When he was a young man, my father set out to search for truth. This was in India, a long time ago. Many people then, were offering "Truth". They would hold up something labelled "Truth" and they would say: "Here. Do you want Truth? This is Truth! Don't listen to anybody else." My father would say, "OK," and he would try it. Then, after a while, he would say, "No, this is not the Truth," and he would go on searching.

He was listening to an inner call. To follow it, he was willing to give up all that he had. He didn't want a comfortable life, he just wanted to understand something else, something deep, something completely true.

So he started travelling. In the end, he found what he was looking for. Yet what he finally found didn't have a label on it saying: "The Truth. This is really what you are looking for "

He just recognised it. He recognised a gentleness, a kindness, an understanding from his teacher. And then, when his teacher passed away, he carried this teaching on.

Many times he would say: "I never understood how, without answering those questions that I had, my master answered all the questions that I hadn't even asked."

Pasadena, California, USA, 8 November 1991
Alexandria, Virginia, USA, 18 June 2000