Who can take away the joy of that person who has the beautiful gift of Knowledge?
Who can take away the joy of that person who practises, listens to the master, and understands?
Nobody. No thief can steal it.
No knife can cut it.
So simple, so true, and so beautiful is this experience.

Somebody once asked my father: "What is samadhi?"
Samadhi is supposed to be the ultimate state of enlightenment.
And Sri Maharaji said: "It is the state where you are asleep, but totally awake."
When I heard that, I thought: "It is said that it takes years to get to that state of samadhi. You have to renounce everything and live a certain lifestyle."
This is how it used to be, but now here is Knowledge.
I have seen people enjoy this state in a Knowledge session.
Not everybody, but I've seen it happen in half an hour flat. No, not a lifetime later, but half an hour later.
Knowledge points to one thing: that this breath is a gift.
The master points to one thing: that this life is a gift.
Accept. Enjoy.

Paris, 25 September 2000