"I have a funny relationship, a very funny relationship, with my father.

Of course he was my father. That's a wonderful thing. But he was also the one who gave me this precious gift. He is not there anymore. He is not being my physical father anymore. But the gift that he gave me has created a bond between us. It has given us a relationship that transcends everything. In the light of this relationship, nothing else matters. Not even the fact that he is – or was – my father.

The gift that he has given me is allowing me to prosper, within, today.

Thanks to that gift, I'm still growing inside. I'm ageless. Because of it, I have found in the truest sense of the word my immortality. It will never end.

My father taught me a language. A language that allowed me to understand the words that were coming from within myself. When I first heard them, it was (and still is and it will always be) like hearing the most incredible, sweet poetry that anybody could ever write. I carry that within me now, wherever I go.

Brighton, UK, 7 June 1992