Just as there is happiness in acquiring wealth, so there is unhappiness when it is lost. The trouble with wealth is that it will not go with you when you die. It will all remain here.

For this reason people liken this world to a dream in the middle of the night. No one properly considers where they have come from nor where they are going. People watch as the world changes before their eyes: they see babies born and they see old people die. Despite witnessing all this, they do not draw the appropriate conclusion: that no one remains here forever.

People do not recognise the truth; they have actually mistaken illusion for truth. While asleep our dreams seem real, but on awakening we realise that they were unreal and merely dreams. In the same way, when the time comes to leave this body, everything we have achieved in our lives will appear as a dream.

No amount of worldly pleasures can fulfil the potential of a human life. That power which has given birth to us all also nurtures us. Human life is a gift. But what is it that will enable us to understand the preciousness of life? The gift of Knowledge can help us attain an immeasurable wealth within us. Nothing in this world can compare to it. And it is only from a living master that we can receive it.

That is why it is said: "There is no greater giver than the master, and no luckier person than his student."

With Knowledge he gives us an infinite wealth. It is immortal, the ultimate truth, perfect in and of itself and it will be with us always.

The person who is truly thirsty for truth will receive this gift.

August 1952, Dehra Dun, Uttar Pradesh