, "Okay, it's to do satsang, service, and meditation; or it's to have Grace flow through; or it's to have the Love flow through, or anything." But it just all comes in one great circle, and it is to just be that devotee who can understand and who can see and who can experience that Love, who can experience that devotion that really is there.

What can you say? What can you verbally put? Because that's an experience. And how can you try to describe that experience of what devotion is like, of what that surrender is like, of what that Love is like? For one time, even for one moment, to have Love, and not to have any selfish reason behind it, not to have any reason whatsoever attached behind it, no strings attached. - It's an experience! Just a beautiful, incredible Love. Love Original. Period.

And then, I mean, today. Everything that we love something is attached behind it, something is attached behind it, something is attached behind it. You love a car. If you have a Rolls Royce, and you love it, and you love it maybe because it gives you something. Or people even have Mini-coopers and they love their Mini-coopers because it gives them something. It's just like you go, "Oh, do you like your car?" "Oh, yes. I love it." "Why do you love it?" "Oh, because it's a great car." And everything just has a reason and reason and reason and reason and reason and reason.

Except when you come to that point of Guru Maharaj Ji and the devotee. What reason in the whole earth can there be except that it's the genuine Love, the Love that's supposed to be there between Guru Maharaj Ji and a devotee. An automatic thing. An automatic thing. And it just manifests every day more and more as we try, as we manifest, as we open up, into the true world, into the real world where we really want to be. In the real world of Guru Maharaj Ji, as we more and more open up.

Because in this world maybe one tree will give us an orange. Maybe other one, an apple. And maybe a third one will have a snake suspended from it. Maybe that's the way this world is. And it's just like, there is a lot here, and the Creator has created this world.

But within our own hearts, we have our worlds. And this world that we all want to be in is the world of Guru Maharaj Ji, Guru Maharaj Ji's World. And it sounds kind of odd: Guru Maharaj Ji's World. Well, what is that? Then, too, it has no shape. It's not a spherical ball. It doesn't have any reason why it should be there. It doesn't have any gravity. It doesn't have anything. It's just that Guru Maharaj Ji's World is a very, very simple thing. It's just understanding. It's just a connection, Guru Maharaj Ji's World, because it makes you on one end, and puts Guru Maharaj Ji on the other end. And that's it. And that makes that whole beauty appear. That makes that whole whatever it is, completely just manifest.

So, premies, I hope that I'll be able to see you soon. - There'll be more festivals happening in Europe, just because we all need that Grace, we all need that satsang, we all need darshan. Without that, it's just sometimes like a lost river. It doesn't know where to go.

And when that happens, such a feeling comes back. It's such an occasion, such a beautiful thing, that manifests within our hearts. A festival happens and premies come together. And you know, and as I was saying, even if one premie was to be sitting right there and everything else completely empty, it would be an incredible festival. But when we all come together, I guess it makes it that much more incredible, it makes it that much more beautiful.

And it's just been completely incredible, you know. Because I was here about a week before this program, and it was completely spacy because everything - I mean it was like, no way you could see that, okay, there is going to be a program happening. Because the first time I came here, it was on a Saturday, and outside it was just a big market. And people were selling things. And I said, "What's going to happen?" And then I went to seethe Holi stage in the Holi area, and there was just nothing there! There was, as a matter of fact, no premie there except just the three cars or the two cars that went there. And we were just looking. There were all these kind of thorns there and bushes and mud and this and that, and there was everything there. And it was just like, "How is it going to happen?"

And you could just see a lot of Grace, a lot, a lot of Grace come through. And just that kind of example that I gave, where it was just like take that spade and hit it. That's your effort. And Guru Maharaj Ji puts his Grace in there and it digs a big hole in one go. And that's sort of what has happened completely.

When I heard about the idea of this bullring, it was a little out there. I said, "Boy, the environment must be completely violent in that bullring. I mean, how can you ever hold a program in a bullring?" And then it was just like so beautiful. I came that one day and that was just the day before the program. And I just came by and I went back. And it was just like from that Saturday till Thursday, it was completely changed here. It was completely different. This bullring had something nice about it. And there was something nice that was going to happen in this bullring. That violence was gone. Everything was just gone. It was going to be incredible! It was going to be beautiful. It was going to be nice. And then, of course, we all came here and then the satsang started. It just became more and more incredible. I'm not saying that we should keep on having programs in bullrings. But we should just have more programs because that's the power of that program, that's the power of satsang, that it can even come into this bullring. I'm pretty sure a bull must have been lying right about there maybe, all full of knives and this and that. But who thinks about that? It's just complete Grace, and all you think about is satsang, and all you experience is that beauty. And that's the power, that's the incredible thing.

And it's the same way in our lives, because the lives that people have are just completely full of all this junk. And then when that satsang comes, when that service comes, and when that meditation comes, it just makes everything else disappear, and make that real purpose of that life come to life again.

So I hope I see you very soon, and that's all there is to say. And it's, just like, till I see you again, just keep on doing that satsang, service, and meditation. Because without that, you are there, but you're not there. It's just like, that's the way it is. So just keep on, keep on trucking.

Thank you very much.