When I was a little kid, I would sit down and listen to my father speak. It was amazing. I would sit there and listen and listen. I couldn't think. There was nothing to think about. There was absolutely nothing to think about. All I had to do was just let go and enjoy myself because what was being said was soothing and nurturing from some place deep, deep, deep down inside.

That's what really counts because that is where the treasure lies. That is what all of us who have Knowledge have found. Through that association, through that experience, we have found a whole other realm in this life.

One time, my father took me with him on a speaking tour. I heard him speak about these magnificent feelings, about how there was something higher than everything else. There was a Knowledge that was better than all knowledges put together. It was the ultimate thing. I wanted that ultimate thing, that really beautiful thing. I can't say I ever went up to him and expressed my desire to have it. But, one day, by a lot of grace, he revealed this Knowledge to me.

It was as if a seed was planted within me on that day. I am eternally thankful for it. Whenever I become exhausted, whenever I become tired, when everywhere I look, I see a flat desert, all I want is a tiny little spot of shade to sit under and catch my breath. Whenever I feel that way, I can sit under a tree. A tree of experience that has grown from the seed that was planted within me on the day I received this Knowledge. I am then so thankful that my father did plant that little seed within me because here is the shade. It's got sweet fruit.

In such a cool shade, what can you say but "thank you"? Thank you to whoever had the perseverance to say to you: "Keep watering this seed. You're going to need it."

In my life, I am so fortunate. I do not take it for granted. I know that I have magic in my life. It's a real magic, a simple magic. A magic that allows my heart to express itself A magic that allows me to express my gratitude to the person who gave me this key. The relationship between my heart and my teacher, the person who revealed this Knowledge to me, is so beautiful. It is so incredible.

Denver, USA, 3 March 1991
Brisbane, Australia, 28 April 1990
Pasadena, California, USA, 8 November 1991