This excerpt from Prem Rawat's 2005 book Clarity consists of short sections of his speeches formatted to look like poetry rather than prose. It contains many phrases pretending to be aphorisms but falling short as they fail the "truth test."

Life is not about formulas: Yet Rawat has a formula, he claims it is the only formula for happiness - for an hour a day, 15 minutes a time: poke your fingers onto your eyelids and look, push your thumbs into your ears and listen, think about your breathing and turn your tongue backwards and upwards past your uvula if possible, yes really!



The Possibility
Like No Other Feeling
What's in a Name?
An Incredible Yearning
We Already Know
Discovering Success
The Unchangeable
A Little Boy (short story)
Rigidity of a Rock (short story)
The Same Child
A Promise in Feeling
Ageless Timeless
Yes, Sir (short story)
Let it Shine (short story)
If You Feel the Thirst
A Peace Felt in the Heart
Your Peace
Another Reality
The Strongest Force
Commitment to Existence
If the Answer is Yes
My Life
A Choice
Work the Farm (short story)
It Worked (short story)
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Life is what we are all about.
We exist. We live.
Life is about joy and beauty.
It is not about our differences,
our pains, our problems.

Life is the song that plays through this breath.
It is the call that is buried in each and every heart.
It is the light that shines within us.

If we look outside, we find questions,
not answers.
If we look within, we find answers,
not questions.

We often think that questions will lead to answers,
but that is not necessarily so.

There is a distinct domain ofanswers
and a distinct domain of questions.

There is also an ocean of answers,
and in the ocean of answers,
there are no questions.

For the mind,
it is more intriguing to be filled with questions.

For the heart,
it is more intriguing to be filled with answers.

Questions stay questions.
Generations come and generations go.
The questions stay,
and so do the answers.

What we am looking for is within us.

The answer to the need we have always felt has always been inside.
If we are looking for peace, the place to look for it is within.


What I say comes from my heart.
I talk about life, not because
it is written somewhere, but because
it is engraved in our heart.

What is in our heart says that within us,
we can find everything.

I help people understand that
there is hope and that
there is a beautiful purpose in life
instead of the mundane things
that we find ourselves caught up in.
What I offer is Knowledge.

Knowledge is a practical tool to turn within
and experience the beauty that is already there.

The experience of Knowledge is the core of who we are.

This is where my message is dramatically different.
I can show people the place inside where joy resides.

I have the gift;
the privilege,
to be able to offer a way to feel
tranquility, joy, peace.

It does not matter what you call it.
It cannot be labeled.

Call it simple. Simple is best.

All my life,
I have been focused on presenting this possibility to people.

Knowledge provides answers that may not come from questions.

That is what it unique.


Knowledge is a gift.
It cannot be bought or sold.

People ask why Knowledge is free.
It is free because it is priceless.
No price could ever be put on it.
Those who have understood even a small part of it
realize that this is true.
If we want to pursue it, we need to pursue it with sincerity,
not curiosity: "Let me see what this is."

If we don't have the thirst,
Knowledge will not make sense.

The first step is to listen to the heart,
to listen to what is being said
from the very depths of our being,
to listen to that cry;
that thirst to be fulfilled.

The process of discovering ourselves
begins with the understanding that,
"Yes, I am thirsty; yes, I want to quench Inv t hirst."
The way to quench the thirst is
to start a process of
what that thirst is–
that the thirst does not come from somewhere else,
but within us.

Knowledge will come later.
First comes understanding.
And then someone to constantly make it a living experience.

That's what I do.
After a person receives Knowledge,
I am there to provide inspiration and guidance.

Everyone has their own journey.
I push no one.

I'd rather have everyone proceed at their own pace
and enjoy the process of discovery.


The Possibility

There is a great joy within us.
We can be in that joy,
we can shine and be fulfilled.
The road to fulfillment is to
and accept
that there's something
wonderful within us.

Some people think,
"That's a good message."
But it's not just a lot of words.
Otherwise, they would be good words,
but still just words.
They wouldn't mean anything.

Experience is fundamental

Without experience, everything is theory

Reading books is wonderful,
but what good does it do to read a book about a feast
700 years ago for a person who is hungry now?

There is Knowledge–this possibility is now.
And that's what makes it real.

There is immense wisdom inside;
their is it love that is unparalleled
It is not just hope,
but it reality that is amazing.
There is a river ofjoy to bathe in,
a river of kindness, a river of grace.
We have immeasurable strength.
That is who we are.

We have the gift to be able to feel tranquility.
Who better to feel it than us?

It is a gift even to feel that possibility in our lives.
The heart can feel peace,
can feel joy, can feel gratitude,
can feel elation–
not just questions.

We can disoover the joy, the excitement of being alive.
We can remember that which is,
always has been,
and always will be the most important thing
in our lives.

If understand the beauty of that,
it will feel like a privilege
instead of effort
to proceed on this journey.

We just need to open the door.


They cannot fuse together;
they are opposite in nature.
But in our existence,
these two have come as close as they can come.

The feeling of fulfillment then,
is as close as we can get to infinite
that resides within us.

Life is not about struggle.
Life is about appreciation
Life is not about formulas

Life is about waking up in the morning
Thankfulness is a feeling.
Today is valuable.
Today matters.

Not because of what's going to happen,
but because
we have been given the day.

We are alive!

What's in a name?

My parents named me Prem Rawat.
Since then, many people have given me many names.
When, as a child, I started addressing audiences in India,
those who came to listen to me called me Maharaji.
Over the years as I have traveled, people on different
continents have continued to give me different names,
affectionately expressing respect and appreciation.

To me, what matters has always been the joy; clarity and
peace I can bring through what I offer.